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New Moon in Scorpio, November 16, 2009

New Moon in Scorpio at sunset. If there was ever a time for figuring out the source of difficulties in our lives, the New Moon at 24° 34′ Scorpio on November 16 is it.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is so fitting and descriptive that I am going to lead off with it this time. It is 25 Scorpio, “An X-ray photograph helps with the diagnosis.” How appropriate is that for a New Moon in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius and trine Uranus in Pisces? There is little doubt that if we can identify a problem, we are well on the way to resolving it, providing we apply a generous dose of compassion and diligence.

Scorpio’s penetrating vision and willingness to use a scalpel to lance the wounds it finds may not be easy or comfortable, but if we can accept the necessity of doing so, we have an opportunity to really start healing wounds long ignored. There is also little hope of being able to continue to bury our heads in the sand, because our vulnerable backsides are sticking up, just waiting to get kicked. Fortunately Uranus in Pisces trine the New Moon offers new possibilities and solutions to old dilemmas, with a nice measure of empathy thrown in.

Mars, Scorpio’s ruler, forms a square from dramatic Leo to Venus in very private Scorpio. This sets the stage for potential disagreements with friends and lovers, because both of these fixed signs tend to be somewhat possessive with jealousy as a consequence. Scorpio likes to hold their feelings close to the chest, and Leo prefers to make a public display of theirs – not a happy combination. Honesty is by far the best option, because if Scorpio finds out they have been lied to, there will be all hell to pay.

On the subject of honesty in relationships, the Saturn-Pluto square is just one day past making the first of three exact squares (the second one is January 31, 2010 and the third, August 21, 2010). At this time, we have help in the form of Mercury in forthright Sagittarius forming a sextile to Saturn in Libra and a semi-sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, the words may be blunt and to the point, but if they reflect the truth as each person understands it, progress in resolving our differences can be made. I know I sound like a broken record on the subject of being as honest as possible in our dealings with ourselves and others under this transit, but please, do your best! The rewards will be well worth the pain.

This particular New Moon falls within a degree of my Scorpio Ascendant and I find myself being terser and more focused than usual. Usually my pleasant Libra nature shows more, but with Saturn in Libra sextile my Venus now, my more serious side is coming to the fore these days. That being said, I wholeheartedly recommend taking time to really listen to your friends and loved ones with love, kindness and compassion foremost. These are difficult times for many people, and we need to feel someone really cares about our welfare and well-being.

Blessings and peace to all.

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