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Saturday Archives: Healing in the Now

Chiron and Achilles, by John Singer SargentWhat we bring with us from past lives is a big topic in spiritual circles. As astrologers, we often look to the lunar South Node and the fourth and twelfth houses for clues about what may have happened to us in previous incarnations and how that may be affecting us in our current tour of duty on the physical plane.

I don’t believe in past lives per se. I believe that we have an energy imprint, and that while this imprint is not uniquely our own, the way it manifests as an individual human incarnation is unique. This may seem like splitting hairs, but it’s an important distinction, because it recognizes the underlying energy (spirit) and means that through conscious awareness of this energy, we have the power to change not only our own karma, but the collective karma as well.

We have the power to heal.

A couple of years ago at a NORWAC conference, I met Kim Marie, a teacher of a relatively recent branch of astrology called evolutionary astrology, which is very much concerned with past lives. I owe to her the discovery that I was born four hours before Neptune went retrograde, which for evolutionary astrologers is a very big deal. I meditated on that concept for weeks before reaching the conclusion that it provided me a lifelong door to what’s beyond the physical plane. Indeed, my whole approach to astrology is based on observing how the invisible energies in the universe manifest on the physical plane.

In previous posts, I’ve written about the current series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius and how the conjunction of Neptune, Chiron, and the North Node opened a pathway to deep healing. As I noted, this healing can include wounds we brought with us into this lifetime. Think about that for a moment. By healing your own deep wounds, you are in essence healing the “wounded” underlying energies of the universe.

One of the deepest wounds we face in our time is the split between the masculine and feminine. It is a deeply disturbed relationship, and I believe that the split happened several millennia ago. For us, it seems like forever, and we seem to take for granted that “that’s just the way it is.” I’ve lost count of the latest scientific studies “proving” why men want multiple sexual partners, why women cling, why women fall for jerks, and so forth. There’s nothing scientific about it, and it’s not a given. It is not what we are about, and it is not what we ultimately want.

But I digress. What I really want to say here is that we have the choice to heal, and there is no time like the present, with this astrological window wide open. We want to believe that we are somehow victims of “bad karma.” Well, each time we let an opportunity to heal pass — whether because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient, or we’re afraid of change or afraid of whatever — we compound that wound, not only in our life and the life of anyone else involved, but the collective wound of humanity.

We desperately want to be whole (heal and whole come from the same root), we crave it. Make that leap of trust and faith. Choose to heal.

Wishing you much love and courage…

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPosted by Pat

Image: Chiron and Achilles, by John Singer Sargent, c. 1925.

Ask Real Astrologers: Why Am I Feeling So Angry?

This week’s question comes from Elaine in San Francisco:

All summer, I have felt consumed by anger, frustration, and guilt. I feel the earth shaking under me and feel like we are in a deeper movement than just my personal upheavals. Anything to this? Or is it just my neurotic self and shifts that I am doing and not allowing?

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s response:

Elaine, Uranus has been hanging out in your eighth house creating an aspect pattern called a Yod with your Ascendant in Leo conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune in Libra as the base. Of course, any planet activating your Ascendant-Pluto also affects your Sun because of the natal Sun-Pluto opposition.

All the astro-babble can be translated into simpler terms as follows: The eighth house relates to Scorpio and all things Plutonian and Uranus transits are noted for stirring the pot to help us become our most authentic selves. Anger, frustration and guilt are all good Pluto and eighth house issues. Outer planet transits to one point of a natal chart pattern can act like a fly wriggling on the corner of a spider web, shaking the whole thing.

Uranus encourages us to look out for ourselves and Pluto demands we deal with our darker aspects with detachment and acceptance. Yes, it’s a major pain the rear but the rewards can be equally great if we do the work.

Pluto also moved back into Sagittarius for a final visit in June about a week before Uranus turned Rx taking the collective into a period of review and potential catharsis. Perhaps you are more sensitive and aware of what’s going on in a broader sense because your personal planets are aspected natally by the outer planets. Both Pat and I are outer planet people too and consequently pay more attention to their movements.

As always, my suggestion is to practice forgiveness and treat one’s self with kindness and forbearance. Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s answer:

Elaine, you are a powerfully “Plutonian” person, with natal Pluto poised on your Ascendant at 21 degrees Leo. My guess is that you are extremely psychic (possibly a hereditary trait), and that you are indeed picking up some universal energy.

I’ve written quite a bit on my blog, The Pisces Chronicles, and to a lesser extent here on the Real Astrologers blog, about the current series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, with a window on healing provided by Neptune and Chiron on the lunar North Node around 19-22 degrees Aquarius, which means that they are sitting opposite your Ascendant and natal Pluto. This has opened a powerful window of opportunity for you to do some deep healing work, possibly related to wounds you brought into this incarnation with you. Some of these may have been considerable — deep and dark, and very much in the realm of Pluto, who, as you may recall from Mythology 101, was the dark lord of the underworld.

I do believe that the current eclipse series is corresponding to a groundswell shift, and you are no doubt feeling it. As an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising, I most certainly am!

As I’ve also noted on my blog, there is another, simultaneous energy pattern happening right now, related to the imminent opposition of transiting Saturn and Uranus. Saturn currently is transiting your first house, but he’ll move to the second shortly, and so the opposition will happen in your second and eighth houses. Neith already has described one of the effects of Uranus in the eighth house, so you can see how this relates further to Plutonian themes.

Anger is a natural part of the healing process, but it is one of the scariest and most uncomfortable emotions for us, especially women. Just allow yourself the space to process it, and don’t judge it as “bad” or “negative.” Anger is a powerfully motivating force, or can be, when used properly. Just use it with care, don’t point it at anyone (at least not anyone who doesn’t deserve it!).

I also would note that since mid-June — the time you said this anger began — Mars was crossing your Ascendant, so of course he conjoined natal Pluto. This can be a period of blind rage, so it’s hardly surprising that you felt a lot of anger. Then Mars crossed Saturn in your first house and went on to oppose Uranus in your eighth house. Many people I know, myself included, either felt anger during this time or were the targets of anger.

Thank you for raising this very important question, Elaine. Much love and courage to you.

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Weekly Forecast May 26-June 1: Mercury Retrograde!

I probably don’t need to tell you that this is going to be a strange week, as you’re no doubt feeling it already.

The biggest news, of course, is Mercury’s turn retrograde on Monday. The Messenger stations at 21°32″ Gemini and eventually will work his way back to 12°58″ Gemini before returning direct on June 19.

Because Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini, we can expect all the classic effects of this event, including communications mix-ups, missed connections, computer crashes, traffic jams, lost luggage, and delays in general. We’ve experienced a lot of this already since the shadow period began on May 11.

Chiron and Achilles

The wild card that may cause this Mercury retrograde to behave differently is Neptune’s turn retrograde less than half an hour later on Monday. While this configuration has the potential for complications and confusion, the two planets will be in a harmonious trine, which also creates the possibility for mental breakthroughs. This is especially true if you’ve been confronting a thorny problem that has resisted logical solutions.

Monday is a major U.S. holiday, signifying the beginning of summer. Hopefully, you get the day off, and hopefully you aren’t going anywhere due to high gasoline prices. With Mercury and Neptune both stopped in their tracks, staying home and relaxing would be the best use of your energy … if you can muster any at all. If you are traveling, expect delays. And be careful out there, OK?

We also have many readers around the world (49 50 53 countries on six continents at last count!) who will be going to work Monday morning with Mercury and Neptune stationed. Traffic may be at a dead stop, and possibly due to unusual circumstances. Leave a little early, and do whatever you need to do to manage your frustration level.

As if that’s not enough retrograde energy, Chiron also just went retrograde, at 21 degrees Aquarius. It’s always hard to say how multiple aspects like this will manifest, but I think it’s going to involve healing beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us. There also may be an element of healing old wounds and talking with others about past hurts between you. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend attempting this during Mercury retrograde periods, but a triple retrograde like this is incredibly rare and warrants trying something different.

The Moon conjoins Chiron and Neptune on Monday, so we’re going to get a full dose of this medicine, and the effects will continue strongly into Tuesday, when the Moon enters Neptune-ruled Pisces. As complicated as these intertwining energies are, there will be no mistaking how they’re manifesting in our lives, individually or collectively. The lunar North Node is sitting at 22 degrees Aquarius, between Chiron and Neptune, indicating an element of destiny to all of this. Be sure to leave comments with your experiences here so that we can all compare notes!

Also on Monday, Venus squares Saturn in the early degrees of Gemini and Virgo. This is going to be a tough week all around for romantic relationships, but if you’re willing to confront your issues directly, you’ll be rewarded eventually. You can’t expect to undo years of hurt in a day or two, and there is bound to be turbulence. As I’m so fond of saying, you can’t get to cruising altitude without it.

We’ll spend the rest of the week adjusting to this shift. Just remember to breathe.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Normally I wouldn’t recommend getting a reading while Mercury is retrograde, but this week’s energies are extraordinary, so if you’ve been thinking about it, check out our exclusive forecasts and unique compatibility reports.

Image: The Education of Achilles by Donato Creti, 1714 (Musei Civici d’Arte Antica, Bologna). The mythological Chiron was a mentor to heroes and known as a great astrologer.