Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Two down, one to go!

Yesterday’s solar eclipse at 29 degrees Cancer was the second of three eclipses in July and early August. We’re on rapidly shifting ground, and these eclipses are so significant that we may feel them for days and even months to come. Still, we thought we’d check in with you to see what effects, if any, you may be experiencing so far.

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As usual, feel free to leave detailed comments, along with your Sun and Rising signs and, if you know it, the houses in your natal chart where the eclipses are taking place.

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Image: Photo by Yang Lei for Xinhua/The Associated Press.

14 thoughts on “Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Two down, one to go!

  1. Neith Post author

    Just want to add I am SO happy the Moon is in Leo and the Sun shortly. Cancer season was tough this year.

    Rare emotional talk with Aries spouse that cleared the air. Aries Moon/Mercury/Jupiter can leap to conclusions with the speed of light . . . :-D


  2. Jennifer R

    Taurus sun, Scorp rising, Cancer eclipse in 9th house.

    No major drama/events happening yet, just mostly realizing that certain desires of mine aren’t going away no matter how much I want them to, and that I am going to have to suck it up and deal with them.


  3. Deirdre Crowley

    More drama in my life today, this time with family. I’m exhausted and so emotional. This feeling of being stuck in the past is the worst but the realisation came today that eclipse or no eclipse, everything seems to still be there, just worse. It’s like banging your head off a brick wall and not being able to feel it anymore. There’s got to be some lightness coming soon.

    All the best


  4. inishglora

    The event from the July 7 eclipse re-manifested in a more subtle, weird way, mainly of seeing various men who looked like the one that I cut out of my life on July 7. It was as if the Universe was sending them my way to see how I would react. I managed an amazing degree of detachment. I’m still shocked, a day later, by how unmoved I was overall, compared to what I *could* have responded with.


  5. Mem

    Nothing dramatic. Just realized how much I’ve been undervaluing myself and that has made me sad. I feel very positive, though. I have a very strong feeling that something good is coming. Cancer rising at 7 degrees, Sun in Leo at 8. I’ve made this realization not just from the stories about men but from a new young friend I’ve made who has been particularly great. Unbeknownst to her, she’s been a vehicle for healing so I am grateful.


  6. les

    Mentioned elsewhere that the eclipse landed in my 12th house, so I dreamed dreams of my family of origin – one about having to pack up stuff from my parents’ house because they were moving.

    Eclipse landed directly on my bf’s Mars square his Sun. He just reported to me that he got stuck in his building elevator this morning and had to kick his way out!


  7. deb

    Oh, my God– last night I lost a great deal of an article I wrote because I pushed a wrong key on the computer. I burst into tears and cried for a good, solid… five minutes. I’ve been in this boat before. So it wasn’t as devastating an incident as it could have been…

    Still, so annoying!

    I got a lot done, though :). Am going to focus on the good, not the blech


  8. deb

    So, um, after about 23 days on the job and a day after his 32nd birthday, our city Mayor got arrested alongside a couple of other city Mayors in a sting operation.



  9. inishglora

    Are you referring to the NJ bust? yes, it was quite a revelation, seeing as he and 43 other people allegedly laundered tens of millions of dollars through Jewish charities headed by rabbis in New York and New Jersey. Human organ trafficking, particularly kidneys, is among the charges, according to and the Jewish newspaper,7340,L-3751358,00.html

    And it’s been going on for 10 years under the guise of charity. Interestingly, the degree of corruption in New Jersey is being described as “a cancer.” And we know where the eclipse occurred.


  10. Neith Post author

    Hey deb!
    Caught some of the Jersey money laundering indictments on the news tonight. Lots of respectable types in the deep doodoo. Always sad to see.

    Sorry to hear about your mis-key. That is such a pain in the butt. :-(


  11. deb

    I am referring to the NJ bust. It is sad– these children knew better. Some of them even have children…

    Sigh. New Jersey at its most classy. Wait ’til you meet our drivers!


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