Weekly Forecast April 1: Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol' Hendrik did use a male model for Venus.

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol’ Hendrik did use a male model for Venus. Not even Serena Williams has biceps like that.

This week is about sex, sex, and more sex, and it will be fast and hot, with Venus and Mars in conjunctio in the fire sign of Aries.

Venus and Mars are fresh from encounters with the Sun and Uranus, the latter being particularly kinky. Aries is, after all, the sign of the ram, and it rules the head.

The tension builds toward a climax overnight Saturday, so we can expect a lot of hot dates this coming weekend – especially in Weare, New Hampshire, where the conjunction will be exactly opposite the Midheaven. With Venus and Mars in fast, impulsive Aries, most encounters are likely to be one-night stands. Unfortunately, Aries has a reputation for not finishing what he starts – all the more likely, since there will be a lot of alcohol involved, thanks to the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces a few hours earlier. Pisces is legendary for its capacity for imbibing. Where do you think the phrase “drinks like a fish” came from?

Fortunately, Venus in Aries is self-sufficient and knows how to take care of herself.

That’s really the only aspect of any consequence this week. Otherwise, we have a sextile between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini on Monday. A sextile is an easy going aspect with no strings attached. In classical mythology, the Roman Jupiter and his Greek counterpart, Zeus, were incorrigible philanderers. Gemini is fickle, as we might expect from the sign of duality. I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly reminded of a campaign joke that was going around when Nixon ran for re-election. For the benefit of those who weren’t born yet, it went, “Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in ’72.”

The best jokes have a kernel of truth. People were feeling screwed back then, and nothing much has changed, except perhaps that with Pluto in Capricorn, the screw is bigger and harder – sort of like an S&M date gone bad. Meanwhile, North Korea is about to jump South Korea, and everyone has their missiles out of their pants, waving them in the air. Although nuclear weapons and alcohol generally aren’t a good mix, maybe too much alcohol wouldn’t be a bad thing in this case. To quote a famous line from Shakespeare, “It provokes the desire but it takes away the performance.”

Happy April Fool’s Day … sort of.

Wishing you all much love and courage in the coming week (which, while not necessarily all about sex, promises to be another wild and crazy ride).
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  1. Gilly170

    That Venus-Mars conjunction is making a big old trine with my Leo Uranus and Sag Jupiter, and looking ahead, I see the Sun and Moon will be joining them early next week. This is going to be interesting… :D


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