Weekly Forecast October 10: Full Moon in Aries Opposite Saturn

Poster for Le voyage dan la lune (Trip to the Moon), the first ever sci-fi fantasy film, shot in 1902 by director Georges Méliès.

This week is potentially difficult, with the Full Moon closely opposite Saturn. The good news is that you should be able to correct imbalances in your life, especially in your closest relationships.

The first challenge in correcting imbalances is to recognize them. Perhaps you’ve been in a compromising situation or relationship for so long that you don’t even realize that something is out of whack. Then there’s the challenge of taking appropriate steps to fix whatever’s not working. If you’ve been avoiding action for fear up upsetting the applecart, events around this Full Moon could be distressing, as changes seem to happen outside your control.

Conversely, if you’ve been working consciously toward aligning yourself with your purpose and destiny, events this week, while somewhat troubling, should provide you with more clarity about actions you can take to bring you closer to your goals. Even when you’re on the right path, it’s not one long, easy joy ride. There are times when you have to make a conscious choice to endure some discomfort or confront your fears.

Any adjustments you make this week may require some conflict, whether with others or within yourself. Astrologers often joke about Libra’s inability to make a decision, but we know it’s because she’s weighing the alternatives, and the scales typically aren’t tipped entirely in one direction. Life is filled with gray areas, and still you must choose. If you’re not confident about that choice, or deep inside think you should have made a different choice, you send out a thought vibration that pings back to you as people or circumstances reflecting that conflict.

The thing to remember is that you can use these uncomfortable situations to refine your goals and desires or even to change them entirely, if you’re that seriously out of balance with your true self. Saturn can be a stern teacher, but usually we are grateful for the people or events that help us get to the next level. The Sun forms an exact conjunction with Saturn on Thursday, so we can expect the tough lesson to continue for most of the week.

Chart for Full Moon in Aries

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Tuesday’s Full Moon is ruled by Mars, the action planet, in the dynamic fire sign Leo. As with the New Moon on September 27, Mars is at a favorable angle to the Sun and Moon, suggesting that action is the way out of a predicament. Hopefully, you’ve already taken the necessary action, and anything required of you this week will be more in the nature of a follow-up.

That said, the trine from Mercury to retrograde Neptune suggests that ideas you’ve previously come up with may be useful again in helping you advance to the next step. The Mercury-Neptune trine is exact on Wednesday, and then Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday. This combination favors deep insights and even glimpses into the “otherworld,” including visions of lives in other dimensions of space/time (usually referred to as “past lives”). Our notion of reality changes radically with an expanded perception of time.

Venus in Scorpio makes several connections in the Full Moon chart, including an opposition with Jupiter, a trine with Pluto, and an inconjunct with Uranus. These aspects peak throughout the week and likely will be felt within the context of relationships of all kinds and on all levels. In your personal relationships, be attentive to how you may expect others to fulfill your needs and desires. Do you interact with those people in a subtly manipulative way to get what you want from them? If you’re doing something like this and aren’t aware of it, an event early in the week could draw your attention to your behavior.

Still from Le voyage dan la lune.

In broader relationships – for example, between nations or groups of people within a nation – the issues are much the same, just on a larger scale. It goes without saying that society is seriously out of balance. Indeed, much of the upheaval we’re seeing is an attempt to correct the imbalances among humans and between humanity and the natural world.

Whatever transpires this week, do your best to learn from it and move on. Next week will be much better, and there will be rewards at the New Moon later in the month.

Wishing you all limitless love and courage,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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