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Weekly Forecast June 29: Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Composite by Osk Ingad Alden, 2015.

Composite by Osk Ingad Alden, 2015.

With the pain and setbacks of the past few weeks still heavy on our minds and in our hearts, we’re at last getting some encouraging news, with real signs of progress.

This week looks good for more positive change, with fortunate planets Venus and Jupiter finally reaching exact conjunction – and it’s going to be a spectacular sight. Better still, both planets are in a positive trine to Uranus the Awakener. An intense Full Moon on Wednesday shows us how far we’ve come and what we’ve had to sacrifice to get to a new place, and it hints about the fights still ahead. For now, though, we can celebrate in gratitude and heap loads of love and appreciation on our comrades in arms. Continue reading

Weekly Forecast June 9: Neptune Retrograde, Full Moon in Sagittarius

Crossing. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

Crossing. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

I’m B-A-A-A-A-a-a-a-ck.

Actually, I’m not entirely back. Even though I moved only a few miles from my former home, it feels as though I’ve been sent through the teleporter, and all the pieces haven’t reassembled yet on the other side. And with Mercury retrograde, there’s a transporter accident waiting to happen.

Moving with Mercury retrograde has been quite educational. Or maybe I should say, “reaffirming.” I’ve experienced most of the classic manifestations, including mix-ups and delays. I’d planned to be done by June 2, but it took until yesterday Continue reading

Weekly Forecast November 5: Mercury Retrograde, Neptune Direct

The Burney Relief, Mesopotamia c. 1800-1750 BCE.

What can you say about a week when New York got knocked to its knees and 20 million people experienced a breakdown in civilization, even if for some of them it was only a few hours?

Astrologically, last week’s Full Moon was difficult in many ways, and for the past few days I’ve been pondering what the next two weeks will look like as we head into a double station of Mercury retrograde and Neptune direct, less than a week before a total eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio. I was reminded that eclipses don’t always manifest within the normal period of the New Moon – usually plus or minus three days – but that events linked to powerful eclipses can occur as long as six months in advance. Certainly two weeks before, at a Full Moon in the opposite sign of the eclipse, counts as an eclipse event.

My tentative conclusion is that for many of us, the big news related to the eclipse may already have happened. Of course it’s hard to know, but for a hint, have a look at your natal chart and ask yourself whether you’ve recently experienced an upset or radical change in one or more of the areas of life ruled by the house where next week’s eclipse will fall. If so, then your transformation-rebirth process has already started. I was going to save these thoughts until next week, but in fact, we’re already in the eclipse period.

If you haven’t read Ruth’s Scorpio article, which I posted yesterday, check it out. She has presented some profound insight into the transformation process, including the observation that some people sink into a depression while the transformation is happening. It’s as though part of you is hibernating in order to shut down and let the process happen. Now, I’m not talking about clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or serious medical conditions, but rather a process that humans have experienced since before history began. We know, because some of the first stories ever recorded in cuneiform writing deal with this theme.

For years, astrologers have spoken of this time period as a critical point in human development, during which we go through a collective transformation. The time of testing is here, with Saturn, lord of time and karma, and the lunar North Node, symbol of destiny, both in Scorpio. We’re in the thick of it now. Lessons we learned over the past two years – since the cardinal T-square of 2010 – will be invaluable as we go through this dark and confusing rebirthing process.

A telling image from last week’s storm coverage was the photo of President Barak Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who temporarily dropped their political differences to find solutions for the millions of people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Sure, there’s political calculation and self-serving motives, but it was still an important symbol of what transformation is all about – the unification of polarized forces within ourselves. Jung saw it as a union of the conscious and unconscious.

Given last week’s dramatic events, this week may be anticlimactic, despite the significant astrological signatures. Mercury turns retrograde at 6:03 p.m. EST on Tuesday, with the polls still open in many states. Add to that logistical problems in some areas affected by Sandy, and it’s virtually guaranteed that this election is going to be fraught with difficulties – if not on the presidential level, then in congressional and local races. My computer already is acting up, and I’ve been backing up files while I write – three hours so far. Also make sure you set your clocks back last night. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, put it off until after Thanksgiving. Although you can save hassles by shopping now and avoiding the crowds, you may end up paying more in money and frustration with products that don’t work right, aren’t what you ordered, or are missing key accessories. I’ve had to buy electronics while Mercury was in reverse, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong. With Jupiter retrograde in Mercury ruled Gemini, things that go wrong will do so in a big way.

Speaking of the Big Guy, Jupiter and Venus are in a harmonious trine on Friday, which could signify a bit of a break. Both planets are in air signs, which govern intellect, rational thought, and ideas, and both are signs of unified duality, each in its own way. Since Jupiter and Mercury are both retrograde, an old idea may turn out to be the one that works for you.

On Sunday, Neptune turns direct. I always get really sleepy when Neptune is slowing down, but this also is a great time to explore dreams and do past-life regression therapy. It’s also not a bad time to sleep, especially since we just went off daylight saving time and it gets dark early. With so much stress and anxiety, many of us aren’t sleeping well, which leads to more stress and anxiety.

The not-so-positive side of Neptune “stopped” is that we’re in a period when deceit and dishonesty flourish. Part of the cycle here is that we’re easily led to believe what we want to believe and to ignore facts, rational arguments, and our own alarm bells. Neptune also rules drugs, alcohol, and escapist behavior – although anyone would be forgiven for diving into the complete collection of X-Files on Blu-ray and tuning out the insanity.

UPDATE 11/04/12: In the original post, I had it backwards and had Neptune turning retrograde instead of direct. So, first of all, apologies for that, and thanks to those of you who wrote alerting me to the error. Mercury’s not even retrograde yet, but we’re well into the shadow, and this is exactly the kind of embarrassing errors that happen. I suppose this serves as a caution to everyone. Mercury is stationed almost exactly on my Ascendant – this is classic. Not only did I make an error in my post, but when I opened the Word document to fix it, the text was entirely in red with lines through it and all the changes of previous rewrites underlined! I never use that feature of Word. Is this weird or what? As it happens, though, the effect of Neptune stationing are pretty much the same whether he’s going retrograde or direct, so the essence of what I wrote is still valid.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast June 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Venus Transit

The MonolithForget December 21, 2012. This is it.

Some time ago, I lent my copy of 2012: Science or Superstition to a friend. She couldn’t find it and offered last week to pay for a replacement. When I ordered it, I saw there’s now a companion book. It was priced at a ridiculously low $1.10, so I bought it and started reading it during my Friday commute. It’s arguably better than the film itself in terms of answering the title question and exploring the roots of the 2012 hype.

Among other things, the author points out that scholars dispute the December 21, 2012, end date of the Mayan Calendar. Moreover, the supposed galactic alignment of the solstice sun with the center of the galaxy – the celestial event on which the end-of-the-world predictions are based – has already happened. The leading proponent of the December 21 date, John Major Jenkins, has admitted that the alignment may have been closest to exact 15 years ago and that the window remains open for several years. We’ve been in it, we’re in it now, and we’ll be in it until at least 2018.

End of the world parties are already planned, hotels booked, and plane tickets purchased. I suppose there’s something to be said for an event featuring so prominently in the collective consciousness, and maybe for that reason alone, it will be eventful. However, by then, the biggest news of 2012 will be old history.

The news is here, now. Monday’s lunar eclipse, followed by a rare Venus transit, is the leading aspect of 2012, along with the first exact Uranus-Pluto square, which is less than three weeks away and is already being felt. We’re in a wide-open window for expanding our consciousness, seeing problems and life in general in a wider perspective, opening our minds to ideas we never considered, and accepting responsibility for our future, both as individuals and as members of society. According to many 2012 theories, that’s what this year is supposed to be about, anyway. So here we are, getting it sooner rather than later.

A major focus of this expanded consciousness – indeed, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the whole point, but I won’t argue with others who see it differently – is relationships. Specifically, relationships between opposites. Gemini is the sign of duality, of polar opposites: light/dark, internal/external, transmitter/receiver, matter/energy, male/female, Democrat/Republican, you/me, us/them, etcetera ad infinitum. At the eclipse, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Gemini. Venus is the sign of relationships, of course, and she’s retrograde – along with Saturn, who’s in Venus-ruled Libra. They’ll both turn direct later this month.

Mars, the action planet, also plays a key role in this eclipse. Just as Venus represents the divine feminine, Mars represents the divine masculine. A few hours after the eclipse, the love planets form a conflicting square. I read this as an indication that unifying opposites will require an initial phase of tension, awkwardness, and possibly confrontation. For example, if you’re getting back together with someone or taking a relationship to the next level, you may have to go through a heated argument to resolve issues standing in the way. To do this successfully, both people will need to be completely open and honest, and both will have to make sincere concessions – operative word being “sincere.”

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Click on image to enlarge

At the same time, Neptune is stationed and turns retrograde just hours after the eclipse. When Neptune is stationed, a portal opens into other dimensions. Our concept of time and space can disappear. We can see into the past and future, and we can tap into the vastness of the universe – what some might call the mind of God. For many relationships, the source of the conflict began in other lifetimes. We now have an opportunity to understand how things got out of balance and to set them right.

At the peak of the eclipse, the Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of expansion, exploration, and awakening. The Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus all will be in alignment, forming a sort of channel for a higher frequency, however temporary, to reach us. It doesn’t matter that it’s fleeting. It’s like turning on the radio in the middle of a shocking news broadcast. You need to be tuned in only long enough to get the message.

On Tuesday, Venus moves across the face of the Sun in what’s known as a Venus transit. The last one was in 2004, and before that, 1882. The next pair won’t occur until 2117 and 2125. For a 6,000-year list of Venus transits, check out NASA’s Venus transit catalog. If you’d like a little mental time travel, there’s also a great article about British explorer James Cook’s expedition to Tahiti in 1769 to observe the Venus transit.

On Thursday, Mercury leaves his home sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. I should warn you that people may get even grumpier than they’ve been. Worse, they may bite your head off one minute and kiss your behind the next. With the Moon in unpredictable Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, you just don’t know what you’ll get. That said, Aquarius is a social sign, so if you can roll with the punches and not take anything personally, you could have a thrilling ride.

On Friday, Mercury trines Neptune, and the Moon enters Pisces on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if everyone is in tears – and not just because they’re sad. They could cry tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of frustration, or tears for no reason at all. Don’t even try to figure it out.

I’ll make sure to have some extra tissues handy.

Wishing you all infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast June 6: Venus Enters Gemini, Saturn Direct

© Pat Paquette, 2011.

We’re in that twilight zone between eclipses, where we don’t feel like we’re all here, but we don’t know where we are when we’re not.

Normally, the inter-eclipse period lasts a couple of weeks, but because this is a rare six-eclipse year, it’s going to be with us for another month. We had a similar extended inter-eclipse period from July 7 to August 6, 2009, which also was a six-eclipse year. Maybe you remember it. Events happen very fast during this time, and you can be taken completely by surprise. If you know where these eclipses fall in your chart, you at least have an idea of what area of your life will be affected. (See link below for an article on this topic.)

I certainly remember that month. Unexpected events during that period determined the direction of my life for the following two years. That series, like the current pattern, consisted of two eclipses in a new sign pair, followed by one last eclipse in the outgoing sign pair. This tells me that one chapter of our lives is coming to an end as a new one begins, with a small overlap. One set of circumstances, while ending, leads into something new.

The profound sense of uneasiness we feel is compounded by shifting planetary energies. Jupiter just entered Taurus, while Venus, ruler of Taurus, enters Gemini on Thursday. Chiron turns retrograde on Wednesday, and Saturn turns direct on Sunday. It’s little wonder that we don’t know whether we’re coming or going.

Overall, life has been moving along briskly since the June 1 eclipse, but the pace will pick up still more once Venus enters Gemini and Mercury takes over as the dominant planetary energy. Communications come fast and furious, and if you blink, you’ll miss something. We may be coming and going so fast that our sense of time is blurred even more.

Neptune is officially retrograde but remains at 0 degrees Pisces for another two months. Combined with the eclipse cycle, Neptune’s station in the sign without boundaries has manifested for me as unusually vivid dreams and a skewed perception of time. I’ve experienced several instances in the past ten days in which my thoughts were a minute or so ahead of “reality.” I’ve heard reports of people having a hard time staying in the present, along with headaches that last for several days.

Physical circumstances begin to shift after Saturn turns direct on Sunday, although you may get news as early as Tuesday, when Mercury makes an easy flowing trine to the planet of time and structure. Saturn represents manifestation on the physical plane, which is very much related to his role as Lord of Time.

Venus squares Neptune on Friday. If you’re in the United States, there’s a good chance you’ll be sleeping during this contact, so be sure to keep your dream journal by the bed. Among the messages we receive may be communications from someone from past or future lifetimes. This portal into other dimensions remains open through the weekend. In just over four hours on Sunday, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Gemini, Venus sextiles Uranus, and Saturn returns direct.

If you’re sensitive to these energies, you no doubt have started experiencing some time-space disorientation. It may get stronger in the next few weeks. If you feel like you’re coming unglued, do whatever you normally do to stay grounded. For me, it’s sticking close to home and eating something substantial, like meat. Chocolate, unfortunately, just makes it worse. Life is so unfair.

Next week we enter the second phase of the eclipses, with a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15. I’m working on a new service list, which I’ll announce within the next couple of weeks (if you’re on my wait list, you’ll receive a personal note), but will try to take some time out to write separate posts on the next two eclipses.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Ask Real Astrologers: Why Am I Feeling So Weird Around People?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Michelle in Southampton, UK:

I’ve been feeling really confused lately about being around other people. Normally I know who I am and that naturally directs how I should act and I get along with people well enough if they are compatible with me. Lately it seems as if I am confused about “who to be” around others, as if I don’t really know which part of myself to share with them … or something. I have had difficulties with a Libra that I was briefly dating and people I am obliged to be around every day, with whom there is no hostility but frequent awkwardness. What is going on???

Well, Michelle, I don’t suppose transiting Neptune exactly on your Ascendant at 25 degrees Aquarius would have a thing to do with it.

Neptune has been straddling your Ascendant since the beginning of the year, and that alone would explain the weirdness you feel. And your description of not having a good idea who you are anymore? Those words could have been lifted right out of the astrology textbook. Confusion, fog, being in a daze … that’s Neptune for you.

The Ascendant is the face you wear when you’re out in the world. It makes sense that how you come across to others and how you sense others’ perception of you would be very confused with the planet of fog, illusion, delusion, and confusion on your Ascendant.

Neptune went retrograde in late May and just turned direct last week. He stationed – stopped while shifting phases – dead on your Ascendant, and he’ll be there pretty much for the rest of the month.

Since Neptune is on your Ascendant, that means he’s opposite your Descendant, which marks the beginning of the sector of your chart that rules close personal relationships. So it also makes sense that your closest relationships are thrown into confusion. Dating while Neptune is on your Ascendant can be a tricky business, indeed. You are very susceptible to seeing with rose-colored glasses at this time, and you may fooled into thinking you’ve found The One, when later you’ll look back and wonder what on earth you were thinking.

To complicate things further, Neptune isn’t alone on your Ascendant right now, but he’s in conjunction with Chiron. That likely accounts for the awkwardness you describe.

Once Neptune crosses over solidly into your first house, some of the weirdness will die down. However, this is the beginning of a period of several years in which you will go through changes in your personality that may totally alter your idea of who you are. It is very possible that you won’t know yourself as well as you used to, because you will be very different than the You you used to know.

The standard advice I give while Neptune is in your first house is to check in periodically for a reality check with a friend or family member you trust. Listen to them, and take their advice seriously, even if your first reaction is to dismiss it out of hand.

I hope that helps!

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Got a quick question? Click here to contact Ask Real Astrologers. You must use this form to contact me, or I won’t get your question. I do read all of your questions, although I am sorry that I can’t answer them all. If you need immediate guidance or in-depth advice, please contact me for a private consultation. THANKS!

Weekly Forecast November 1: New Moon in Scorpio, Neptune Turns Direct

© Pat Paquette, 2010

In the Celtic tradition, we’re in the period when the old year has ended but the new year hasn’t yet started. In other words, we’re outside of time.

The ancient Celts obviously knew something we didn’t regarding time, and it colored their entire existence. According to Julius Caesar, who fought the Celts and wrote about it in his famous commentaries, they were fearless in battle, because they believed that if they were killed, it simply meant a brief detour to the Otherworld, followed by a new incarnation. The more bravery they showed, the better the new incarnation would be.

The Celts also believed that night preceded day and that winter preceded spring. So, while astrologers typically consider the spring equinox to be the start of the new year, our Western tradition of Christmas Day at the winter solstice and New Year’s on January 1 is closer to the Celtic cycle. The old year is dead, and the new year will begin on December 21, when the days begin getting longer again (in the Northern Hemisphere).

So that’s where we are this week. We’ve got one foot in the world of the manifest and the other foot in the great void of the unmanifest. It’s a powerful place to be, and there’s a reason it happens while the Sun is in Scorpio.

While out shopping this past week, I noticed that several stores have their Christmas decorations up already! I always hate this, as it reinforces the consumer orgy that the winter holidays have become. And yet, it may not be so depressing when you think about it. Rather than sending a list to Santa or whomever it is you want to buy you that new flat-screen TV, visualize what you’d like to manifest in the new year. Better still, think about what you’d like to become. These are transformational times, and we’ve got an amazing opportunity to create the world we want.

Just be sure you know what that is! If you’re in doubt, Monday’s sextile between retrograde Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn may provide a clue. Then, don’t be too quick to write off what you think you don’t want. Remember, growth can’t happen without a certain amount of pain and suffering, so if you’re seeking to avoid discomfort, you may not be doing yourself any favors. Be brave, and step up to the task.

On Thursday, Mercury trines Jupiter. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” Favorable contact between Mercury and Jupiter represents the ability to combine the big picture with the smaller details in order to make real progress. Since Jupiter is retrograde for another three weeks, stick to planning for now and schedule your launch date for Nov. 18 or shortly thereafter.

Friday and Saturday are the power days this week, with the New Moon in Scorpio and connections from communicator Mercury to both Neptune and Uranus. New ideas may come streaming in, along with dreams and visions. But be prepared to “edit.” Channeling is a tricky business. The messages you receive may or may not be the truth. While it’s true that rational analysis can ruin your intuitive powers, intuition needs logic as a reality check. Ideally, they need to work in tandem.

Mercury also squares Chiron, which suggests that some messages we hear could be painful or bring up old wounds. I hope that doesn’t happen to you, but I want to forewarn you of the possibility. If something like this should occur, consider it an opportunity for healing, bite the bullet, and do what you need to do.

Neptune returns direct on Sunday (Saturday in western time zones). I usually feel this one, with my Neptune-ruled Pisces Moon. I get sleepy, and my dreams get very vivid. Your energy may be sapped, too, but it depends on where Neptune is transiting your chart. Mars in fiery Sagittarius could help mitigate this effect somewhat.

Also on Sunday, Venus re-enters Libra on her retrograde path. We’ll definitely be revisiting relationships, and you should have an excellent opportunity to go back over unresolved issues and start laying the groundwork for a breakthrough. It can be hard work, but I almost guarantee you that the results will be worth the effort.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. If you’re in the United States, don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed on Saturday night.

Weekly Forecast May 26-June 1: Mercury Retrograde!

I probably don’t need to tell you that this is going to be a strange week, as you’re no doubt feeling it already.

The biggest news, of course, is Mercury’s turn retrograde on Monday. The Messenger stations at 21°32″ Gemini and eventually will work his way back to 12°58″ Gemini before returning direct on June 19.

Because Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini, we can expect all the classic effects of this event, including communications mix-ups, missed connections, computer crashes, traffic jams, lost luggage, and delays in general. We’ve experienced a lot of this already since the shadow period began on May 11.

Chiron and Achilles

The wild card that may cause this Mercury retrograde to behave differently is Neptune’s turn retrograde less than half an hour later on Monday. While this configuration has the potential for complications and confusion, the two planets will be in a harmonious trine, which also creates the possibility for mental breakthroughs. This is especially true if you’ve been confronting a thorny problem that has resisted logical solutions.

Monday is a major U.S. holiday, signifying the beginning of summer. Hopefully, you get the day off, and hopefully you aren’t going anywhere due to high gasoline prices. With Mercury and Neptune both stopped in their tracks, staying home and relaxing would be the best use of your energy … if you can muster any at all. If you are traveling, expect delays. And be careful out there, OK?

We also have many readers around the world (49 50 53 countries on six continents at last count!) who will be going to work Monday morning with Mercury and Neptune stationed. Traffic may be at a dead stop, and possibly due to unusual circumstances. Leave a little early, and do whatever you need to do to manage your frustration level.

As if that’s not enough retrograde energy, Chiron also just went retrograde, at 21 degrees Aquarius. It’s always hard to say how multiple aspects like this will manifest, but I think it’s going to involve healing beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us. There also may be an element of healing old wounds and talking with others about past hurts between you. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend attempting this during Mercury retrograde periods, but a triple retrograde like this is incredibly rare and warrants trying something different.

The Moon conjoins Chiron and Neptune on Monday, so we’re going to get a full dose of this medicine, and the effects will continue strongly into Tuesday, when the Moon enters Neptune-ruled Pisces. As complicated as these intertwining energies are, there will be no mistaking how they’re manifesting in our lives, individually or collectively. The lunar North Node is sitting at 22 degrees Aquarius, between Chiron and Neptune, indicating an element of destiny to all of this. Be sure to leave comments with your experiences here so that we can all compare notes!

Also on Monday, Venus squares Saturn in the early degrees of Gemini and Virgo. This is going to be a tough week all around for romantic relationships, but if you’re willing to confront your issues directly, you’ll be rewarded eventually. You can’t expect to undo years of hurt in a day or two, and there is bound to be turbulence. As I’m so fond of saying, you can’t get to cruising altitude without it.

We’ll spend the rest of the week adjusting to this shift. Just remember to breathe.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Normally I wouldn’t recommend getting a reading while Mercury is retrograde, but this week’s energies are extraordinary, so if you’ve been thinking about it, check out our exclusive forecasts and unique compatibility reports.

Image: The Education of Achilles by Donato Creti, 1714 (Musei Civici d’Arte Antica, Bologna). The mythological Chiron was a mentor to heroes and known as a great astrologer.

All Talk, No Action

Neptune, by Walter Crane

Mercury doesn’t go retrograde for another week, but you’d never know it. Many of you are reporting that it feels like the Messenger is in reverse already.

Sure feels like it to me. On Saturday, my bus into the city was late because the one before it had broken down. That meant twice as many riders, standing room only.

I’m expecting this week to be even worse as both Mercury and Neptune station in preparation to turn retrograde within less than half an hour of each other on May 26. What’s with these two, anyway? Back in January, Mercury turned retrograde tightly conjunct Neptune, and now here they are traveling backwards together. Should we suspect an astrological conspiracy? Or maybe they’re having a secret affair?

Whatever it is, it’s corresponding to a lot of confusion for many of us. And I’m dreading having to rely on the ferries this week.

The week begins with a powerful Full Moon in the last degree of Scorpio, which you already know if you read Neith’s superb analysis in the previous post. She wrote about letting go of what isn’t working for you – a painful process. With Venus squaring Neptune later on Monday, some of us will be hit over the head with the sudden recognition that we’ve been deluded by a romantic situation or perhaps by a material desire. Healing requires confronting the reality directly.

The Sun enters Gemini on Tuesday, which normally would create a buzz and signal an increase in communications. Mercury’s station is going to slow things down, though, so you may have the feeling of driving with the brakes on. Or, you might notice a lot of talk but no follow-through. You’ll fare best if you adjust your expectations accordingly.

On Wednesday, Jupiter sextiles Uranus, the second of a three-part aspect. Both planets will be at 22 degrees, the number of the master builder. I wrote about this in a post on Jupiter’s station retrograde. Spend some quiet time on Wednesday contemplating what isn’t working for you, and send out a mental request for solutions. Then write and tell us about how you got the answers!

Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, which will increase our desire to talk about relationships . . . or just to talk. I predict that online dating will soar, and boy, will it turn into a mess when Mercury goes retrograde! Mercury loves a good romantic comedy, so try to keep your sense of humor.

The Moon opposes Mars on Sunday, which normally wouldn’t be worth mentioning. However, with both Mercury and Neptune at a virtual standstill, there’s a high risk that small disagreements will escalate into major conflict due to misunderstandings. Resist the temptation to resort to the silent treatment or other passive-aggressive forms of communication that will only make matters worse. If you need to talk, wait a few days. By then, you’ll probably have forgotten what you were arguing about.

Welcome to Mercury retrograde!

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat