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Weekly Forecast May 26-June 1: Mercury Retrograde!

I probably don’t need to tell you that this is going to be a strange week, as you’re no doubt feeling it already.

The biggest news, of course, is Mercury’s turn retrograde on Monday. The Messenger stations at 21°32″ Gemini and eventually will work his way back to 12°58″ Gemini before returning direct on June 19.

Because Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini, we can expect all the classic effects of this event, including communications mix-ups, missed connections, computer crashes, traffic jams, lost luggage, and delays in general. We’ve experienced a lot of this already since the shadow period began on May 11.

Chiron and Achilles

The wild card that may cause this Mercury retrograde to behave differently is Neptune’s turn retrograde less than half an hour later on Monday. While this configuration has the potential for complications and confusion, the two planets will be in a harmonious trine, which also creates the possibility for mental breakthroughs. This is especially true if you’ve been confronting a thorny problem that has resisted logical solutions.

Monday is a major U.S. holiday, signifying the beginning of summer. Hopefully, you get the day off, and hopefully you aren’t going anywhere due to high gasoline prices. With Mercury and Neptune both stopped in their tracks, staying home and relaxing would be the best use of your energy … if you can muster any at all. If you are traveling, expect delays. And be careful out there, OK?

We also have many readers around the world (49 50 53 countries on six continents at last count!) who will be going to work Monday morning with Mercury and Neptune stationed. Traffic may be at a dead stop, and possibly due to unusual circumstances. Leave a little early, and do whatever you need to do to manage your frustration level.

As if that’s not enough retrograde energy, Chiron also just went retrograde, at 21 degrees Aquarius. It’s always hard to say how multiple aspects like this will manifest, but I think it’s going to involve healing beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us. There also may be an element of healing old wounds and talking with others about past hurts between you. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend attempting this during Mercury retrograde periods, but a triple retrograde like this is incredibly rare and warrants trying something different.

The Moon conjoins Chiron and Neptune on Monday, so we’re going to get a full dose of this medicine, and the effects will continue strongly into Tuesday, when the Moon enters Neptune-ruled Pisces. As complicated as these intertwining energies are, there will be no mistaking how they’re manifesting in our lives, individually or collectively. The lunar North Node is sitting at 22 degrees Aquarius, between Chiron and Neptune, indicating an element of destiny to all of this. Be sure to leave comments with your experiences here so that we can all compare notes!

Also on Monday, Venus squares Saturn in the early degrees of Gemini and Virgo. This is going to be a tough week all around for romantic relationships, but if you’re willing to confront your issues directly, you’ll be rewarded eventually. You can’t expect to undo years of hurt in a day or two, and there is bound to be turbulence. As I’m so fond of saying, you can’t get to cruising altitude without it.

We’ll spend the rest of the week adjusting to this shift. Just remember to breathe.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Normally I wouldn’t recommend getting a reading while Mercury is retrograde, but this week’s energies are extraordinary, so if you’ve been thinking about it, check out our exclusive forecasts and unique compatibility reports.

Image: The Education of Achilles by Donato Creti, 1714 (Musei Civici d’Arte Antica, Bologna). The mythological Chiron was a mentor to heroes and known as a great astrologer.