Weekly Forecast July 20: Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Sun Enters Leo

Total eclipse of the sun, Aug. 1, 2008 See image credit below.Meltdown alert! If you’re not already well on your way…

This is going to be a defining week for many of us, with a total eclipse of the Sun at 29 degrees Cancer on Tuesday (Wednesday in the Eastern Hemisphere). The fourth sign of the zodiac is cardinal water, which, among other things, may bring a spontaneous burst of tears. For some, the flood is long overdue and will release feelings that have been pent-up behind the dam for years. Maybe even for millennia.

As a double Aquarius (Sun and Rising), I’m not naturally comfortable with strong feelings. It took me many years to realize that feelings are our barometer. They let us know whether we’re on the right course, whether we’re getting what we want and need. If not, why not? Many years ago, I read some words of wisdom that have stuck with me: Often what we’re most afraid of is what we most need.

The Sun and Moon are just a degree from Leo, the sign of the heart and of courage. So be brave. Don’t fear whatever comes up. Let it flow. Have that meltdown — in a safe place, of course, and with someone(s) you trust. If that someone is yourself only, then do it alone. That’s usually what works best for me, anyway.

Getting real can be a challenge, especially in our complex modern world, where we contort ourselves to fit into everyone else’s boxes. We still may need to do what others want, but making that choice consciously and willfully is more empowering than pretending that everything is OK when it’s not. When the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, it’s off with the blinders.

Emotional earthquakes shift us onto new ground. Something may have to end, but my guess is that most of you will make breakthroughs and experience some dramatic new beginnings. Neith and I both have been writing a lot over the past few weeks about how this new series of eclipses will affect you. But within the next two weeks, you should have a pretty good idea, even if you’re new to astrology and don’t know how to read your own chart.

If you haven’t read Neith’s New Moon report, check it out. She has a lot more to say about this.

There is other news this week, although nothing nearly as significant as a total solar eclipse in the final degree of a sign. On Monday, Mercury in Leo sextiles Mars in Gemini. This is a very social aspect, but in itself isn’t very deep. Normally, I’d recommend keeping things light and easy, but of course that isn’t going to be possible with an eclipse just a day away. If you’re with a close friend or relative, try to get to the heart of the matter rather than dancing around it. Be mindful, too, of how you may be manipulating another person to get what you want. Being honest takes courage, but it also has its rewards.

A few hours before Tuesday’s eclipse, Venus squares Saturn. Unfortunately, this can be an isolating influence, and it won’t make it any easier to relate to others on a heart level. Again, my best advice is to have the courage to be real, at least with those who are important to you. With everyone else, maintaining polite distance may be the best strategy this week. It’s what we normally consider “professional” behavior and entirely appropriate. I’m not suggesting you should wear your heart on your sleeve with just anyone.

On Wednesday, Jupiter conjoins Chiron, which is a bit anticlimactic but not insignificant. The drama may get our immediate attention, but there are strong undercurrents of spiritual growth and healing. Later in the day, the Sun enters Leo, his home sign, where he shines the brightest. We’re still in an inter-eclipse period, though, and so we may feel a bit subdued for awhile as events shake out.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Total eclipse of the Sun on Aug. 1, 2008, by Miloslav Druckmuller. This stunning image was featured on NASA’s Astrology Picture of the Day.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 20: Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Sun Enters Leo

  1. Mem

    So far, no emotional fallout. However, I feel like someone has beaten me to a pulp. I must be coming down with something.


  2. deb

    Happy Solar Eclipse, everyone! Much love, chicken soup and fuzzy-wuzzies from me :).

    (Darn Cancer– LOL.)


  3. Mem

    Today I did feel a little sad. I thought about that guy J and the way he spoke to me and it made me sad bc I had been genuinely fond of him. It just made me the teensiest bit sad. It’s like, “Dude, don’t make me feel foolish for having been fond of you once.”


  4. les

    Solar eclipse was in my 12th house, so I had my meltdown in my sleep! Dreamed I had to go pack up my belongings from my parents’ house on a few hours’ notice because they were moving, or it would all be thrown out. Too big a project, other things I’d planned to do – woke up sobbing in my sleep. Weird, of course, because my mom’s not alive anymore and my dad moved a long time ago. But then, it’s not about actual stuff I guess!


  5. hitchhiker72

    Mem: ‘However, I feel like someone has beaten me to a pulp.’

    Ugh. Yes. I dragged myself in to work but really wanted to stay under the covers all day.


  6. mysticviz

    All was okay until Thursday morning..I was sick, like I have never been!..Im an intuitive, and have since heard from several other close intuitives , that they too felt like they were “poisoned”..several even went to the ER for a variety of strange symptoms..finally today , feeling like myself..pretty scary for someone who lives a pretty clean, wholesome life..


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