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Weekly Forecast October 18: Full Moon in Aries, Sun Enters Scorpio

Apples, symbol of the underworld. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

If last week’s planetary aspects represented a holding pattern, this week we come in for a landing.

Be prepared to hit the ground running, with Mars in Scorpio making dynamic trines to Jupiter and Uranus, just as the Full Moon takes place in Mars-ruled Aries. And that’s not all.

Monday is still a bit slow, with the Moon in dreamy Pisces and Mercury in a trine to Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet. Neptune and Chiron are still tracking fairly closely in Aquarius, an energy pattern suggestive healing on the collective level.

One of the ways we heal is by connecting with our tribe, which we sometimes call kindred spirits. I’m seeing a growing trend in this regard, and some individuals even are making connections across time-space boundaries. If you’ve been experiencing this phenomenon, stay open to messages brought to you by Mercury, planet of communications, in synch with Neptune, dissolver of boundaries.

The channel remains open through Tuesday, when Mercury forms an inconjunct (technically, a quincunx) with Uranus. Uranus is back in Pisces until March, meaning that Neptune and Pisces remain in mutual reception. Aspects to one planet feed into the other. Healing on an individual scale affects collective healing and vice versa. You can’t have one without the other, which is why so many of us who have been working on our personal healing for so many years seem to have bumped up against an invisible glass ceiling.

The Sun in late Libra, only a few degrees behind Mercury, repeats these same aspects on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing clarity to what you’re picking up. I often caution against hanging out on the astral plane, as what you see there may be real, or it may be an illusion. If you have any doubts, seek to be enlightened mid-week. Heck, you may not even have to seek it. It may come whether you look for it or not.

Also on Tuesday, Ceres conjoins Pluto. Although they tracked very closely this past spring, the conjunction was never exact. Since the IAU revised its definition of “planet” in 2006, putting Ceres on a par with Pluto, astrologers have been working more closely with her in an attempt to fully understand her role in both personal and mundane astrology. We already know from mythology that Ceres and Pluto are connected, but there also is a theory going around that they came from the same area of the solar system, and Ceres somehow migrated inward. Think about the implications of that!

Ceres is coming into the collective awareness, and I believe this will lead to a global transformation on many levels. Her exact alignment with Pluto this week may well be her breakthrough role.

We’ll feel a shift on Wednesday, when the Moon enters Aries and Mercury enters Scorpio. The Moon in early Aries squares Pluto and triggers the cardinal T-square points, and we’ll likely get a quick review of the last the Full Moon, which fell at 0 degrees Aries. Mercury in Scorpio brings deep insights we may have missed before and that give new meaning to recent events.

You won’t get a lot of time to ruminate, though, as the second half of the week could bring opportunities very quickly and totally out of the blue, thanks to Mars aspecting Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus, all in quick succession. Then there’s the Full Moon, which peaks at 9:37 p.m. Friday on the East Coast of the United States. Everything comes full circle, and we could be in for a very busy weekend!

On Saturday, the Sun enters Scorpio, the sign of going “underground” for death and regeneration. In a way, we’ve been doing that all summer, so it’s anyone’s guess how this Plutonic energy will manifest. Remember, Venus also is in Scorpio, and she’s retrograde. We’re rethinking what we want, at the same time as Mars in Scorpio helps us go get it. To those who wonder whether they really want what they thought they did, I advise doing whatever it takes to get clarity in a real hurry. Otherwise, those opportunities might fly by you at head-spinning speed.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon in Aries, October 22

Moonrise in Indian Cove, Joshua Tree National Park. © Michael Thompson for Dreamstime.com

The Full Moon on Friday, October 22, is at 29 degrees Aries and is the second in a row in the sign of the Ram. Other than that, they have little in common.

A month ago, on September 23, the the Full Moon at 0 degrees Aries activated the early degrees of the cardinal signs and represented an “early harvest” of changes that began to sweep through our lives during the cardinal T-square. The changes we envisioned were held back, like water behind a dam, as long as Saturn was in tight formation with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

When Saturn began to move on, the obstacles started to clear, and the changes we could only glimpse back then began materializing. This Full Moon brings it all full circle and lights the way for us to move confidently down a new path, perhaps with new goals and a totally new perspective.

This past week, we witnessed the dramatic rescue of 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped half a mile underground since August 5, the peak date of the cardinal T-square. Several astrologers have commented on the undeniable connection between the collapse of the mine and the cardinal T-square, and the symbolism of death and rebirth – literally coming up out of the earth – when Ceres returned to a conjunction with Pluto.

All of the interpretations I read were excellent, but among them one in particular stood out, by Christina Rodenbeck in Oxford, England, who wove astrology into the mythology of the indigenous people. It was short, simple, and to the point.

But why mention all of this after the fact, in a post on the Full Moon?

The lunar cycle has been an important timing indicator as we’ve moved through the T-square and beyond. The miners were rescued on Wednesday, with the Moon in early Capricorn conjunct Ceres and Pluto. I mentioned in my forecast last week that Wednesday would be a T-square flashback day, and so it was. And not just for los 33.

The ordeal of the Chilean miners was a very literal interpretation of the T-square – going down into the underworld and returning to a new life. Many of us are experiencing a similar pattern on a more subtle, energetic level, but it is every bit as powerful. I’m seeing more and more deep changes, with individuals emerging in a “new, improved” state that will allow them to live more richly and fully and to be who they were meant to be.

The chart for this Full Moon says it all – every planet except Saturn is contained within the axis of the Sun at 29°33′ Libra and the Moon at 29°33′ Aries. The restraining influence, the Lord of Time, is out of the picture. Between the rest, there is a connection and a flow.

The Sun and Moon are in a lovely sextile and trine with Pluto and Ceres, forming an easy path for all of that Plutonian stress that built up over the summer. The easy manner in which the miners ascended to the surface is a fitting metaphor. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had an elevator to bring us up out of our worldly trap? Then … maybe we do. As I’ve written many times, sometimes the way out is up.

The Sun and Moon also make a sextile and trine to Neptune and Chiron, although it’s separating. That suggests to me that the deep healing we needed in order to move past the obstacles has taken place, and now we’re assimilating it into our lives. The more whole we are inside (whole and heal come from the same Latin root), the better we’re able to manifest what we want and need, without the glitches and gremlins that often appear as part of the process.

Mars and Jupiter also are in a separating trine, which will be exact on Wednesday, two days before the Full Moon. Jupiter is retrograde and could use an energy boost from Mars, who’s very powerful in Scorpio, the sign he co-rules with Pluto. Mars will trine Uranus two days after the Full Moon, which could be a big release point for new opportunities that are exciting and perhaps unexpected.

Mars also is in a square with Neptune and Chiron, which seems negative on the face of it. However, Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception, and so I believe that the healing that’s taking place will feed into the new opportunities and vice versa. Difficult Mars-Neptune combinations can sometimes sap your energy – it depends on where Mars is transiting your chart – and you may be challenged to let go of some preconceived notions of what you need. The ego has a way of defending itself that isn’t always in our best interest, and when it has to be forced into another way of being – even a better one – the result can feel a lot like pain and suffering!

Just remember, there is no growth without change, and change by definition can be very painful, especially when you’ve invested so much in maintaining the status quo.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Moon at 29°33′ Aries is, A duck pond and its brood, with the keyword RELIABILITY. As with the previous Full Moon in Aries, this symbol is about self-discovery and finding your place in the cosmic order. Everyone has a special gift, and it’s up to you to discover it and to be true to your highest, best self. Once you do that, you can relax into your groove and just go with the flow.

For the Sun at 29°33′ Libra, the Sabian Symbol is Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head, with the keyword PRESCIENCE. This symbol is about recognizing how cosmic energies manifest in your own personal life. Once you start seeing the patterns, you start to develop the capability to see how things will turn out.

Amen to that! It pretty much sums up my approach to astrology, and it couldn’t be a more timely message.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Uranus in Aries: Acting To Change the World

Uranus, ruler of electricity. Power lines extend from Grand Coulee Dam into the far distance. ©Pat Paquette.

Uranus, the planet we associate with rebellion, innovation, and change, is in Aries as of Thursday, May 27. We won’t get far into pioneering territory before he turns retrograde and returns to Pisces for several months, but we’ll have a chance to explore and experiment.

Simply put, Pisces is about dreaming, imagining, and reflecting. Aries is about doing. We’ve had seven years to reflect on our dreams and visions for the future, how we want our world to be. Uranus in Aries now asks, “So what are you going to do about it?”

Pisces is, among other things, about our beliefs. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces can be wonderfully imaginative and spiritual or totally delusional. Blind faith falls within this category. There are many forms of blind faith. Usually we think of it in terms of organized religion, but it can apply equally to blind faith in our government, blind faith in our societal values, and blind faith in our political and economic system.

How many people do you know who say they have faith in the system, just not the current elected officials who are running it? At some point, we’re going to need to realize that it just isn’t working, and then what?

The 29th degree of every sign is sensitive, but this is particularly true for the 29th degree of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac and known as the “weeping degree.” Venus stationed there last year after a retrograde period in Aries, sensitizing this degree even further. It was a special moment in time, when Susan Boyle created an overnight sensation with a song about a broken dream.

As Uranus crossed 29 degrees Pisces, protests were rampant in the euro zone, and oil gushed unchecked into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s well a mile under the surface. What beliefs are we being asked to sacrifice? If you don’t have an answer yet, you’ll know by March 11, 2011, when Uranus re-enters Aries for a seven-year stint, much of which will be in a politically volatile square with Pluto in Capricorn.

In the ingress chart set for Washington D.C., Ceres is rising, conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. This suggests that the biggest issue for the United States will involve the environment. Set for Brussels, the ingress chart has 13 Aries on the Ascendant, with Ceres and Pluto on the Midheaven. This also suggests issues of food supply and an impending environmental crisis.

As much as we’d like to blame BP for this disaster and force them to pay, that will not solve the underlying problem. The way the scenario is playing out, BP may be sacrificed (but more likely not) so that oil drilling and the obscene profits being reaped by oil companies at the expense of the environment can go forward unimpeded. If you watched President Obama’s press conference on May 27, you know this to be true. He said BP would pay, but offshore oil drilling would continue.

We are dependent on fossil fuels, period. And exploiting fossil fuels has dire environmental consequences. That is a fact. We are addicted and disempowered. How will we reclaim that power and remake the world according to our vision of love, joy, and abundance? Is it even possible? Should we even try? Or should we adjust our beliefs to be more “realistic?” Should we accept that we can’t meet our material needs without lasting, long-term damage to our food chain and life-support system? Will we keep searching for some technological fix (also the realm of Uranus) to make it possible to have all of this and a clean environment, too? When, exactly, can we expect that to happen?

Uranus in Aries requires us to act, and I would add that we’re at a point in the evolution of human consciousness when it’s imperative that we act in accordance with our values. Some people will take this as their cue to participate in mass demonstrations. That’s not inappropriate, and it’s probably inevitable. For the next five years, Uranus will remain in a close square with Pluto, suggesting massive political unrest. As I mentioned above, this unrest is likely to be related to the breakdown of the environment and food supply chain.

However, limiting your actions to political protests is a bit like going to church on Sunday and then acting wantonly the rest of the week, without regard to whether you’re being kind and maintaining your integrity. Acting must include changing our fundamental beliefs to shift into a different way of living and being.

This can’t happen overnight. But it’s something to start working on while we’re working to change the world.

Top Kill: Ceres Doesn’t Make Idle Threats

A dead Northern Gannet on Grand Isle Beach, Louisiana. Photo by Sean Gardner for REUTERS.

As thousands of gallons of oil a day gush from BP’s well in the Gulf of Mexico, astrologers predictably are linking the disaster with the approach of this summer’s cardinal T-square.

I agree — it’s a no-brainer — but there is another planet involved here, and no one seems to be paying much attention to her.

I will admit that I have not routinely mentioned Ceres in all of my reports of the cardinal T-square, although I’ve at least acknowledged the conjunction of Ceres and Pluto and have made some initial guesses about how her inclusion in this extraordinary planetary configuration might play out.

In a post on April 24, I suggested that something would happen “to force governments to take responsibility for bad public policy, especially regarding the environment.” I wrote that post on April 14, a week before BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and blowing out a deep undersea well, which has been gushing anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the gulf, depending on whom you believe.

A week earlier, in a post on the cardinal T-square of 2010, I noted that the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred during a cardinal build-up in 1989, and I predicted that similar environmental disasters would be likely this year.

According to classical mythology, Ceres dared to confront Jupiter and Pluto over the disappearance of her daughter, Proserpina (better known as the Greek Persephone), whom Pluto kidnapped and stole off to the underworld. Ceres appealed to Jupiter, who disclaimed knowledge of the incident. She later discovered that Jupiter not only knew about the kidnapping but gave Pluto his express permission to take Proserpina for his wife against her will.

In her anger and grief, Ceres cut off the food supply and threatened to kill the entire human race. She didn’t make idle threats or set a deadline. Jupiter was forced to send a message to Pluto to return Proserpina to her mother. However, before Pluto sent her home, he fed her pomegranate seeds. No one who eats in the underworld may return to the world of the living. We also may assume that he had his way with her, taking what he wanted much in the same way that energy companies pillage the earth.

Jupiter sent Mercury to negotiate a compromise in which Proserpina was to spend half the year with her mother and half the year as Pluto’s queen in the underworld. During the half year when she was away, plant life on earth died. This myth ostensibly is an “explanation” for winter, but we might also read into it a dire warning of what happens when the environment is so callously disregarded.

As astrologers and students of astrology, we might also want to consider what happens when we ignore Ceres.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union created a class of “dwarf planets,” in which they included Pluto and Ceres. Pluto was in effect demoted, while Ceres was given equal status to Pluto. Yet, Pluto got all of the attention, including indignant rants from astrologers everywhere about Pluto’s power. Even though Ceres was discovered 130 years before Pluto and is closer to the Earth, she is relegated to a minor role in astrology. Many astrologers consider her primary influence to be felt in mother-daughter relationships — in other words, “women’s issues” and not power politics. That’s still for the big boys.

In mundane astrology, Jupiter and Pluto represent government and corporate powers, which clearly must share the blame for what is fast becoming the worst environmental disaster in North American history. A report just came out about the cozy relationship between the oil industry and government regulators, who illegally accepted gifts from the people they were supposed to be monitoring and, by some accounts, were viewing Internet porn instead of doing their jobs.

And, just as Jupiter thought he could blow off Ceres with a lie, the powers that be don’t appear to be taking the implications very seriously. While the goo floating in the water and oozing up on the shore threatens an extensive ecosystem, government and industry officials are moving ahead with plans to continue offshore oil drilling, some of it in areas even more sensitive that the Gulf of Mexico.

To add insult to injury, the U.S. Department of the Interior has continued granting controversial environmental waivers, despite President Barack Obama’s announcement of a moratorium on drilling new wells in the gulf.

Ironically, BP is launching a procedure called “top kill” (how Plutonian is that?), possibly as early as Wednesday, in an attempt to shut down the gusher. BP officials caution that they have no idea whether it will work, because no one ever has attempted this procedure in a well this deep. The operation will take place just as Uranus is entering Aries, with Jupiter hot on his heels. The ingress chart set for Venice, La. (the nearest town to the BP oil rig), has Ceres exactly on the Ascendant at 2 degrees Capricorn.

Now that Ceres is part of the cardinal T-square, she’s solidly within the good ol’ boys club. Moreover, it’s likely to be the wisdom and maturity of Ceres that gets us out of this mess. In caring for the environment, we will have to make some compromises, and unfortunately they aren’t going to be a bed of roses. Although we can demand more oversight from our government, the energy industry thrives because we rely on their products in just about every aspect of our lives, from gasoline for our cars and food production, to the plastics used in our computers.

We still do not know the extent of the fallout from this disaster, and we may not know for several years. The consequences likely will be far greater than oiled birds and dead fisheries.

In the meantime, we can expect massive public protests and outrage against BP and the Obama administration. The demonstrations will be all the more vehement because starry eyed voters feel betrayed and need a target to vent their anger. Uranus in Aries will happily supply the fuel … a veritable uncontrolled gusher.

Then, these protests could pale compared to the political unrest that will occur when we’re forced to pay higher prices for gasoline, food, and other petroleum-based products. You can bet that our political leaders know this.

As I suggested in my previous post, the inclusion of Ceres in the T-square may have implications in our private lives, too.

“At the very least, we may need to reflect on how past decisions or behavior are affecting us in the present. It’s never too late to change!”

Our first responsibility in this crisis is to be informed citizens and search for real information, not what we’re being fed by BP, the U.S. government, and the corporate media.

Second, we have to confront the reality that our daily consumption habits contributed to this disaster. We pay lip service to environmentalism and point the finger at Big Bad Oil, and without missing a beat jump into our cars to run to the supermarket for a garden burger produced in a factory thousands of miles away. Healing ourselves and thus the planet requires that our words and our actions are in synch. Put another way, we must never quit striving to live with absolute integrity.

That, too, is a no-brainer.

I’ll have more on Uranus in Aries in this week’s Saturday Extra! post.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 28

Moon Above the Water

© Václav Volráb/Dreamstime.com

The Full Moon in Scorpio normally is a magical time of regeneration and rebirth.

That’s all the more true for the Scorpio Full Moon on April 28, thanks to a smooth, flowing connection between the Sun, Moon, and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Moreover, the Sun is in tight conjunction with retrograde Mercury, and Pluto is retrograde, too. Retrograde periods are good for activities starting with “re.” So why not regeneration and rebirth?

As we go through the great cosmic shift of 2010-2012, much in our lives is dying in order to be reborn. We are healing and regenerating, according to ancient cycles of the stars, gods, and humans.

In the Buddhist tradition, the Full Moon in Scorpio is Wesak, celebrated as the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Now, technically, Wesak isn’t until May 27, because Buddhists use sidereal astrology, which is a sign “off” from our Western tropical system. Still, we can use the symbolism of Wesak to help us understand the significance of the Full Moon with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio.

Ruled by lovely Venus, Taurus is the “earthiest” of the earth signs, while Scorpio is the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth. Seeing how the unmanifest comes into existence in the physical world and then disappears back into the unmanifest is key to enlightened consciousness. It liberates us from errors in our thinking that lead to needless stress and suffering.

The Sun at 8°07′ Taurus tightly conjoins Mercury at 8°24′ Taurus, opposite the Moon at 8°07′ Scorpio. Mercury is just under halfway through his retrograde phase, which is often right about the time we really start feeling the effects.

Some of us may feel a bit lazy. If you’re going to succumb to being a couch potato, this is the time to do it! While it may seem like “unenlightened behavior,” I don’t see it that way. To the contrary, it’s often helpful to get your mind completely off a problem so that the deep psyche can work unimpeded. The trine from Mercury to retrograde Pluto will help gain deeper insight, if you just step out of the way and let the process happen. When you return your attention to the issue at hand, you may experience sudden new insight and inspiration. I especially recommend this for intellectual types who live a lot of the time in their heads.

On the downside, it may be hard for some people to open up to new ideas under this influence. If someone is giving you a hard time for being too entrenched in ideas or habits, listen! They may or may not be right, but the fact that they’re bringing it up is your cue for self-examination. Consider the message as a gift.

Also, Venus is at 4° Gemini, inconjunct Pluto and in mutual reception with Mercury. Venus in Gemini loves to talk, talk, talk, but that may get you in trouble when Mercury is retrograde. Words can be misconstrued. It might be better to let our actions speak for themselves, but that could lead to problems, too, with action planet Mars squaring the Sun and Moon. It will be hard for everyone to shrug off perceived slights.

Saturn and Uranus are approaching opposition, which may end up being the real news at this Full Moon. I wrote about this in my weekly forecast and will have more in tomorrow’s post.

Lastly, Ceres is stationed near Pluto, set to turn retrograde later in the day. According to classical mythology, Ceres dared to confront Jupiter and Pluto over the disappearance of her daughter and held them accountable for their actions. I think we’ll see this mostly in societal terms, as the powers that be are forced to take responsibility for bad public policy, especially concerning the economy and environment.

However, we may see some effects in our private lives, too. At the very least, we may need to reflect on how past decisions or behavior are affecting us in the present. It’s never too late to change!

For the Moon at 8°07′ Scorpio, the Sabian Symbol** is dental work, with the keyword PRACTICALITY. Most of us don’t pay nearly the attention to our spiritual health as we do to our physical bodies, and yet this is what’s needed in order to maintain a “healthy soul” that can connect with others in our soul community.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 8°07′ Taurus is a Christmas tree decorated, with the keyword SYMBOLIZATION. An image of the winter holidays might seem out of place at this time of year, but its message is of spiritual renewal through sharing with friends and family. One of the most important things we can share with others is our unique gift to the world, and often we must go through a spiritual “death” and regeneration to find it.

It’s the classic tale of the hero’s journey, which takes us to hell and back.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.