New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 21-22, 2009

The New Moon on July 21 (July 22 in the Eastern Hemisphere) is the second New Moon in Cancer this year. Backed by the power of a solar eclipse, this is another momentous lunation we will be dealing with. At 29° 26′ Cancer, the anaretic degree, this eclipse combines a clear sense of completion with the usual new beginning energy of a New Moon.

This New Moon forms an inconjunct to Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Ordinarily, I would not give much weight to an inconjunct with an orb of 4 degrees, but since these three planets have been traveling together for some time and exerting a powerful influence, an inconjunct with a total eclipse of the Sun draws my attention. This New Moon also is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, adding an undertow of some size.

My feeling is this: If there is old business we need to address, the message to do so is going to come in loud and clear! Those matters brought to the surface at the Full Moon lunar eclipse on July 7 (likely related to the houses the Full Moon was in) will be shoved right in our faces. If we have been tending to these, then there is a good chance of wrapping things up in short order. If we have not, there will be a firm reminder this is a cardinal solar eclipse. Think irate mother finding out you didn’t take out the garbage when told to.

Because the Moon rules Cancer, it is the inconjunct from Neptune in Aquarius and the trine from Uranus in Pisces to the New Moon that clue us in to what is most critical. We are reminded once again of the importance of the mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus and the value of taking the high road whenever possible. The key may be to pay strict attention to our emotional response in any given situation, because our feelings will be the best guide, not our thoughts. If you are the kind of person who prefers to deal with facts and figures, this will prove challenging but can ultimately provide a valuable lesson. For those of us who wander through our lives following our intuitive sense of direction, we’ll be in top form!

Mars is now in Gemini, having moved out of earthy Taurus since the lunar eclipse. While considerably more scattered in this active mental sign than in slow paced Taurus, Mars in Gemini will help pick up the pace of life. Mars also makes a waxing sextile to Mercury in outgoing Leo, and this combination is very conducive to socializing. People will be happy to take a moment to chat about anything and everything. Just keep in mind that this will be largely hot air.

Saturn in Virgo is square Venus in Gemini this time around, adding a serious note to the way we communicate with those we love. Venus in Gemini just loves to flirt, but not right now. If you are a Venus-ruled sign like Libra (me), you may find that you are too busy for light flirtations anyway.

Jupiter exactly conjoins Chiron, and both are opposed by a razor-sharp Pallas in Leo. If we are fortunate, this will manifest as a pleasant, extremely well-organized individual who shows up to help us sort out the tangles in our lives. Pallas offers a dispassionate perspective, and that bodes well for those of us whom Neptune has been keeping in the fog for months. We may finally be able to see the path we need to follow. Yay!

The Sabian symbol for 30 Cancer gives us some food for thought: A daughter of the American Revolution, with the keyword INHERITANCE. Cancer is the sign most closely aligned with knowing where we come from – our “roots.” We can either cling to past glories or chose to build a new way of thinking and being based on our personal traditions.

For all of you long-suffering fire signs out there, relief is in sight! On July 22, the Sun enters Leo, joining the Moon and Mercury. The Sun is always overjoyed to enter its home sign, so enjoy this break from feeling like you have been stuck in the mud. We can all use some time away from the intensity of this prolonged eclipse season, myself included.

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, July 20, for her thoughts this week’s solar eclipse.

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.

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Image: Last year’s solar eclipse in Leo, Aug. 1, 2008, as seen in Gansu province, China. Photo by Aly Song for REUTERS.

11 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 21-22, 2009

  1. deb

    The Sabian symbol for 30 Cancer gives us some food for thought: A daughter of the American Revolution, with the keyword INHERITANCE.

    I’m a survivor of the Household Revolution that was my family growing up!

    The Sun is always overjoyed to enter its home sign, so enjoy this break from feeling like you have been stuck in the mud.



  2. inishglora

    I’m finding that the July 7 Full Moon/eclipse landed in my 8th house in Cap (according to anyway) and I did not notice anything unusual in the areas governed by Capricorn. Rather, what unfolded was an illumination of circumstances seemingly more related to the 9th house, Sag and the Moon. OTOH, Dana Gerhardt notes that with the 8th house, “Something we’ve held onto dies.” Maybe the cusps were so close in my case that there was some crossover or bleeding into one another?

    The upcoming New Moon/solar eclipse will occur in my 3rd house, Cancer. I’ve been trying to mentally “take the (emotional) garbage out” re: the above, but it seems to keep coming to my attention. It will be interesting to see what happens at the New Moon.


  3. joycemason

    Terrific article with a positive spin on how to make the most of the eclipse energy. As someone working on an issue I’d describe as psychic garbage that hasn’t been taken out for a number of incarnations, I am jazzed to read this perspective and get assurance I’m in sync. Thank you!


  4. Mem

    Here’s what happened on Friday night. I had invited a friend, Ray to another friend’s improv comedy performance. I hadn’t seen Ray in 5 years and even though I thought he was nice, for some reason, I really didn’t want to meet him. Anyway, my friend J whose performance it was, had sent out an email asking that everyone please arrive 15 minutes earlier so as not to disrupt the show. Ray shows up LATE and without any money, in fact emailed me to ask me if I could lend him money or he might get there even later. Of course, I chewed him out and he thought I was overreacting. So he leaves and I congratulate J and tell him that I’d love for him to read my screenplay. He and I’d dated some years back and he says, Well, if you want an excuse to see me, sure, come up. Also, if you want to just get naked together, call.

    And he says this is front of his friends at which point I say, heatedly, No, sweetheart, you see, I’m a hot Venezuelan and when I call and say I’ll be there in an hour, you make time for ME.

    Anyway, the point is: it felt really good to put someone in their place. Oh, one of the comedians in J’s troupe came out of nowhere as I was handing out my business card and took one. Then he texted me the next day and asked me out for a drink. He’s 12 years younger, though. I told him that I’m turning 40 in 2 weeks and he said, Well, it’s up to you.

    And I thought that I just don’t know where things might come from so even though the age difference is pushing it, I might as well say yes like I said yes last week when my friend B set me up with his other friend. (There was no chemistry there whatsoever. He was a very drab Leo.)

    I must admit that it took me until today to really figure out that J is an ass. I am still attracted to him, which is a problem.


  5. Mem

    (Btw, I make it sound as if Friday was awful when, in fact, the show was great and I had tremendous fun and for the first time in years and years, I didn’t dwell on how bad these guys felt after I’d read them the riot act.)


  6. Mem

    Oh, I forgot to add what this all has to do with the eclipse. Sorry. Well, because finally today I realized that I’d like to have friends and lovers who can at least try to understand my point of view and what it’s like for ME. I had that with my last bf and that was one of the things I liked best about the relationship. I knew that he wasn’t going to make me wrong even if he was angry and didn’t angry with me. So that’s important to me. Both of those guys acted with a lack of consideration and were completely uncomprehending about my reaction. So I hope the eclipse marks the end of that person I used to be, who used to just put up with it bc no matter how hard I’d tried to make someone understand, they wouldn’t. Now I know that if they don’t, I don’t have to work that hard. I can just cut them out. Or, as is the case with both, have them cut me out of their lives.


  7. Deirdre Crowley

    Hi Pat, Neith,

    I had two meltdowns already today and instead of my usual aftermath of tearing myself to pieces with guilt afterwards, I actually feel angry that I didn’t do it years ago. One was with an ex boyfriend of mine who I met for lunch and who went on and on and on about himself and woe is me, and hardly asked after my life, only to ask me for any job contacts. I tore him to pieces very quietly with my tongue.
    Soon after the agency I work for called me and I just exploded with them, basically letting them know that I have made them a lot of money over the past year and a half yet I don’t feel as though they are working hard enough at putting me out there for roles. I am so tired of literally grovelling for any piece of kindness or respect, which I realise now is only given when those giving it have a greater vested interest in getting what they want from me. I have known this for years, deep inside, but now I just can’t bear it in anymore.
    I’m like a surrogate mother to most of my friends as I was to my boyfriends, and this has got to stop or I will be in the same place I am now in ten years time. My mother and I are at loggerheads also, she has always managed to make me feel guilty for having any kind of a life, when as she puts it “I’ve never had a life etc etc” – there is so much stuff there that I couldn’t bear to hack at the undergrowth. I’ve always been the black sheep anyway, the one child who actually got away in some fashion and tried to make some kind of life, but it does’nt mean that I don’t need love and kindness from my mother without having to pay for it in some way.
    I woke up this morning and thought the buck stops with me, it always has – you can run onto the battlefield for others (and there have been so many over the years) but then you look around and when you need warriors by your side, they all skulk off somewhere. Hard lessons but it’s now or never.
    The knowledge that there is something going on in the skies helps with this, otherwise I would think I am losing the plot.

    Hope it’s going smoother for you,



  8. Neith Post author

    Wow, Deirdre!! From where I’m sitting you have taken a big step in the right direction.

    BTW, you do know the various meanings of your name, don’t you? Including raging woman as well as sorrowful. Right now the first is a better fit . . .

    It’s one day at a time around here. Making sour cherry jam this morning. Quite tasty! :-)


  9. Deirdre Crowley

    Thanks Neith. That is so interesting about the meaning of my name – I had never realised it included Raging Woman. I’ve always had that subconsious tag of Deirdre of the Sorrows hanging around me, not to mention the nickname Cinderella that some of my “friends” tagged me with some years back. Now, I know better. I have nothing left to lose Neith and I’m damned if I’m going to let this opportunity to finally evolve and come into my own skin pass up.

    Wishing you all the very best as always and so glad you are enjoying life, which is as it should be.



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  11. Mem

    Best of luck, Deirdre. You can do it. Baby steps and don’t beat up on yourself if it’s two steps forward, one step back at first. You’d be surprised how far you can take with baby steps, if you just keep on keeping on. And then one day you look up and you’re there. Smooches, baby doll.


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