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New Moon in Aries, April 3

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The New Moon on April 3 belongs entirely to Mars. How will we experience this blast of pure energy, the violence of birth, the burst of a star being born?

I can’t think of another time when only one planet ruled an entire chart like this. Usually, two or three planets dominate a chart, sometimes more. At this New Moon, six of the nine planets will be in Mars-ruled Aries, and the three that aren’t – Venus, Saturn and Pluto – deposit to Mars. (It goes like this: Pluto is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, so Pluto goes to Saturn; Saturn in Libra goes to Venus, Libra’s ruler; Venus is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune; Neptune is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus; Uranus is in Aries, ruled by Mars.)

Every beginning astrologer knows about Mars and Aries. Mars is the planet of war and anger, but he also confers high energy, raw sex appeal, and courage in the face of danger. Aries is the me-first, impulsive, “shoot first, ask questions later” sign. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is cardinal fire, the spark that initiates life. How we’ll experience that spark is the big question as Sunday approaches.

At 13°30′ Aries, the New Moon is square the solar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 4 and the solar eclipse at 9°12′ Cancer on July 1 – the last eclipse in the Capricorn-Cancer series. If you didn’t notice any changes at the beginning of the year, you may get them now. The New Moon typically brings new beginnings and open doors, but any change that occurs now could happen so fast it makes your head spin (Aries rules the head). That’s the difference between a New Moon ruled by Saturn and a New Moon ruled by Aries.

Speaking of Saturn, he was square the eclipse in January and also will be square the eclipse in July. This time, he’s in a near-perfect opposition with the New Moon. Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn forms a cardinal T-square, although it will be wider than the one we had last summer.

Friends and clients tell me that although they’re still encountering difficulties in circumstances that came to a head over the summer, they’re not struggling as hard as they were last year. I’ve attributed that to Saturn’s advance beyond the early degrees of Libra. At its peak, the 2010 T-square occurred at 0-4 degrees of the cardinal signs. Once Saturn moved on, the brick walls that had us so frustrated began to crumble.

They never did entirely go away, though, and we may experience some flashbacks at this New Moon. I’m hoping that it will be in the good sense; in other words, we’ll be able to make the breakthroughs we felt so close to last year and just couldn’t reach. So many of you wrote to me in frustration and distress, and I certainly had my share of it, too.

In an attempt to be optimistic, I’m also hopeful that Mercury retrograde will be helpful in revisiting unresolved issues. The ideal outcome would be to go back to the point at which we got hung up last year in order to make the breakthroughs that eluded us no matter what we did.

Indeed, the explosive energy of this New Moon may just blast through the last of the obstacles and take us to the new place that was so close yet always just out of reach. If you start getting the jitters or a situation begins spinning out of control, try to keep your eye on the prize. You know what it is!

For those who did manage to make a major breakthrough, this New Moon represents the next step. It may be too fast for comfort, but that’s the nature of this high-energy New Moon.

Now, I also have to mention the possibility that all this Mars energy is so intense that global hotspots around the world burst into flames, and people’s anger gets totally out of control. If you feel that happening to you, the best way to handle it is with vigorous exercise. You won’t want to sit still, that’s for sure.

Right after the New Moon, Mars conjoins Uranus. I don’t need to tell you what an explosive combination this is – especially with Uranus in Aries. The last time Mars and Uranus conjoined in Aries was in April 1934, with the Sun also in conjunction. Jupiter was in opposition and, as now, Pluto was at the apex of a cardinal T-square. On April 12 of that year, a few days before the conjunction was exact, researchers at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire clocked winds at 231 mph – the standing record for surface winds on earth. That’s not exactly an explosion, but we could safely classify it as an extraordinary high-energy event.

I guess you could say the winds of change are upon us, and man, are they blowing hard.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°30′ Aries is a serpent coiling near a man and a woman,” with the keyword REVELATION. This is the symbol of the union of the divine masculine, represented by Mars, with the divine feminine, represented by Venus. In occult studies, it pertains to the union of logic and intuition, the “sacred marriage.” I’ve written plenty here and on my old blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about the core wound of humanity being the split between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and about the healing of this wound in our time.

As for the keyword REVELATION, that’s the meaning of “apocalypse.” Ruth recently wrote an excellent post about this, and I wrote a post on the Apocalypse seemingly ages ago on PiChron. You can find that article in my archives.

So, will this be an apocalyptic New Moon? I’m on the edge of my seat. Then, there’s no way I’ll be able to sit still through this, and you probably won’t, either.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast January 31:New Moon in Aquarius, Sun Conjunct Mars

Signs of spring. Cherry blossoms at the Ballard Locks in Seattle. © James A. Weythman.

This week promises to be fast-moving, highly productive, and not without a surprise or two. I know, I know – some surprises we could do without.

The main event this week is the New Moon in Aquarius on February 2 (February 3 in the Eastern Hemisphere), in close conjunction with Mars and Ceres. Aquarius is future-oriented, rebellious, and innovative, with a spark of genius. Mars is about action, and Ceres is associated with the environment and the cyclical nature of life. That’s quite a combination!

The New Moon represents new beginnings, and with Ceres in conjunction, we can expect the start of a new cycle, whether it’s a new way of interacting with the world around us or a personal rebirth – perhaps both. Mars, meanwhile, gives us the energy and motivation to carry out our novel ideas. If you’re starting a new project, this would be a great week for it. Do wait until after the New Moon, though.

Rebellion does seem to be the order of the day – or, more precisely, disorder – with Egypt in total chaos. This is exactly the type of social unrest we would correlate to the Uranus-Pluto square, which actually is quite wide at the moment but approaching a closer angle. Further, the rebellious nature of Uranus is being “fed” by all the planets in Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules in modern astrology.

The involvement of Ceres in this New Moon tells me that rebellions that occur now – whether globally or inside ourselves – are part of a greater cycle. There is a deep need for change in order to free ourselves from the constraints that limit our creativity and authentic self-expression. One of the key components of a repressed society is the suppression of free speech.

Even more telling, the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Ceres all are at a close positive angle with Saturn in Libra. The exact trines will take place throughout the week and are all indicative of productive changes that result in greater equality and more balance. Again, we can apply this globally and individually.

Venus, the planet of love and money, forms an exact square to Uranus just before the New Moon. Squares and oppositions involving Venus can be disruptive, but they’re usually not bad overall. This square definitely will make for an interesting day! Watch for events totally out of the ordinary. Right before squaring Uranus, Venus sextiles Neptune, injecting some beauty and romance into all this chaos. If you’ve got half a second, stop and smell the roses.

On Thursday, Venus sextiles Chiron just as both bodies are about to change signs. The collective can’t heal unless individuals within it heal, but the reverse is also true: it’s impossible to make that last leap toward becoming whole when we live in a sick society. Healing has to take place simultaneously, and I believe it is. However, in both cases, the dis-ease often has to become worse before it gets better, and whole systems may need to break down in order to be rebuilt in a more balanced, sustainable model.

After her sextile to Chiron, Venus enters Capricorn, where she is more excited by cold cash than a hot kiss. Look for signs of money and power coming together for control, be it to force a rebellious population into submission or to control another person in an individual relationship. On Sunday, Venus squares Jupiter in Aries, and thus a new cycle of the cardinal T-square begins unfolding.

It’s interesting to note that the three asteroid goddesses – Vesta, Juno, and Pallas – all are involved in this New Moon. Juno, named for the mythological wife of Jupiter and thus associated with marriage, is particularly strong in the New Moon chart, as she forms an opposition with Uranus by exact degree, and she’s also opposed to Jupiter. What we have, then, is a close mutable T-square with Juno, Venus, and Uranus.

Meanwhile, Vesta is conjunct Pluto, and Pallas is tightly square Saturn. What this tells me is that women and feminine energy are a crucial factor in the shifts taking place. Not that you need to be an astrologer to see it; the charts just confirm what we’re already observing in real life.

On Friday, the Sun and Mars formally conjoin. This is the day that I expect we’ll see the release of the New Moon energy. It’s a great day to start a new endeavor, whatever that may be.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°54′ Aquarius is a train entering a tunnel, with the keyword PENETRATION. It’s a lot quicker to go through the mountain than to climb over the top – which, in many cases, is impossible anyway. So, we have to put on our thinking caps and figure out how to penetrate what seems impenetrable. That’s going to require creativity and innovation – keywords for Aquarius.

The New Moon in Aquarius is the Chinese New Year, heralding the Year of the Metal Rabbit. February 2 also is the Celtic cross-quarter day of Imbolc, halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, and it’s Ground Hog Day. Catholics celebrate this day as Candlemas, but its pagan roots are undeniable. In France, they celebrate the festival by eating crèpes. Miam-miam.

This New Moon is extra special for me, as it falls on my Sun – which, of course, means that it’s my birthday. In astrology, we call it the Solar Return.

My “new project” is going to be devoting my full attention to reports and readings for my clients. As some of you know, I’m still recuperating from a serious back injury I suffered two years ago. My energy is limited, and I’ve been struggling to write for the RealAstrologers blog three or four times a week and stay on top of work for my clients – whom, by the way, have been so patient and understanding that it almost makes me want to cry. If you are among those on the wait list, take heart in knowing that I’m making these changes in order to get to your requests sooner.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to write the weekly forecast and to publish guest posts from my associates. If you don’t want to have to keep checking back to see if there’s a new post, subscribe to my feed, and you’ll get the new posts directly into your inbox.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, January 4, 2011

Solar eclipse in January 2010, photographed in Manila, Philippines, by Bullit Marquez for The Associated Press.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

The first lunation of 2011 is a New Moon solar eclipse in Capricorn – just as it was in 2010. And, once again, it’s symbolic of an extraordinary year. Not only will we have another buildup in cardinal signs, but 2011 is a rare six-eclipse year.

At 13 degrees Capricorn, the eclipse on January 4 is only partial, and it’s far removed from a T-square. Still, it’s square Saturn, and that does suggest some tension. Indeed, it may mirror situations and circumstances of the Mars-Saturn square occurring today (December 29).

As I wrote in my weekly forecast, there may be a silver lining in this conflicting aspect, as we’ll be pushed to do things we’ve been putting off, whether due to fear, laziness, or not wanting the hassle. You can put things off only so long before problems start compounding. The key phrase for this eclipse may well be, “Do what you gotta do.”

A little effort will go a long way, too. Mercury is direct and moving steadily forward, and all other planets are direct. It’s like driving down the main drag and hitting every green light. To do that, though, you have to get the timing right – not too fast, not too slow. This won’t be a time for blowing through a mountain of work in record speed. Rather, you’ll get everything done by pacing yourself and staying focused.

With Mercury in Sagittarius, we may find it more useful to focus on the big picture and not get caught up in details. Still, if you’re doing detailed work, you’ll need to take care not to miss small mistakes – yet another reason to work at a steady pace. This applies to driving, too. If you’re going to be late for an appointment, don’t speed up and take risks. Simply accept that you’re going to be late. It happens.

In any case, Saturn clearly is in charge of this eclipse, with the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules. Saturn himself is exalted in Libra, which is why I think the square is going to manifest more as tension that pushes us to move mountains rather than the kind of stress that puts us on overload and takes a few years off our lives, with nothing to show for it.

There’s another configuration in the eclipse chart that has nothing to do with Saturn and is quite interesting. Venus, who is now past her post-retrograde shadow phase and in new territory, makes a perfect square with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, and she also makes a very tight trine with Uranus and Jupiter, which are exactly conjoined in Pisces. Neptune and Uranus have remained in a close semi-sextile over the winter, and they’re in their last few months of mutual reception, until Uranus re-enters Aries in March.

There’s been so much going on this year with the cardinal T-square that we haven’t given a lot of attention to the mutual reception. But it has been an undercurrent, running through the T-square and everything we do. Neptune and Chiron represent healing on the collective level. But you can’t heal society unless and until you heal the individuals within it, and that’s where Uranus in Pisces comes in.

I’ve written a lot about the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter as indicators of major breakthroughs, but what is the source of these successes? As individuals, we’re awakening to higher consciousness. Uranus is sometimes called the “Awakener,” and Jupiter is associated with expanding the mind and, thus, spiritual advancement.

With Venus in close contact with these four bodies, we’d have to conclude that relationships are a big part of our awakening. Many clients over the past several months have come to me with questions about soul mates, or people they suspect they have a karmic connection with. I believe this to be absolutely the case. More and more of us are encountering souls we have known or will know in other lives. Whether we’re meeting them because we’re awakening, or we’re awakening as a result of meeting them, who can say? And does it really even matter?

Eclipses are windows on time, and with six eclipses in 2011, there will be lots of opportunities to sense what’s beyond the “reality” we see with our eyes.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°39′ Capricorn is an ancient bas-relief carved in granite, with the keyword FOUNDATION. This symbol is about the limitless potential in every moment. Put another way, you attract what you focus on and give energy to. If you intentionally place your thoughts and actions in a given direction, this is where you’ll go, by hook or by crook.

When our perception of the world changes, our external reality shifts to match it. Saturn, the lord of time, represents the process by which that reality comes into being.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Sagittarius, December 5

We don’t see the awakening of a seed. When it bursts open and its life violently pours forth, it is still deep within the earth, out of sight. And yet, it is growing.

Several clients and friends over the past week have lamented that nothing seems to be happening in their lives. Despite the activity of the cardinal T-square over the summer, they see no movement. Their friends have gone through enormous changes, mostly for the better, so why not them?

For many people, the cardinal T-square planted a seed in their psyche. The seed is still underground, and just because we can’t see the first shoots poking out yet, it doesn’t mean the seed hasn’t sprouted. That may change as of Sunday’s New Moon in Sagittarius.

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel in Rome, 1508-1512.

At 13°28′ Sagittarius, the New Moon itself has no relation to the T-square, which took place in the early degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. However, there is a very big connection between this New Moon and the planets on the main axis of the T-square, and that’s why I believe we’ll see major developments that are directly related to it.

Even before the T-square peaked in the early cardinal signs over the summer, Saturn and Uranus had been opposed in the late degrees of Virgo and Pisces since November 2008. At the height of the T-square, they were in early Libra and Aries. Jupiter, meanwhile, has also been moving in and out of opposition with Saturn and conjunction with Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus now are in late Pisces but will advance back into Aries soon. And here’s where things get really interesting.

Jupiter, as planetary ruler of Sagittarius, rules this New Moon. Jupiter just went direct on November 18 and is picking up some speed. We’re back in growth and expansion mode, following a period of dormancy and contraction.

Uranus, meanwhile, is stationed at a dead stop, ready to return direct a little over eight hours after the New Moon. This is a very powerful moment in time, and the breakthroughs won’t be far behind. Watch that fertile ground for signs of growth popping out.

Jupiter and Uranus are both planets of awakening – Jupiter, because he represents higher consciousness and Uranus because he represents the electrical spark, the genius that inspires us to innovate and think out of the box. I chose as the image for this post Michelangelo’s famous painting on the Sistine Chapel in Rome depicting God’s creation of Man. I also might have used the “consciousness” scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which primate consciousness evolved through contact with aliens; or the birth of Athena, in which the goddess of wisdom was born fully formed out of the head of Zeus – the father god and Roman Jupiter.

The symbolism is all the same, and it’s where we’re at as of this New Moon.

The only aspect made by this New Moon is a close sextile to Saturn at 15 degrees Libra, sign of its exaltation. Saturn is known as the Lord of Time, and this is why he represents physical manifestation in the material world. As we now know from scientific research, there is no separation between energy and matter (or, if you will, “spirit” and matter). Matter – what you “see” with your human eyes and brain – is simply energy frozen in time.

The evolution in consciousness that many of us are experiencing carries with it an ability to manifest thoughts into physical reality. It’s not just about “creative visualization.” Although that’s a good start, it’s a bit like a preschooler trying to paint the Sistine Chapel with Crayolas. Real manifestation ability takes long years of training and practice. And since we don’t understand the mechanisms 100 percent, it has taken a lot of experimentation – the provenance of Uranus.

One thing we do know – or at least heavily suspect – is that to transform our lives into a more enriching, creative existence, we have to dump outmoded beliefs and behaviors. That, too, is the provenance of Uranus, depicted most vividly by The Tower in the Tarot deck. If we don’t drop them willingly, they can get blasted out by circumstances that force us to see the errors in our thinking.

In a stunning example of synchronicity, this New Moon is conjunct the Great Attractor, a mass of something we don’t understand, located some 250 million light-years away, at roughly 14 degrees Sagittarius. We’re not entirely sure what it is, but it appears to have the mass of at least 10 of our Milky Way galaxies, and it’s sucking in surrounding galaxies at an alarming rate.

By contrast, half a sign away, toward the final degrees of Sagittarius, is the Galactic Center, a giant mass we also don’t entirely understand but which appears to be a birth channel. One destroys, the other creates. Is there a connection? As it also so happens, the next Full Moon – the culmination of the energies released at the New Moon – will be closely conjunct the GC.

As I pointed out in my last lunation report, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, both direct, provides a pathway for sudden breakthroughs.

[callout]The potential for advances in spirituality is of galactic proportions. And remember, my definition of “spirituality” has to do with our ability to sense the invisible energies that course through the universe and to use those energies to our advantage and the advantage of our fellow humans. Part of that vision is seeing through the illusion of time.[/callout]

The period between the New Moon and Full Moon won’t be without its complications. Mercury is about to turn retrograde (more about that in my next weekly forecast), and it’s going to be a turbulent one, with Mercury going out of phase in conjunction with Mars and Pluto. I strongly urge you to finish your holiday shopping this weekend. If you haven’t mailed your packages, get them en route ASAP!

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°28′ Sagittarius is the Pyramids and the Sphinx, with the keyword CERTIFICATION. What we see with our own eyes may not be the whole truth, but it’s a start, and it’s our first clue as to what is real and what isn’t. One of the wonders of the world, the Pyramids represent the best of what humanity can manifest into reality, and we still aren’t sure how they did it! As we work on our ability to manifest, we must continue to strive for the greatest good and to be willing to go through the trial and error necessary to perfect our skills.

We’ll know how well we’re doing by the results.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Scorpio, November 6, 2010

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Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Never was this a more timely theme than now.

Throughout the summer, the cardinal T-square heralded new directions for just about everyone I know. For some of you, the handwriting had been on the wall for many months, even a year. But it was like the difference between planning a long trip and actually setting off on the adventure.

As of last month’s New Moon in Libra, we began to see signs that our new way of living and being were coming into manifest reality. The message was clear. With the New Moon on November 6 (November 5 in Western time zones), the transformation takes place allowing your inner world to align with your external reality and vice versa. It’s a constant dance.

As with last month’s New Moon, the Sun and Moon make no close aspects with other planets, and all of the planets are contained within the confines of the T-square – that is, between Saturn at 12 degrees Libra and Uranus at 27 degrees Pisces. Although the intensity of the T-square has dropped, we continue to feel its effects unfold, like the blossoming of a flower.

The connection between the New Moon and the cardinal T-square may not be readily apparent, but we need look no further than Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Pluto was at the apex of the T-square throughout the summer, bearing all the pressure of the conflict. Consistent with the symbolism of Pluto, the tension that many of us felt in the past few months required us to transform in some way, to expand our awareness, broaden our perspective, and consider changes that never would have occurred to us before.

Not only does Pluto rule this New Moon, but he’s very close to the lunar North Node, which we often use in astrology for clues about our destiny. Ceres, also connected with cycles of death and transformation, is in a separating conjunction with Pluto. Our transformation as a species is fated. As an individual, your personal transformation includes accepting your “assignment” in this incarnation. If you’re still wondering what that might be, be alert for signs around this New Moon.

As conscious awareness evolves, we begin to see glimmers of what some call “past lives.” I call them “other lives,” as I don’t believe they are all in the past. Time as we know it is an illusion of the human brain, probably an evolutionary step to help us function. We may come to realize that we are everywhere at once, but we’ll need some way of dealing with this, or we’ll go insane.

Being able to see into the Otherworld is a very Scorpio thing. I believe that’s why there are so many traditions at this time of year that involve communicating with the dead.

As it so happens, Neptune is stationed this week in preparation to return direct on Sunday. Just as Saturn represents time and the limitations that allow us to function on this plane, Neptune represents the dissolution of time and the vast nothingness of the unmanifest. I have a feeling that many of you are going to have dreams and visions of other lives. Or, you may suddenly find yourself in telepathic link with others.

Speaking of communications, Mercury in Scorpio is in a tight trine with Uranus in Pisces at the New Moon, and Neptune and Uranus are in a sympathetic link (mutual reception). This makes it even more likely that we could receive messages from “somewhere else” or that we’ll suddenly pick up on signals from others around us. Or perhaps others who aren’t on this plane.

Jupiter is still tracking fairly closely with Uranus and also is slowing down as we approach his return direct. He’ll resume forward motion on November 18, the same day that Venus turns direct. She’s in the first degree of Scorpio at the New Moon and then returns to her own sign of Libra the next day. If you’ve been having second thoughts about a relationship, I continue to advise you to wait until Venus is back in Libra and returns direct before making any long-range decisions. You might find that your second thoughts disappear into thin air. But at the very least, you’ll gain some clarity.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°40′ Scorpio is telephone linemen at work, with the keyword ATTACHMENT. Everything is connected. We’re all connected to each other, in this life and in every other life across time and space. “Implicit in the symbolism is a responsibility on the part of all higher life for all lower, and a faithfulness of all lesser things to the requirements of the greater,” writes Marc Edmond Jones, who channeled the symbols.

I’ve observed over time that Scorpios and people with strong Scorpio in their charts seem to be plugged into a cosmic energy source. At this New Moon, we may all be Scorpios.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Don’t forget to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Libra, October 7

Evening Mood, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1882.

I have high hopes for this New Moon. In many ways, it starts a new cycle and builds on the foundation of the cardinal T-square.

If you’ve been confused about how the T-square was redirecting your life – or if you didn’t see it at all – the message will be readily apparent now. All of those blocked energies, the frustration, the obstacles … Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, and with this New Moon, you can arrive at a new understanding of how crisis after crisis pushed you into a new direction or a different way of seeing the world.

With that understanding, it’s easier to relax and let go of trying to control events, people, and situations. Your life has been on track all along, even if it didn’t seem like it.

I see this trend in the kinds of clients who are contacting me now and in the nature of their questions. Many are beginning to realize their special healing gifts, while others need guidance or confirmation as their lives take off in new directions that are more in harmony with their inner being. A surprising number are asking about past lives and karmic relationships. This is all evidence of a brilliant awakening in human consciousness. I’ve seen this coming for several years. It’s amazing to see it actually manifesting!

Right after this New Moon, all of the inner planets will be contained within the boundaries of the T-square. The Moon will venture beyond for half of every month, but as of this lunation, it’s on the inside. This tells me that we’re going deep into T-square territory, living the changes that took place within us over the summer, both individually and collectively.

The Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Libra make no close aspects to other planets, although they are in a wide conjunction with Saturn at 8 degrees Libra and Mercury at 7 degrees Libra. The Mercury-Saturn conjunction allows clarity of thought, which in turn leads to realistic planning and a balanced approach to achieving your goals.

With four planets in Libra, there’s also an emphasis on relationships. If you’ve been paying attention to how material circumstances manifest in your life, chances are, you understand that your biggest manifestation “successes” have come through positive relationships with others. We can manifest through troubled relationships, too, but those are the ones that tend to come with all the unwanted “side effects” and gremlins.

The relationship theme is reinforced by Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, who is at a dead stop in preparation for returning retrograde the next day. Further, she’s still in close conjunction with Mars, her lover. Venus in Scorpio craves deep intimacy and merging with her soul mate, but he’s starting to move away. This could lead to widespread feelings of abandonment and isolation. It won’t last, but it could be difficult while we’re in it. Another thing to watch for is past-life experiences. More of us may have dreams or fleeting visions of life in other time spaces, with glimpses of a soul mate.

Jupiter and Uranus remain closely conjunct in Pisces, with Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception and Jupiter in a near-exact semi-sextile with Neptune and Chiron. Throughout the cardinal T-square period, there has been an inherent message of healing. It may be so subtle that you don’t realize it’s happening, but if you stop to think about it, you’ll see where the deep healing is taking place in your life.

Healing, remember, comes from the same Latin root as “wholeness.” Connecting with our essential core brings us into awareness of limitless time and space and how we fit within the whole. With that awareness, we more easily see where our path lies and what our purpose is in this particular incarnation. With this awareness, a lot of things start making sense.

Ceres is edging closer to conjunction with Pluto, which I’ve previously written about as symbolic of an underworld journey to reclaim something we’ve lost. If Pluto represents other lives (the term I prefer to “past lives”), then connecting with this broader energy is another path to becoming whole. Put another way, seeing events, relationships, and even ourselves as part of a broader cycle is incredibly healing.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 14°24′ Libra is circular paths, with the keyword CONGRUITY. “Man and his world may seem completely at variance with each other at some point of crisis, but inevitably everything falls into place,” writes Marc Edmond Jones, who channeled the symbols in the early 1920s.

Again, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting symbol for these extraordinary times.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Virgo, September 8

Luna, by Evelyn De Morgan, 1885

The New Moon in Virgo on September 8 is a quiet, thoughtful time in which we can view old problems in a new light and perhaps see important details that we overlooked in the past.

Sometimes all it takes to make big changes is a new perspective, and those little details can make all the difference in the world.

There are two stand-out features of the chart for this New Moon. First, Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is retrograde until September 12. Traditionally, the New Moon is a powerful time to begin new ventures, but that will not be the case this month. With Mercury retrograde, we’ll have to wait for results, and anything we attempt to start anew before he returns direct will be less likely to succeed. If you do manage to pull it off, you could get some unwanted side effects in the bargain.

Second, the New Moon makes no aspects to any planets other than Mercury, and even that conjunction, at 7 degrees, is a bit too wide to have much of an influence.

Together, these two features reinforce the theme of taking quiet time to analyze your situations and relationships in an attempt to get a different point of view. If someone offers you one, listen … even though you’re not obligated to take all you hear as the goddess-given truth.

Virgo is known for being very practical and efficient, so at the very least, any advice you get – including what you may hear by listening to your own internal voice – is likely to be valid. Write it down and ponder it, and examine all the different ways you could put it to use for your benefit and the benefit of others.

That may sound kind of boring, especially after a summer of intense activity and stress. Personally, I’d welcome a little boredom right now. Others I know who could use a rest probably would agree.

As for all that intense activity, you’re likely still dealing with the fallout, as the cardinal T-square is still active as of this New Moon. It’s far less potent than it was over the summer and will wind down even further once Jupiter returns to Pisces on Thursday, the day after the New Moon. Nevertheless, certain issues remain, making it all the more necessary to look back and rethink your circumstances.

The other big change on the way is Pluto’s imminent return direct on September 14, right after Mercury resumes forward motion. Whether or not the grand cross is in the cardinal signs, Pluto is at the apex of an extremely stressful configuration. Wherever he’s transiting your natal chart, that’s where you’re feeling pressured the most.

As it so happens, Mercury will return direct in a fairly close sextile to Pluto, which I suspect will increase your insight by orders of magnitude. Not everything you discover will thrill you, and some of it might be downright uncomfortable. But I guarantee you that the information will be useful.

Mars, meanwhile, makes a trine to Neptune and Chiron, helping us heal by restoring balance. That could mean anything from eating a more balanced diet to finding more balance between work and play, activity and rest, socializing and solitude, and other areas of your life that may have a lopsided focus. Venus, in the final degree of Libra, also adds her voice to the notion of balance and harmony. If you don’t already do some form of meditation or yoga, give it a try.

Although Ceres makes no aspects to any planets in the New Moon chart, I should mention her. As you may know, I’m a proponent of giving her co-rulership status of Virgo with Mercury. If we make that presumption, then she rules this New Moon, too, and that changes the picture a bit.

At 23 degrees Sagittarius, Ceres is moving toward a third and final conjunction with the Galactic Core since March of this year, and then she’ll make another alignment with Pluto. The energy of the GC funneled through Ceres has a deep message for us regarding our environment and the fragility of all life on the planet. It doesn’t take much to disrupt entire ecosystems, as we’re becoming more and more aware.

In terms of our personal circumstances, Ceres reminds us that all life is cyclical. If we’re at a peak now, we must plan for the valleys that inevitably will follow. If we’re in a valley – as many of us seem to be right now – then we must have faith that it won’t last.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 15°41′ Virgo is an orangutan, with the keyword DEXTERITY. This image contains the symbolism of evolution and the development of the human mind. Marc Edmond Jones, in his interpretation of this symbol, talks of a “primitive power” inherent in everyone, which we must refine through the powers of the mind in order to meet the demands of stressful situations.

As I’ve written before, sometimes the way out is up.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Don’t forget to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Leo, August 9

© Eyewave/

The New Moon in Leo on August 9 (August 10 in the Eastern Hemisphere) is unusually rich with symbolism for making creative changes in our lives.

It falls on Monday, the beginning of a new week, named in honor of the Moon. It’s in a lovely trine to Ceres, a symbol of the cyclical nature of life. And its relationship to the cardinal T-square – or, more precisely, its lack of relationship – suggests that we can get out of an endless feedback loop and into an entirely different way of being and doing.

The Sun, symbol of the heart and who we are at the core, is in his own sign of Leo, where he shines the brightest. The Moon in conjunction with the Sun reflects your heart back at you, allowing you to see your unique gift to the world and to appreciate your creative mind. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person, you create through your mind. This is an awesome, wonderful thing – the best trait of the human species. The true heart of the lion is not selfish and greedy, but radiates love and abundance for the well-being of everyone around him.

The T-square, meanwhile, is raging around us full force, with Jupiter and Uranus in tight opposition to Saturn, Mars, and Venus, all square Pluto in Capricorn. We’re facing the same old challenges, spinning our wheels and feeling exhausted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This New Moon offers us an opportunity to set all of that aside and focus on something else. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to go play and leave all your cares behind for a few hours. Or you’ll suddenly hear the joy and laughter of children, and it will bring you to that place, if only for a moment. If you have a creative outlet, put your whole heart into it and be amazed.

If there is any relationship at all between the T-square and the New Moon, it can be found in the space opposite the Pluto at the apex. That space is in Cancer, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Why not let something new into that space? What we focus on is what we attract. So, however temporarily, allow yourself to focus on something entirely different at this New Moon. Then watch to see what pings back.

The trine from the Sun and Moon to Ceres in Sagittarius suggests renewal through seeing the bigger picture. Although each of us is a complete individual with unique talents and gifts, we are conduits for the “mind of God.”

If relationships are your hardest challenge, you’ll have some additional support from Venus and Saturn, who are the strongest players in the T-square right now. Mars is in his detriment in Libra, and all of the outer planets except Saturn are retrograde. Saturn is not only direct but exalted in Libra, and Venus is in her own sign and also “receiving” from Saturn. This tells me that romantic commitment is possible, as is redressing imbalances in relationships.

Mercury, meanwhile, is in his own sign of Virgo, although as many of you know, I’m a proponent of making Ceres the modern ruler (or at least a co-ruler) of Virgo. He’s slowing down, in preparation to turn retrograde on August 20, and the only aspect he makes in the New Moon chart is a wide square to Ceres. I’d say this is a reminder to pay attention to details but not to get lost in them. Otherwise, you risk missing out on all the fun.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 17°24′ Leo is a teacher of chemistry, with the keyword INSTRUCTION. One of the objectives of astrology is to help us use the invisible energies of the cosmos to our benefit, but first we must understand how they work. We’re learning now, as we watch events unfold from one of the most dramatic astrological configurations of a lifetime.

As a good friend of mine is so fond of saying, “It’s all a learning experience.”

Wishing you all the courage of the lion,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. This is definitely the time to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 11

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, Greece, silhouetted against the annular eclipse on Jan. 14, 2010. Photo credit: Elias Chasiotis.

The New Moon on July 11 occurs with a total eclipse of the Sun, making it a powerful indicator of new beginnings.

At 19 degrees Cancer, the eclipse is too far from the early degrees of the cardinal signs to make contact with planets in the cardinal T-square. Nevertheless, it feeds into the T-square in a very significant way. The New Moon generally is a time for starting over, and this is all the more so when the Sun and Moon are in cardinal signs, which favor action. Further, eclipses in and of themselves tend to bring sweeping change.

Throw that all together in one pot, and we’re in for a collective reboot.

It’s hard to make predictions when there are so many variables in this astrological equation. Nevertheless, I do want you to be aware of the potential of the upcoming T-square and of this eclipse period as markers for dramatic developments. In the past, influences such as these have coincided with major earth events, along with landmark geopolitical, social, and economic upheaval.

Now, it’s quite possible that we’ve already had our eclipse-related earthquake. On February 27, there was a magnitude 8.8 mega-quake in Chile. It is well known among astrologers that eclipses can have an influence several months in advance, and yet when analyzing astrological charts, we typically look at present or recently past alignments and forget to look into the future.

There are a couple of startling factors in the chart for the Chile quake that link it to the July 11 solar eclipse. The Ascendant in the earthquake chart is 19°17′ degrees Capricorn, with the lunar North Node in tight conjunction at 20 degrees Cap (the transiting nodes determine when eclipses occur). The July 11 eclipse takes place directly opposite that degree, at 19°24 Cancer. It’s also interesting to note that the earthquake chart ruler, Saturn, is tightly conjunct the Midheaven at 3° Libra. The early degrees of the cardinal signs are where the T-square will peak in late July and early August.

The eclipse will pass directly over the southern tip of Chile. Historically, there are correlations between the path of powerful eclipses and subsequent events. The difference here is that the earthquake happened several months before this eclipse. Why not? Time isn’t linear, and eclipses often open windows “out of time.”

I hope this means we can relax a little, although we do have some serious predictions by government scientists of an above-average hurricane season and a peak in solar storms between now and 2012. We also still have a gaping hole in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico spewing thousands of barrels of oil a day. OK, so maybe this isn’t doomsday, but it’s plenty dire enough. Are we so accustomed to seeing the world blown up in Hollywood films that anything less barely gets a yawn?

I’ll have more in my weekly forecast tomorrow about planetary aspects in the eclipse chart that will be active during the rest of the week as well. I’ll also report on similarities between this year’s cardinal T-square and the planetary alignment of 1989. For the rest of this post, I’d like to focus on the two direct aspects to the eclipse.

The closest aspect is a sextile from the Sun and Moon to Mars at 19 degrees Virgo. We usually view trines and sextiles as favorable and would conclude that positive outcomes are likely. The only trouble with this interpretation is that “positive” and “negative” are human constructs. What’s good for us may not be good for the rest of the planet. Moreover, trines and sextiles can represent the path of release for pent-up cosmic energies. Fortunately, Virgo is not a warlike placement for aggressive Mars, and we should be able to find more productive outlets for our frustration. Indeed, this could represent a concerted effort to come up with real, practical solutions to some of our more pressing problems.

The second close aspect is a conjunction with Juno, an asteroid I haven’t written much about.

In Roman times, Juno was venerated as the wife of Jupiter and, therefore, queen of the gods. She held a special place in the hearts of the Roman people, who believed the goddess warned them of an impending raid by the Gauls in 390 B.C. Thus she was called “Juno Moneta,” one who warns or protects. Because Juno was associated with money, her nickname ended up as our modern word for cash.

When I saw the conjunction of asteroid Juno with the Sun and Moon in this eclipse chart, I immediately wondered whether we were being warned of an impending event. Could it be financially related? Something to do with our money supply? A communications glitch that shuts down our ATM system, or something like that? Speculating is useless, of course, but emergency planning is smart. Living on an island in an earthquake zone, I’m always conscious of having some basic necessities stashed away. Instead of fretting about what might be, channel that energy into practical steps to increase your security.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 19°24′ Cancer is gondoliers in a serenade, with the keyword SENTIMENT. Happiness has little to do with money or things and everything to do with the fulfillment we get by contributing our unique gifts to the world and cooperating with each other for the betterment of the planet and everyone on it. When we do so, it’s like an elegant, complex symphony. When we don’t, the discord vibrates into every corner of our existence.

We are all connected.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

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New Moon in Gemini, June 12

© Meg380, Dreamstime

The New Moon in Gemini on June 12 is all about communications, ideas, and bigger bandwidth.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, intellectual exchange, and business negotiations. Not only does Mercury rule this New Moon, but all of the other planets send their energy to the Messenger. That’s a lot of concentrated focus! So if you’ve got something to talk about, an idea to pitch to the boss (including your request for a raise or promotion), or a contract to sign, this is the time to do it!

We may start seeing developments related to this New Moon as early as Thursday, when Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini. He has been in Taurus since early April, favoring slow, deliberate thinking. Enough of that! It’s time to get those neurons firing and brainstorm new solutions to old problems. In Gemini, Mercury’s first order of business will be to contact Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and give them some ideas for speedy action.

A few hours after Mercury enters Gemini, the Moon follows, creating the setup for the conjunction with the Sun, exact at 7:15 a.m. EDT on Saturday. Whereas Mercury’s aspects to other planets provoke thought and discussion, the Moon puts feeling behind those thoughts.

Unfortunately, both the Moon and Mercury square Mars on Thursday and Friday. Mars in Virgo looks at everything with a critical eye. If honest feedback upsets you, you might want to stay out of the line of fire for a few days. Likewise, if you’re too attached to your ideas, you can assume that the other guy is, too, and one or both of you could end up bruised if you get into a debate.

If you can accept some criticism, though, you’ll be in good stead to start a new venture at the New Moon. Nothing says you have to take all of it to heart. You just have to listen and make an honest attempt to determine whether it has any merit. If it does, take the time to modify your plans accordingly.

Uranus and Jupiter in Aries may have you chomping at the bit to get moving, but an opposition from Saturn wags a finger in your face and tells you to cover all your bases, unless you’ve got so much time and money that you can afford to throw a big chunk of it down the drain.

In any case, we can expect new initiatives to come into our lives in rapid-fire succession, and we may need to burn the candle at both ends for a few days to get everything done. A Mars-Pluto trine supports personal and global transformation. At the very least, we can recognize what needs to change and come up with a viable plan.

As I mentioned in my weekly forecast, we may read about new solutions for some of the sticky problems in the news lately, most notably the gulf oil spew (I didn’t coin that phrase, but I think it describes the situation much better than “spill”). These developments may cause a flurry of excitement, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if the results are just temporary. There are more big changes ahead, and every time you change one element of a situation, something else gets thrown out of balance and needs readjustment.

The New Moon is at a wide trine to Neptune in Aquarius and Chiron in Pisces, both of which went retrograde last week. Healing comes out of the recognition that we’re all connected. Even a seemingly trivial act such as throwing away a plastic bag instead of recycling or reusing it has consequences when millions of other people are doing the same thing.

Venus, nearing the end of her tour through family oriented Cancer, is sextile Saturn, reminding us that committed relationships are hard work and come with duties and responsibilities. It’s also a good idea to take stock of our finances and set some limits. When Venus enters Leo on June 14 and trines Uranus and Jupiter, we may be tempted to run wild, overindulge, and gamble. Knowing your limits will help you decide how much risk you can afford to take, whether it’s with your money, relationships, or something else you hold dear.

Pluto remains in a tight T-square with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Technically, it’s not a cardinal T-square yet, because Saturn is in mutable Virgo until July 21. We’ve never been through anything like this in our lifetime or, for that matter, in recorded history. So we don’t know exactly how this is all going to play out. However, I suspect that Saturn in earth-sign Virgo may be acting as an anchor, preventing volatile situations from exploding completely out of control. That could change in another month.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 21°24′ Gemini is a barn dance, with the keyword GREGARIOUSNESS. As the environmental consequences of mindless overconsumption force us to make tough choices, it’s a good time to remember that happiness doesn’t depend on a 4G cell phone. Ultimately, our fulfillment comes not through the quantity of our communications, but through the quality of our interactions with others . We’ve gotten ourselves into a big mess, and the only way out is through organization, cooperation, and sharing. If we step on each other’s toes from time to time, it’s part of the process.

The next lunation will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto. I’ll be writing lots more on this as the date approaches.

Until then, wish you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.