Full Moon in Gemini, December 1-2, 2009


If you feel like you are about to go into orbit, it could be due to a very energetic Full Moon at 10° 15′ Gemini on December 1 (December 2 in the Eastern Hemisphere). The majority of planets are in fire and air signs for a change, but it would behoove us to remember there is a darker undertow beneath that shiny surface.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is in direct, outspoken Sagittarius closely sextile to Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet. Depending on your perspective, this aspect is either extremely creative and stimulating or full of hot air. That call I will be happy to leave up to everyone’s personal judgment. However, I do recommend taking time to check facts before taking action, because it is very easy for us to get ahead of ourselves under this very Jupitarian influence.

Since Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius are also exactly sextile to Mercury, we may have a realization slip into our conscious minds from below about an old source of pain and resentment, presenting an opportunity for healing. Another possible expression is seeing slights where none were intended and responding with harsh, wounding words, effectively alienating others.

Mars in fiery, outgoing Leo is further bumping up the desire to make a big splash one way or another. It forms a supportive trine to the Sun in Sagittarius and is sextile the Gemini Moon, encouraging fire and air signs in particular to get out and take advantage of various holiday gatherings. If you are out shopping for gifts, be aware it will be easy to spend too much, especially for glitz and glittery items. Otherwise this is a great aspect for throwing a grand party and having a great time.

There is one gentle sane note in this chart and that is Venus, newly arrived in Sagittarius, stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in equitable Libra. Saturn will help Venus maintain some decorum amidst all the hype and drama being generated now.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the party poopers: Mercury in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces and the ongoing Saturn in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Uranus turns direct at 22° 42′ Pisces a few hours before the Full Moon and forms a jarring square with Mercury in Sagittarius. Taking in consideration the already volatile sextile Mercury makes with Jupiter, the square from Uranus further increases the potential for jumping to unwarranted conclusions. Yes, it is always possible to use these potent energies in a conscious, helpful manner, but it will take focus and discipline. In other words, take extra care to express yourself in a thoughtful manner. Shooting from the hip could come back and bite you big time.

I am beginning to see the Saturn-Pluto square taking its toll in people’s lives and relationships. It is becoming clear our relationships are being tuned up, and where one person or the other has indulged in irresponsible behaviors, there is a very good chance that those relationships will come to an end. Pluto in Capricorn makes a very good executioner, too.

Clearly the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon of 11 Gemini, “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience,” reflects the exuberant sextile between Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius. We are drawn to seek new experiences and the excitement of going off the beaten track.

For the Sun in Sagittarius, the symbol is 11 Sagittarius, “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.” This is a gentle reminder to take care of our bodies and treat them as “temples” that house our spirits.

With my Libra Moon conjoined Neptune in the eleventh house, I have learned to pay attention to my intuitive sense telling me what is out of balance in the collective as a whole. Libra is the sign of the scales, and many of us with a strong Libra signature in our charts automatically do what is necessary to restore equilibrium to any given situation. With the arrival of Saturn in Libra, there is a feeling of greater urgency about this mission.

When I am writing these posts on the lunations, I follow my intuition as to what to emphasize and seek to offer a balanced perspective. Writing about this Full Moon, it would have been easy to stick to a bright and cheerful message, but my inner voice was saying, “Don’t stop there. Remind people of the dark undercurrent out there we need to stay aware of.”

It is more important now than ever to interact with others in a kind and respectful manner. Doing otherwise holds the potential to backfire on us . . . badly. Spread thoughtfulness and love, not hate and dissension.

Libra always seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Gemini, December 1-2, 2009

  1. Pat Post author

    Lovely, timely post, Neith. And what a beautiful image.

    My computer is still dead, but I’ve got several options for temporary and longer-term fixes. Hopefully, I’ll be back online tomorrow and ready to post the weekly forecast on Monday as usual. In the meantime, I’m back here at the King County Library.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. “See” you all soon!


  2. deb

    Yay. Beautiful image, indeed! Love those colors.

    Hope you both had a wonderful holiday, too. Lots of eating– my husband and I are participating in what we call a detox program, now. Time to stop eating so much and get back to our normal eating habits and lots of walking :). Kind of hard to do when we’re eating, drinking and being merry!

    “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.”

    The Sabian symbol for the full moon is perfect. My friend and I will be exploring spaces for our business on Monday, and planning for ways to make it different and refreshing. I cannot wait!


  3. Carmilla5

    Neith Said: <>

    I can only echo your words above Neith, I have never seen the amount of change in rships around me this year, first my boss & his wife (who headed for Antarctica!!), me with my partner after 10 years but after a nearly year long worth of Imago counselling, we are bright & shiny new; all the girls here at work (x4) are all going through something in their rships, in fact it is rare to see anyone NOT going through something.

    I find it sorta exciting to see the change, and as much as I have experienced one of the hardest years in my life and more pain my little heart has ever had to bear, I feel a different person, transformed, changed & calmer somehow. I suppose seeing people doing what needs to be done (even if screaming and kicking) is refreshing because the change is what needs to happen for us to move forward.

    As always love both of your posts!
    Hugs & squeezes
    Lise xx


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