New Moon in Scorpio, November 16, 2009

New Moon in Scorpio at sunset. If there was ever a time for figuring out the source of difficulties in our lives, the New Moon at 24° 34′ Scorpio on November 16 is it.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is so fitting and descriptive that I am going to lead off with it this time. It is 25 Scorpio, “An X-ray photograph helps with the diagnosis.” How appropriate is that for a New Moon in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius and trine Uranus in Pisces? There is little doubt that if we can identify a problem, we are well on the way to resolving it, providing we apply a generous dose of compassion and diligence.

Scorpio’s penetrating vision and willingness to use a scalpel to lance the wounds it finds may not be easy or comfortable, but if we can accept the necessity of doing so, we have an opportunity to really start healing wounds long ignored. There is also little hope of being able to continue to bury our heads in the sand, because our vulnerable backsides are sticking up, just waiting to get kicked. Fortunately Uranus in Pisces trine the New Moon offers new possibilities and solutions to old dilemmas, with a nice measure of empathy thrown in.

Mars, Scorpio’s ruler, forms a square from dramatic Leo to Venus in very private Scorpio. This sets the stage for potential disagreements with friends and lovers, because both of these fixed signs tend to be somewhat possessive with jealousy as a consequence. Scorpio likes to hold their feelings close to the chest, and Leo prefers to make a public display of theirs – not a happy combination. Honesty is by far the best option, because if Scorpio finds out they have been lied to, there will be all hell to pay.

On the subject of honesty in relationships, the Saturn-Pluto square is just one day past making the first of three exact squares (the second one is January 31, 2010 and the third, August 21, 2010). At this time, we have help in the form of Mercury in forthright Sagittarius forming a sextile to Saturn in Libra and a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, the words may be blunt and to the point, but if they reflect the truth as each person understands it, progress in resolving our differences can be made. I know I sound like a broken record on the subject of being as honest as possible in our dealings with ourselves and others under this transit, but please, do your best! The rewards will be well worth the pain.

This particular New Moon falls within a degree of my Scorpio Ascendant and I find myself being terser and more focused than usual. Usually my pleasant Libra nature shows more, but with Saturn in Libra sextile my Venus now, my more serious side is coming to the fore these days. That being said, I wholeheartedly recommend taking time to really listen to your friends and loved ones with love, kindness and compassion foremost. These are difficult times for many people, and we need to feel someone really cares about our welfare and well-being.

Blessings and peace to all.

Libra loves beautyposted by Neith . . .

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18 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio, November 16, 2009

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  2. kathyd

    That is so interesting, as i have been pondering a issue from yesterday. Some friends ask if i would help them pick up a tree with my new truck. We were to meet at noon and spend the day together doing stuff. I agreed to help, but was concerned of taking the day off, as i had so much work to catch up on at the house.
    Well they did not show up, did not call, and i was totally hurt, and could not get anything accomplished, as i was waiting every second for them to arrive.
    Finally at 5pm one of the called, and left a message saying they got busy doing stuff, hope i was not mad.
    As i believe everything happens for a reason, what do you think my lesson is in all of this.


  3. Neith Post author

    Welcome kathyd,

    Frankly, it sounds like your friends were taking advantage of your good nature IMO. My suggestion would be to say “no” if they ask to use your new truck again. This is the kind of very rude behavior Saturn in Libra will squash firmly.


  4. Neith Post author

    Jeff Jawer of StarIQ has a great brief summatiion for the New Moon in Scorpio:

    The New Moon in Scorpio revitalizes what can often feel like a hopeless situation. That’s because this sign begins by squeezing out excess and eliminating unessentials. This purging process clears out the debris of outmoded concepts and behaviors, sometimes with a brutal finality that can be painful. However, this lunation is a time to prune the tree of life of its dead limbs, freeing up an enormous well of creativity to breathe fresh life into existing enterprises or make way for new growth.

    StarIQ is one of my daily stops to read my Sun Sign horoscope. They also feature Ralfee Finn of Aquarium Age’s weeklies and Ray Merriman’s weekly look at financial-mundane astrology. Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine both know their stuff!!


  5. inishglora

    I have been in almost exactly that situation, kathyd, but have been slowly growing into my comfort-zone of setting limits and saying no. If you have any Capricorn in your chart, this might help. :o)


  6. deb

    Thanks a million. We’ve had such a rocky relationship for years. I thought it had improved based on tumultuous circumstances which followed my moving out years ago, but I guess not. Don’t know how else to say this but I cared for him this weekend and he went into one of his stubborn fits and walked out of our house. Cried so much because he accused my husband of being lazy when, really, as usual, dad just wanted things done his way instantaneously and that’s that. My husband has been there for him through and through, and what my dad said really upset me. He made it seem as if we didn’t want to be there for him, and I realized that nothing I/we do will ever be enough. What makes this so hard is that he’s always been irresponsible and needy and afraid of everything and prone to endless angry outbursts. He’s blamed me for so many things that haven’t been my fault. Now he’s aging, and he’s reluctant to change for his own benefit and to cease expecting others to cater to his every whim. He’s healthy, far healthier than most seventy-somethings. But in spite of that, he continues to be manipulative, causing me guilt trip after guilt trip and actually asking me “what have I ever done wrong?”

    That was the last straw. I warned dad that I would change my number if he didn’t chill out. I just can’t take the pain anymore…


  7. Neith Post author


    Nothing quite like family for getting your buttons pushed. Guilt was my mom’s favorite too.

    Sounds like you need another “time out” from your dad. When parents start behaving like children, it is a huge burden for their children. Very sad and all too common.

    How old is your dad? Is he approaching his second Saturn Return?


  8. deb

    Hi Neith. Thank you. Hope I didn’t sound whiny. This hasn’t been an easy road, and the thought that others might be going through something similar… made me share.

    Dad is seventy-one. I don’t know his birth time, but figured out that he has Saturn in Aries.



  9. kathyd

    Thank you for your comments. I had to look up what Saturn in Libra meant, but i think i have a handle on it now.
    I have deceided to really rethink those friendships.


  10. Eme Kah

    I’m all for cutting people out of one’s life who give us unnecessary heartache. If I had done it sooner, I might be farther along. But instead, I insisted on giving them chance after chance. Forget that. It’s hard, though, because people completely idealize family and friends.

    I’m having a very difficult day. Emotionally it just sucks. I feel tremendous sorrow and rage about not having a love life. I simply cannot find a place of grace about it. I’m at the point in which I feel completely idiotic about having felt hopeful about love. Also, I hate being 40. I just hate it.


  11. Neith Post author

    {{{{Eme Kah}}}}

    Please remember you have Uranus virtually standing on top of your Moon-NN triggering the T-square with Pluto. If you do decide to cut people out of your life, this is the time to do it because this transit completely supports that.

    It’s pretty hard for Pisces Moon or Moon in aspect to Neptune not to idealize those we love. Just keep in mind it’s also OK to give ’em tough love!

    Oddly enough, I had no problem with turning 40. I was also single at that time and THAT I was not happy about. But there was a wall I still needed to hit a few more times before completely collapsing in despair – allowing real change to enter.

    Note too tSaturn conjoined your Uranus-Jupiter. Now is not a good time to trust your “Luck.” It’s camel tethering time!! Back up your data and make sure you double check everything.


  12. Eme Kah

    Oh, Neith, you’re so wonderful. You’re probably one of the few people I know who can cheer me up about this stuff. I appreciate that this site gives me the space for the tantrumy aspects of my nature, especially regarding love and relationships. I feel less ashamed and that can be very healing in and of itself. It is precisely being 40 and single that has me so upset. I spent all night crying and my face was all puffy this morning BUT on the other hand, I did notice that I looked SLAMMIN’ in the dress I wore today. So I thought to myself, “Well, if I’m not going to have children, there’s no reason not to have a KICK-ASS figure for as long as I can.” Kim Cattral still has a lovely figure and she’s in her 50s. And so does Bebe Neuwirth. Oh, and they all look suitably natural, certainly no fake boobs.

    Thank you for warning me about tSaturn conjoining my Uranus-Jupiter. It’s a little sobering in light of the fact that I’ve signed a lease on a new apartment that’s a little more than I wanted to pay. (But, on the other hand, I can also be very disciplined about $$. I guess I have no choice now!) Many smooches to you!


  13. Eme Kah

    “here is little doubt that if we can identify a problem, we are well on the way to resolving it, providing we apply a generous dose of compassion and diligence.

    Scorpio’s penetrating vision and willingness to use a scalpel to lance the wounds it finds may not be easy or comfortable, but if we can accept the necessity of doing so, we have an opportunity to really start healing wounds long ignored.”

    This is exactly what happened. I figured out something very important about what I’m doing to repel men. A very good straight male friend helped me out with this and he was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Of course, it’s related to my Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in the 3r house: Without even realizing it, I grill men. Somehow I just figure out where they’re most vulnerable and put my finger on it. The weird thing is, I don’t have to do a lot of probing at all. They just tell me on their own accord. But afterward, they feel so vulnerable that they run. Now, I’ve had this knack all my life, ever since I was a little girl, in fact, and have always felt deeply deeply ashamed of it. Because I know I hurt people but I’m not doing this consciously, really. It makes me feel toxic, that’s for sure, because after seeing people’s reactions and they bolt, it reinforces my sense of abandonment. My friend has known me for 22 years and so he pointed out that I do this when I feel vulnerable. It’s an unconscious way of getting control by making the other person feel like he’s lost control. The reason I know this is true is because I’m very disconnected from it, when it’s happening. Anyway, I just did this to a guy some weeks ago, a man who was working very hard to earn my trust and doing all the right things. I was suspicious of him regardless. (Interestingly, I was also suspicious of my broker. He very shrewdly guessed that it had do with him being male and he went out of his way to make me comfortable.) Anyway, both of those interactions, along with my friend’s brilliant and nonjudgmental insight lead to this huge breakthrough. Well, duh, no wonder I’m afraid of relationships: my real father beat my mother, he abandoned me at the age of 7, my mother remarried an abusive man and then refused to do anything to correct the situation. I am not beating myself up too badly about it although, undeniably, it is an aspect of my personality that causes me great shame and pain. I am still trying to figure out whether I should reach out to this guy who I freaked out or whether that would freak him out more. The key is that I don’t want to do it out with the hope (however infinitesimal) of getting him to call again. I want to do it honestly but don’t know if I’ve arrived at that point yet. I know that, either way, if he doesn’t respond, it’ll hurt. I’ve consulted the iChing and it says to do nothing: “we are at the dynamic moment in which an inner world change is beginning to precipitate into an outer world change; whether the change is carried to completion depends on our not interfering and on our seeking guidance from the Sage of the iChing and following it.”


  14. Neith Post author

    OH MY GOD, Eme Kah! That sure resonates as being true to me. As well as being an accurate description of the planets in your third house (also part of your favorite T-square). Remember there is a great deal of truth in “an offense is the best defense.”

    Please do not be ashamed of an unconscious defensive reaction that evolved from your childhood experiences either. Embracing your dark side and acknowledging it exists is important but please do your best to avoid attaching a value to it.

    Holding off on contacting your fellow is a very good idea because processing these realizations will take time and the more at ease you are with them, the better for any future relationships.

    Be gentle and kind to yourself, my dear. {{{{Eme}}}}}


  15. Eme Kah

    Neith, as a fellow Plutonian, I knew you’d understand. I am feeling less ashamed of it, it just hurts to know I hurt this guy. Because he genuinely worked hard at earning my trust. He seems like a very solid guy and I know from personal experience how awful it is when someone doesn’t believe your best intentions. I don’t think I’m idealizing him, either, not this time. He confided in me about what it is that makes him feel like a monster. I just pulled it out of him and, yeah, it’s INTENSE but it’s just so obvious how hard he’s worked in his life to become a solid man. Of all people to stick a knife in, he doesn’t deserve it. At least in our dealings, he was really on the up and up.

    Yeah, I’m just going to internalize this stuff. This one friend of mine was just amazing, man, in how he came up with this. I don’t think a woman would’ve had that breakthrough but he could because he identified it as something that would make a man feel out of control.


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