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Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness, Part II

Stars being born in the Orion Nebula. Composite of images from the Hubble Space Telescope, by C.R. O’Dell of Rice University and NASA/ESA.

The Soul Journey through Aquarius mirrors the unfoldment of human consciousness at this current point of our evolution as we enter the Aquarian Age. Over a period of time, roughly spanning the next 140 years, the whole of humanity will undergo a rite of passage akin to the Soul’s journey through Aquarius. As we shift from unconscious reacting to our external environment (impulsiveness in Aries), we pass through self awareness (in Leo) and eventually become conscious co-creators of our reality, powerful masters of our own energy flow in Aquarius.

How many of us are consciously able to choose a specific emotional energy wavelength – for example, love or appreciation – and then consciously flow that energy for a prolonged period of time without any interruption or distraction? The ability to become a continuous outpouring of love and life without interruption from our “monkey mind” is the hallmark of the fully integrated Aquarian Soul.

There are some key distinctions which will help us to understand the progression from the lower Aquarian vibration to the higher Aquarian octaves. As we collectively journey through the Age of Aquarius, these shifts in consciousness are some of the signposts we may see along the way:

Indifference to Compassion

The urge to be of service to the group can lead the Aquarian personality to adopt an aloof air of indifference, for fear of being subsumed by the needs of others. This indifference becomes transformed into detached compassion and true equanimity in the fully integrated Aquarian Soul as deep empathy and the importance of each individual within the group is recognized.

From Powerlessness to Empowerment

In spite of an urge to serve, the Aquarian personality often feels powerless in the face of all the problems in the world and can often be found in political activist groups, protesting the perceived enemy. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul has built up powerful spiritual energies over many lifetimes, which radiate from him like the Sun, transforming all around him. He combines this with a capacity to direct the flow of this energy wherever it is needed. He knows it is not what he says or does that matters as much as his presence and how he is flowing his energy. This is Christ Consciousness.

From “Us and Them” to We (there is no separation)

The Aquarian personality has a tendency to divide and separate. There is still polarity and a tendency to view the world in categories: this type of thing and/or that type of person, supporting one group over another, or taking sides with one group against another. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul has realized true equanimity – that there is only one humanity, there is no separation, we are all connected, have equal needs, and we all matter. There is no Aquarius versus Leo; it is all one energy, on a continuum.

From Emotional Coolness to Emotional Intelligence
Because of his preoccupation with mental processing, the Aquarian personality can sometimes be emotionally immature, and often presents as a scientist or boffin who is intellectually brilliant yet emotionally insecure, detached and socially inept. In contrast, the fully integrated Aquarian Soul is highly spiritually and emotionally intelligent, utilizing all his senses including empathy, warmth, self-awareness and intuition to discern where and how he may next be of selfless service.

Aquarius is depicted as a man holding an inverted vase.
The man inverts the vase and out of it come two streams of water,
the river of life and the river of love,
and those two words, life and love,
are the two words that embody the technique of the Aquarian age;
not form, not mind, but life and love.

-Alice Bailey1

The fully integrated Aquarian Soul is the World Server: an individual expression of Christ Consciousness in service, pouring forth the dual waters of love and life for thirsty humanity.”2 But before he can reach such spiritual heights, the Aquarian personality has a long way to go, and his journey takes him within, where he discovers the unpredictable terrain of his own heart by accessing the energy of his polar opposite, Leo.

This is a tricky path. Another ego trap for the Aquarian personality (and there are many!) is in believing he is already “there,” already enlightened. Because he quickly grasps concepts mentally, he believes there is nothing more for him to do in terms of his own spiritual journey. He may make the common mistake of thinking he has “got it,” when in fact he has yet to realize the concept within his own experience and integrate it into his physical being.

The powerful energies of love and life that flow through the fully integrated Aquarian Soul have accumulated over many lifetimes spent transforming fear and negative thought patterns, while cultivating life-force energy, unconditional love and compassion. The Buddha used the analogy of untying knots to explain our spiritual process. As we re-trace our steps on our inner journey home, we undo all the knots of our own pain and suffering. This experiential learning is first grasped mentally, synthesized emotionally, then fully integrated physically. We cannot skip over it or bypass this pathway.

Aquarius can’t leap to the end result without having walked the path in Capricorn (although he may want to!). It is interesting that Saturn, the task master and Lord of Karma, is the personality ruler of Capricorn and also the old ruler of Aquarius. No Zodiac sign stands in isolation, and it is important for Aquarius more than any to remember this important point. Each sign unfolds one into the other, and Aquarius needs to remember the important lessons learned in Capricorn if he is to fully flower into Christ Consciousness.

Only by going deep within will Aquarius discover powerful energies within himself, that he has the power to bring under his conscious control:

[In Aquarius] Hercules had to aid in the cleansing of the world by the right direction of the forces of life through it. You appreciate that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it, will have completely died out at the close
and when the whole life will be interpreted in terms of energies.
We are dealing entirely with forces…
You are dealing with energies and you are mis- using energies.
Watch yourself and begin to work in the world of forces within yourself.”

– Alice Bailey1

There are deeper mysteries hidden in Aquarius that we cannot yet begin to comprehend. Many of these will be revealed to us as we progress through the Age of Aquarius, expanding our perception and inner awareness. In the Labors of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, Hercules’ eleventh labor is a metaphor for the Soul’s journey through Aquarius.1 After completing his task successfully, not only was his work not recognised, but the King accused Hercules of trickery and refused to pay him! This is an important key to understanding the heightened stage of consciousness and advanced skill that is demonstrated by the Aquarian Soul.

At this level the flow of love and life continues as a steady stream, not for personal reward, payment or recognition (these are concerns of the ego, which would be a distraction from our Soul work). If the flow of love and life was dependent upon praise, which then never came, these vital energies would wane. This is an important point.

This point is illustrated in the story of a Tibetan monk who was imprisoned and tortured for many years by Chinese Soldiers.2. When asked if he was ever afraid, his reply was yes: he was afraid he would lose compassion. He knew that his ability to continue flowing benevolent energy was what mattered most, irrespective of the attitude and behavior of those around him and the external circumstances. It is the same point that Jesus Christ was making when he taught about “turning the other cheek.”

The Sun continues to shine whether we remember to appreciate it or not. The Aquarian Soul is here to be of service to humanity for no other reason but that (in the words of his Leo counterpart) “the show must go on!” If you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Aquarius, you are here to consciously flow your energy into the world in ways that make a positive difference.

You matter, Aquarius. Your energy is truly vital for the good of the whole, but you will never realize this by self-denial and using group activism as an excuse to avoid your inner path. Your own ego is a vital foundation for the flowering of your Soul. Adopt the courage of your opposite number, Leo. Look your own ego squarely in the eye, complete with all your deepest fears, failings, needs, and vulnerabilities, and be prepared to walk your inner path to the very end. This way you will discover your true magnificence: your inner light that is brighter than any Sun, and the beautiful energies of love and life may flow through you continuously without end, for the good of the whole.




1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
2. Garchen Rinpoche tells his story in the movie The Yogis of Tibet.

Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness, Part I

Stars being born in the Orion Nebula. Composite of images from the Hubble Space Telescope, by C.R. O'Dell of Rice University and NASA/ESA.

The sign of Aquarius is associated with humanitarianism, science, individuality, uniqueness, technology, the future, and groups. Gather a group of Aquarians together and the one thing that they will all have in common is their desire to be unique — to be different from each other and from everyone else.

Yet, somewhat ironically, the highest octave of Aquarius is group consciousness, and the highest purpose of the integrated Aquarian Soul is that of World Server. The secret to the future of humanity lies hidden deep within the mysteries of Aquarius, but before he can unlock them, Aquarius has to access the heart-centered energy of his opposite sign, Leo. Welcome to the mysterious and complex sign of the water carrier.

Aquarius is often commonly mistaken for a water sign because of its symbolism of the water carrier; the key here is in the word “carrier.” The key to the deeper secrets of Aquarius lies in his ability to be a vessel – a vehicle for the “dual waters” of Love and Life. Does this mean every Aquarian we meet continuously flows love and life? Not quite yet. It is Aquarius’s job to channel these vital life force energies for the good of the whole, to dedicate personal energy for the benefit of the collective. But, before he can do this, he must have a storehouse of spiritual energy and must become a Master at flowing it.

The single flame must light the other forty-nine1

We have tamed the mind in Sagittarius, then cultivated and focused our Soul-Light in Capricorn. As we continue our Soul’s Journey around the Zodiac, the mature Soul is ready to flow a steady stream of love and life in Aquarius. With the possible exception of Pisces, the Aquarian individual just might have the biggest challenge of all. It is as though the further we travel in our Soul Journey around the Zodiac, the bigger the gap between personality and Soul. To cross this great divide, Aquarius needs to have the courage of his opposite sign, Leo, to navigate the unfamiliar and unpredictable terrain of the human heart.

Air signs are all about mastery of the mind, and fixed energy is all about stability. So, as the fixed air sign, Aquarius brings structure and stability not only to our mental processes, but to the whole experience of our heart-mind. Only in the West do we think of heart and mind as separate — as if our mental processes were something distinct and separate from our heart and feelings. The true path of Aquarius depends upon fusion and stability in the use of heart-mind energy. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul knows that the way to flow the energy of love and life is through skilful use of the mind; that mental energy is not meant to be wasted as we currently do in petty conflicts or the pursuit of mental games to amuse the ego, but that our mind is meant to be a focused vehicle for the influx of spiritual energy.

Once mutable air sign Gemini dissolves old, outmoded heart-mind patterns that are no longer working, cardinal air sign Libra restores right relationship between thought and feeling, thus bringing coherent harmony. Then it is the job of fixed air sign Aquarius to stabilize heart-mind patterns, building etheric structures and neural pathways for the transmission of vital energies as we enter the “New Age” of Aquarius.

These are indeed challenging energies to master, and it is why Aquarius has the often unfair reputation of being aloof, emotionally cool, detached and distant, for the first thing the Aquarian personality has to master is the use of mental energy. With his brilliant and innovative laser-like mind combined with the mental dexterity of a brain surgeon, Aquarius has a tendency to divide and separate.

The ability to label all incoming information and place it into categories earns Aquarius the distinction of scientist, and many distinguished medical doctors are born under this sign, because it allows them to marry their humanitarian ideals with a love of science. Unfortunately, it can also make our Aquarian friend the ultimate materialist, reducing the value of everything to that which can be seen, observed, studied, researched, dissected, … and labelled!

One of the ego traps for Aquarius lies in believing his own labels. Such divisions may help us when communicating and learning, but we would be wise to remember they have no basis in reality. Nature has only one season: the eternal NOW. It is the human mind that divides it into spring, summer, autumn and winter, purely for descriptive purposes. Our Aquarian friends would be wise to remember this point.

The urge towards humanitarianism and the tendency to have their attention on group activities can also lead the Aquarian personality to miss the point of their own existence altogether: their own inner journey. The Aquarian personality can fall into the trap of busybody – telling others how they “should” be living their lives, keeping themselves focused on the group agenda, while overruling the needs of the individual and conveniently neglecting to attend to their own backyard, in terms of their personal and spiritual development. Before he can ignite others, Aquarius must first ensure his own flame is burning brightly.

Although Aquarius has a great love of and respect for individuality it is actually in his opposite sign of Leo that he finds the gift of “opportunity through individuality” and finally manages to experience this for himself.1 The Aquarian personality, in his desire to please and remain loyal to his group, may actually keep himself stuck in group conformity. He will access the highest octave of Aquarius (and thus master the powerful spiritual energies that he is here to channel) only when he allows himself to follow his heart, stand alone, and find his true individuality.

The undeveloped Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo and becomes a deep seated self-consciousness and a profound interest in self and its need and wishes. As the interplay goes on between Leo and Aquarius (for they are polar opposites) there comes a deepening of all qualities and the superficialities disappear until – upon the reversed wheel – the intensive self-consciousness of Leo expands into the group awareness of Aquarius.
The individual becomes the universal.

The group consciousness that is the highest octave of Aquarius is difficult to comprehend from our current level of consciousness. It is not misplaced loyalty to one’s own group or tribe, nor is it being swept along in mob consciousness. Rather, it is a higher perception that comes from inner connection to one’s own Higher Mind.

It is a true realization, firmly rooted in personal experience, that humanity is one being. This dual awareness of one’s own individuality, while at the same time being attuned to the larger group awareness of humanity, is the highest octave of Aquarius. The humanitarianism of Aquarius refers to a higher state of awareness not as an idealized philosophy but as a realization of spiritual truth rooted in personal experience.

Esoteric Astrology concerns itself primarily with the unfoldment of consciousness2
– Alice Bailey

At this level, specific attributes of Higher Mind begin to unfold: clairvoyance, clairaudience, omniscience and telepathy. It is a higher vibration, a higher frequency, than we can currently comprehend from this stage of our evolution. In Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey outlines six stages of consciousness:

Aries: subjective latent consciousness
Gemini: the consciousness of duality
Cancer: mass consciousness
Leo: individual self-consciousness
Libra: equilibrised consciousness, and
Aquarius: group consciousness

When we see mass riots and mob consciousness, that is clearly the influence of mass consciousness in Cancer. There is a clear distinction between this and the group consciousness that we are talking about in Aquarius. There is still an “us and them” mentality in Cancer, whereas in Aquarius, all polarity has resolved, leaving only “us” as one humanity. The individual has broken away from the herd in Leo, cultivated equanimity for all living things in Libra, and (as a fully realized individual) becomes aware of his group mind in Aquarius. The fully integrated Aquarian Soul is no longer personality-driven, yet still has an individual spiritual identity that has integrated Christ Consciousness and is ready to be of service. The personality is now in full service to the Soul.




1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
2. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Leo-Aquarius: Power, Purpose and the Path of Self-Realization, Part II

© Liudmila Gridina for Dreamstime.com

There is a Real Self and a false self, and it is Leo’s job to discover which is which. The false self is the ego. It is a social construction formed by the various masks we wear, whereas the Real Self is our true spiritual nature, which can only be experienced and not spoken about. Once we have discovered the reality of our authentic Self for ourselves, our power and purpose becomes clear.

… like a sudden clash of thunder. Suddenly you are together, suddenly you have a direction, suddenly you know where your gold is. ~ OSHO

Ironically, to arrive at this realization of authentic Self, Leo needs the group awareness of his polar opposite, Aquarius. The humanitarian group consciousness of Aquarius recognizes the whole of humanity as a single living entity, a connectedness that is comprised of unique fully-realized individuals.

This higher realization of group awareness is very distinct from the tribalism of lower mass-consciousness, which is divisive in its attempt to separate humanity into tribes and nations. Tribalism is where the personality-centered Leo gets caught; in playing the role of the chief or the pauper, he is still adhering to a manmade view that has been imposed upon the existing reality and on him. It is “false.” His struggle is in trying to make that work.

The realization that the Human Spirit really is “as one” ignites the Leo Soul with a renewed sense of power and purpose. The inner fire burns brightly. You rise above the limited view of societal expectations and recognize your inner truth as a unique individual with an important role to play. The higher purpose of Leo is the expression of Divine Will, rather than egoic will.

[quote cite=”Martha Graham”]There is a reality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.[/quote]

Whereas the personality-focused Leo erroneously thinks they are important because of what they do (and/or how the society rewards that), the fully Soul-integrated Leo knows their true value lies in who they are, their Being. It is your Heart-Light that is really important.

According to Alice Bailey,1 the Soul “does battle” in two signs, Leo and Scorpio. The first battle in Leo is the battle to individuate. After the Soul’s journey through mass consciousness in Cancer, Leo asks, “What about Me?” The sense of “Me” as an individual arises, and it is time to battle for one’s individuality.

To win this battle, the Lion must walk alone, free from the masses. This is a necessary step in the evolution of human consciousness, for it allows us to break free from the herd to rise above the delusions of tribal and mob consciousness. Only through your unique inner journey can you realize the true importance of your Self.

This doesn’t mean leaving the group, for how is it possible to leave something you are inherently part of? It means not allowing your sense of Self to be defined by society, but rather acknowledging the sovereignty of your inner Self and Divine Law. In the highest group awareness of Aquarius, Leo is able to blossom in his unique creative expression. From there he recognizes the true meaning of individual, as one Being indivisible from the whole.

[quote cite=”William Shakespeare”]All the World’s a stage, and all the Men and Women merely players.[/quote]

This whole world really is a stage for the unfoldment of Divine Purpose. With this realization, you bring the magnificence of your essence into any role you choose, for the benefit of all humanity. The spiritual path of Leo rises above identification with the lower self, so your life becomes a creative expression of Divine Will.

This is “right use” of ego: freely and consciously participating in roles for the expression of Divine Will and Purpose. You know your Self to be an expression of Love in action, and you are not identified with the action. Dropping all that is false and keeping your attention on that which is real, you fulfill your role with Divine Grace and Purpose.

Pinocchio was a real boy after all, because he had Love, and that is real. The enlightened Leo shows us that we are all so much more important than the roles we play, yet play them we do . . . for the show must go on, for the good of the whole. As long as we realize they are only roles, we can fulfill our purpose here on Earth with all the grace, dignity and courage of a Lion.

Will you continue to be a puppet who dances to another’s tune? Or will you set off on your own search for a star … and discover that star is really you?




1. The Twelve Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice Bailey.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Leo-Aquarius: Power, Purpose and the Path of Self-Realization, Part I

Back when Ruth began her Soul Astrology series on RealAstrologers, she started with Aquarius and its opposite sign, Leo. With this installment, she looks at the same sign pair, but from Leo’s perspective. ~ Pat

© Liudmila Gridina for Dreamstime.com

Hi diddly-dee, an actors life for me …

Thus sang Honest John, the Fox and his accomplice, the Cat, in Disney’s movie as Pinocchio sets off on his epic journey to become a real boy. As the Soul continues its journey through the twelve zodiac signs, the story of Pinocchio is symbolic of the Soul’s experience in Leo and the higher purpose of Leo: the search for the Real Self.

The sign of Leo is associated with acting, drama, theater, creativity, children, warmth, humor, the heart, generosity, play, parties, entertainment, performing, kings, queens, royalty, nobility and … ego. Leo is commonly associated with ego more than any other sign of the zodiac, and that is understandable, given the circumstances of Leo’s journey. Understanding ego is key to understanding the deeper spiritual significance of Leo.

Fire signs are about Mastery of Action, and fixed signs are all about stability, so we look to Leo, the fixed fire sign, to bring stability in action. Your Leo friend is nothing if not reliable; integrity and loyalty are among their highest values. If a Leo has got your back, you know you’re covered. Welcome to the noble and regal sign of Leo.

The brightest star in the constellation of Leo is Regulus,1 known to the ancients as the ruler, regulator or lawgiver, and the Heart of the Lion. The Leo Soul understands the deepest mysteries of the human heart, the significance of Universal Law, the important role that humanity plays as a “pacemaker” in the heart of our Solar System and, more importantly, that Divine Law is very different from manmade law. The fully-integrated Leo rules through heart-centered leadership and their ability to be a regulator of Divine Law: right expression of Divine Will and Purpose.

Does that mean that every Leo we meet nobly speaks in accord with Divine Law? Alas, no! Before Leo becomes truly regal, we must meet and transcend the actor – the Leo personality.

[headline h=”4″]Understanding Ego[/headline]

Deepak Chopra once described ego as “the mask we wear to meet the outside world.” Our ego is not who we really are, but an illusion created by our personality and character traits. It is a composite of all the learned behaviors, mannerisms, skills, customs, beliefs and values that we have accumulated in this and countless past lives.

The term “socialization” refers to the process by which we learn the values, norms and beliefs of the group or society to which we belong. It is a process of conditioning, and we internalize it to such a degree that we “become” it. Unwittingly, we get lost behind the masks we wear and in the roles we play, truly believing that is who we are. In this way our manmade society defines us, and we become typecast – a theatrical term for being identified with and lost in the role you are playing. As a result of this process, we each have an idea about who we are. This idea of our self is our ego.

[headline h=”4″]Noblesse Oblige[/headline]

Noblesse oblige is a French term originally used to describe the obligations of nobility. Figuratively speaking, this is the concept that one must act in a fashion that conforms to one’s position, and with the reputation that one has earned.” 2

In other words, now that society has given us an idea of who we are, there are obligations and duties that come as part of the role. Therein lies the ego-trap of Leo. Leo tends to become identified with the action: believing you are what you do. He becomes so lost in the many masks he has to wear, each with their own particular set of duties and responsibilities, that he loses sight of his true Self. A king is not free to do as he pleases; he is imprisoned in his role, bound by obligation and duty. This Lion is in a cage.

A very strong sense of duty, obligation and loyalty can imprison Leo in a pattern of continuously meeting manmade obligations that distract him from seeking out and discovering the inner truth of his Being. Unlike Pinocchio, many worldly Leos become so lost in the unending obligations of their roles that life passes them by until there is no time left for them to go on their own Great Adventure: the inner journey to their Real Self.

[headline h=”4″]Who Am I, Really?[/headline]

Whether your role is manager, CEO, unemployed, driver, fire officer, coach, pilot, teacher, actor, soldier, mother, father, friend, gang member, brother, sister, husband, wife, writer, editor, son, daughter, prisoner, homeless, junkie, dealer, addict, doctor, nurse, etc., sooner or later you will lose it – because roles are never permanent. They are not who you are.

Losing your role or position in society can bring a feeling of being insignificant, a sense that you have lost your “self” and don’t know who you are anymore. This existential neurosis, in which you question yourself and the purpose of your existence, is your wake-up call to set off like Pinocchio to search for that which is real within you. To discover who you really are when you are not in a role, you need the group consciousness of your opposite sign, Aquarius.

In Part Two, we see how Leo’s opposite sign Aquarius has the key to the cage – setting the Lion free by leading Leo to his inner truth, power and significance.




1. An interesting article on Regulus, the “Lawgiver,” can be found at this link on SouledOut.org.

2. Dictionnaire de l’Académie française, quoted on Wikipedia .

Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Saturday Extra! Year of the Tiger

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Lanterns are the traditional decorations for the Chinese New Year. Also called the Spring Festival, the celebration goes on for two weeks and is marked by special foods, much as we celebrate the winter holidays. Photo by Alexander F. Yuan for The Associated Press.

With all the activity in the sky lately, I totally forgot about the Chinese New Year, which always begins at the New Moon in Aquarius.

As you probably know, this is the Year of the Tiger. In Chinese astrology, there are twelve signs, all animals. Each lunar year has an animal associated with it, along with one of five traditional Chinese elements. This year, the element is Metal.

What you may not know is that each of the Chinese animal signs has a counterpart in Western astrology. The Tiger is associated with Aquarius, and it’s no coincidence that traits associated with the Tiger mirror many of the characteristics of the Water Bearer. I’m not an expert in Chinese astrology. For the most part, I rely on Theodora Lau’s classic Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes. Here is what she says about the Metal Tiger:

He approaches his problems in a direct or even a radical way and is never in doubt about what he wants to accomplish. The problem is that he wants too much too soon. He tends to be overoptimistic about expected results.

When Metal is combined with his native lunar sign, it could produce a Tiger who is sudden, unorthodox and drastic in his actions. He is a person who is faithful only to himself and his desires, and doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes along the way. Easily stirred by both good and bad influences, this Tiger will tend to act independently, as he hates having to get permission for anything or having his freedom curtailed in any way.

The last time we had a year of the Metal Tiger was 1950. Among the events that year were the Korean War, construction of the hydrogen bomb, and the beginning of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts.

Tiger years traditionally are associated with social upheaval and sweeping change, events that Western astrologers associate with Uranus, the modern planetary ruler of Aquarius. Although Chinese astrologers don’t cast ingress charts as we do in the West, it’s interesting to note that the Year of the Tiger began with the New Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron. I fervently hope that the sweeping changes we experience this year have to do with healing and connecting with others to help bring about much-needed changes on the planet. Of course, this may not be easy or comfortable.

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Congratulations and be prosperous!)
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast February 8: New Moon in Aquarius, Venus Enters Pisces

Happy Valentine's Day

All of the ingredients for a romantic Valentine's Day. Photo by Pat Paquette.

It’s Valentine’s Day next Sunday, and what a show the cosmos has in store for us. This week could be positively transformational.

However, it’s clear that we’re going to have to work for it, and there will be challenges and tests. Romantic partnerships in particular will be affected, and if you’ve been waiting to move up to the next level or to heal deep-seated issues between you and your partner, this promises to be a memorable week for love.

The week begins with a romantic conjunction of Venus and Neptune. Astrologers usually describe this as the “rose-colored glasses” aspect, and there is some risk of idealizing your partner. Well, why not? We delude ourselves about so many things when it comes to our loved ones, what’s wrong with a brief fantasy of perfection? Still, the point here is to love your partner, human failings and all. I’ll come back to this in a minute.

On Wednesday, Mercury enters Aquarius, the sign of his exaltation. If you’ve felt like life is moving too fast, hang onto your seat, because it’s going to get even faster now. Inspiration and new ideas come streaming in at the speed of light.

Also on Wednesday, Mars forms an inconjunct with Jupiter, activating a Yod with Mars and Saturn at the base and Venus and Jupiter at the apex. This is an extremely rare formation and very interesting, because Mars and Saturn are the malefics — the bad guys in astrology — while Venus and Jupiter are considered the benefics. Moreover, both Mars and Saturn are retrograde, the only two planets currently in reverse.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is said to be the luckiest combination in astrology, and this is even more true in Pisces, as Venus is exalted in the sign of the Fishes, and Jupiter is its co-ruler. This is our call to higher love and opening our hearts to receive wealth and abundance. However, the Yod formation suggests a block of some kind, a “hump” to get over before all those good things flow to us.

Mars sextile Saturn is good for setting immediate ego gratification aside to accomplish difficult tasks. Since both planets are retrograde, we can’t expect to move mountains, but to make steady progress, a little at a time, until the job is done. It’s also likely that projects we undertake at this time have something to do with the past — clearing accumulated clutter, eliminating toxins from our bodies, and confronting tasks we’ve put off for months, if not years.

That sounds all well and good, but when we concentrate too much on work, what needs to be done, and “reality,” we shut the magic out of our lives. This isn’t intentional; indeed, I’d say it’s a negative side effect of modern industrialized societies. In order to go to work day after day and to live in crowded cities, we have to shut our sensitive, intuitive side down. After years of doing so, many people become desensitized, and it’s as though their minds have gone to sleep. Higher love can’t exist in such conditions.

There’s another inconjunct this week, between Mars in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a heavy handed combination that subjects the ego’s need for creative expression to oppressive authority. This suggests censorship to me and may be at the root of Google’s problem in China. The aspect peaks on Friday, and there will be a third and final round of it on April 10. Also on Friday, Mercury trines Saturn, a great aspect for finding a practical use for all those outlandish Aquarian ideas.

Mercury opposes Mars the following day, fueling arguments and creating breakdowns in communications. This seems like a small thing, but we need to be very careful with this one, given everything else that’s going on. Events this weekend could be overwhelming, and it won’t take much to get irritated with others. If you do get in an argument, hopefully it will be short-lived, as the New Moon is just a few hours later, and it holds much healing power.

At 25 degrees Aquarius, the New Moon will be tightly conjunct Neptune and Chiron. This is our cue to start anew by embracing our wounds. Earlier in the week, with Venus conjunct Neptune, we’re called upon to accept others, as they are. Now, we’re being called to accept and love ourselves. That’s more than just 80s Me-Decade psychobabble. Opening our hearts to love depends on it, and what better time is there to walk through the portal of love and healing than on Valentine’s Day?

Sunday’s aspect list is long, and I’ve covered most of it already. The one wildcard is Pluto. I just wrote of his inconjunct with Mars, but that means he’ll be sextile Venus and Jupiter, and that suggests an “out” of some kind. Maybe it’s about our true power as human beings, not just the illusion of power we get by sitting in the executive’s chair.

Wishing you nothing but true love,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 3: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Solar Eclipse in the Cook Island, see credit belowWell, this is my big week, with a lunar eclipse exactly on my Sun at 13 degrees Aquarius on Wednesday. Over the past year, I’ve been alternatively dreading and anticipating this moment, hoping that something would shift to bump me up a notch.

Anyone with the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant within five degrees of this eclipse is likely to experience sudden or sweeping changes. An eclipse on Venus or Mars will be noticeable, too.

Even if this eclipse doesn’t touch any of your personal planets or chart angles, a situation or relationship that has dominated your life in the past year and a half will come to closure or resolution now. That’s because this is the last eclipse in a series in Aquarius and Leo, which began in February 2008. Wherever Aquarius and Leo fall in your natal chart, that’s where you can expect to experience a final chapter. I wrote about this in a Saturday Extra! column on July 11. Also, for more information on this Full Moon eclipse, check out Neith’s excellent post (we skipped last week’s Q&A in order to get it to you as soon as possible).

Wednesday’s Full Moon may have an entirely different meaning for you, in that it brings to fullness the energy of the powerful solar eclipse on July 21 at 29 degrees Cancer. If you didn’t notice anything in particular then, you may feel the effects now. Admittedly, there’s so much going on in the sky that it’s hard to tell which celestial phenomena are associated with particular events in your life (notice that I didn’t write “caused”). If you’re confused and want to know more, I highly recommend a session with your favorite consulting astrologer.

Whether this lunar eclipse or the previous solar eclipse is the bigger influence for you, you may be feeling the effects already. In 1990, the last time we had eclipses at these degrees, I started feeling the lunar eclipse two months in advance, and those events reverberated into my life for a good year afterward. It should be noted, however, that the lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Aquarius in 1990 was not the last one in a series, so events continued to unfold as the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo progressed into 1991. Perhaps this eclipse will be the last chapter to more than one book, kind of like the gripping conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

So, enough about eclipses! There are other things happening this week, too, although they pale in comparison. On Monday, Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Virgo is one of Mercury’s two home signs, although it can make a nitpicker out of the Messenger. Fortunately, this easy trine aspect lends itself toward constructive criticism, and Pluto in Cap will get right on the job and fix whatever needs repair, whether it’s your garden fence or a ding in your self-esteem.

After being eclipsed by the Sun on Wednesday, the Moon spends Thursday carrying that energy to Neptune & Co., all of whom are retrograde I’ve written a lot about the healing potential of this triple conjunction. Since they’re all going back, we might expect a final chapter in a healing process than began sometime in the past 18 months. Or, you might have been working on issues from the distant past. Again, to understand how this energy is active in your life, look at which house in your natal chart Neptune is currently occupying.

On Friday, Mercury sextiles Venus. Once again, the nitpicking tendencies of Mercury in Virgo are softened by an easy aspect. Venus in Cancer is receptive, and so this combination is good for discussing potentially upsetting issues in a sensitive and caring way. Remember, you don’t need a sledgehammer when a simple tap will suffice. Moreover, the Moon in Pisces on Friday and Saturday make it easy to empathize with others. Being kind was never so easy, so take every opportunity to open your heart.

Much love and courage to all, see you on the other side.
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The “solar eclipse of the century,” July 21, 2009. Alan Dyer, who was on a cruise ship sailing in the Northern Cook Islands, captured this amazing image at the peak of the event. You can see more images by Alan and other eclipse chasers on SpaceWeather.com.

Weekly Forecast March 9: Full Moon in Virgo, Mars Enters Pisces

Photo by Carl de Souza for Agence France-Presse.

I found this photo some time ago in the news headlines and immediately thought, "Mars in Pisces!" I've been saving it, just for you. The man in this photo is walking by a poster in London's financial district — an optical illusion, specialty of Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Photo by Carl de Souza for Agence France-Presse.

Push comes to shove this week as the Full Moon activates the opposition between play-by-the-rules Saturn and freedom-at-all costs Uranus.

We begin the week with Mercury newly in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Aries. Whereas Mercury in Aquarius may have brought flashes of inspiration at lightning speed, Mercury in Pisces connects to the group subconscious and broadcasts information that may not make immediate sense to you. Alternatively, you may tap into a source of knowledge that is so vast that it’s too much to contemplate all at once. Pay attention to your dreams and visions, especially on Tuesday, when Mercury sextiles Pluto and opposes Ceres.

Retrograde Venus is turning up in various forms in my life and the lives of my friends. A check arrived for far less than expected, while a bill arrived for more than expected and earlier than anticipated. One friend got a disheartening letter of rejection but then received a glowing and totally unexpected acceptance letter from a different organization. Still, I think that in the weeks to come, the most noticeable effects will be on our close relationships. Please keep us posted on activities you think may be related to retrograde Venus. (Thanks to our readers who left comments on Neith’s Venus retrograde post on Wednesday.)

The Full Moon is on Tuesday, but if you’re like me, you’re already feeling it. The stage was set on Sunday, when the Sun opposed Saturn. Events will continue to unfold until Thursday, when the Sun conjoins Uranus. If you haven’t read Neith’s Full Moon report, check it out.

Those of us with strong Uranus in our charts bristle at the thought of restrictions and limits, which are the hallmarks of Saturn. We’d love to go off on our eccentric research marathons, investigating the secrets of the universe and searching for the thread that connects all the seemingly unrelated events in our lives.

However, at this Full Moon, we’re going to have to think of the collective good first. Most of us would love to be in circumstances that allow us truly to be ourselves and express our creativity to its fullest, but what we would like to contribute to the world may not be what the world wants or needs at this time. Moreover, Saturn in Virgo says we have to think about the bills that are piling up, the car that needs to be taken to the shop, and the project at work we’ve been putting off.

Work diligently, one step at a time, until your obligations are met. The fun will have to come later, but it will come.

Mars, the planet of action, is in Aquarius for this Full Moon, feeding the need for rebellion. However, he moves on into Pisces on Friday, which will help reduce the feeling of having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brakes. That said, Mars in Pisces has an icky side, as his ego nature is repressed. Direct confrontation isn’t always the right strategy, but avoiding it out of fear is rarely a solution.

Speaking of Mars, next week is the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Love and blessings to all …
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast February 16: Mars conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Pisces

Jupiter and Juno, by CarracciDoes anyone else feel like the past week contained several weeks compressed into one? Eclipses will do that. I’m still reeling from this latest pair.

Although the dust still hasn’t settled, it does feel like we’re getting a better idea of where events are headed. We still don’t know why or to what ultimate ends, and this could remain a mystery for some time to come. That said, we should get some clues this week, with Mercury back in Aquarius and out of the post-retrograde shadow as of Saturday. But I’m getting ahead of myself — typical Aquarius!

An energetic three-way aspect between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter begins on Monday, with a sextile from Venus in Aries to Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars and Jupiter conjoin on Tuesday, and then Venus forms an exact sextile to Mars on Wednesday. Rather than taking these aspects individually, I’m looking at them as a whole, and I’m going to stick my neck out here and throw the asteroid Juno into the picture, too.

Juno is one of the bodies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Many astrologers use the asteroids in individual chart readings, especially for women. The only one I routinely use is Ceres, who is no longer classified as an asteroid but is in the new category of dwarf planet, along with Pluto. I’m going to make an exception this week, though, because Juno is just a degree from Jupiter (the exact conjunction was last Wednesday, with the lunar North Node at the exact degree and minute as well), and she’ll be crossed by Mars this Friday.

It’s hard enough to make predictions anymore based on one aspect alone, but when you’ve got three or four planets involved, it gets even trickier. In order to make some guesses about how these energies might interact, I decided to go back to the mythology and examine the relationships between these two couples. You have to give the ancients credit for making up stories about gods and goddesses. In our ignorance, we say they were superstitious, but anthropomorphizing hidden energies and then creating stories to describe their interactions was a quite ingenious way of helping us understand how they play out in our lives.

In classical mythology, Mars was the son of Jupiter and Juno, and he had an adulterous affair with Venus. It’s interesting to note that in the Greek version, Ares was hated by his parents because of his blood-thirsty temperament, but his reputation in Roman mythology was much better, probably because the Romans expanded their vast empire through bloody conquest.

So we might imagine Jupiter and Mars as swaggering father and son, off to conquer a neighboring territory. Or maybe they’ve decided to have a little boys’ night out of drinking and philandering. They’re full of themselves and expect that they are invincible, women will swoon at the very sight of them, and they will get anything and anyone they want.

That, in a nutshell, describes the exuberance and exaggerated self-confidence of a Mars-Jupiter conjunction. If you are faced with a seemingly impossible task, this energy is just the extra boost you need. Depending on where this aspect is hitting your chart, it may give your self-confidence a much-needed lift, and that in turn could translate into achieving a goal. The potential downfall in this mix is hubris and a sense of entitlement.

That is where the ladies come in. I expect this testosterone-laden pair to be tempered by the close presence of Venus and Juno. After their little escapade, Mars is going to have to face his mother, and heaven forbid he should be implicated in any of dad’s shenanigans. If, on the other hand, their hunt or conquest was with their women in mind, mom will be mightily pleased. The moral of the story, then, is to contemplate your purpose as you sail on these strong and swift currents. There is no higher calling than love, be it love for a romantic partner, friend, or family member, or for generic love of one’s fellow humans (the collective, a keyword for Aquarius). Remember, too, that there is a difference between selfishness and enlightened self-interest.

After that big bang of Aquarius energy, the Sun enters Pisces on Wednesday, leading up to a new lunar cycle and interaction with Uranus and Saturn. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel more emotional or intuitive, maybe both. In the watery realm of Pisces, a lot of things don’t make sense on an intellectual level, and it’s better not to even try. That won’t prevent me from making up stories about our new cast of characters, though!

Speaking of which, newcomer Comet Lulin is still out there and about to make an appearance, probably next week. I’m working on that article, honest, and will post as soon as I can.

Much love to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. You might have noticed that my personal blog is down. It may be off-line for several weeks, but I’ll posting here regularly.

Image: Jupiter and Juno, by Annibale Carracci, part of a massive fresco in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, completed in 1608. Not surprisingly, images of his philandering were much easier to find than this rare depiction of him with his wife.

Weekly Forecast January 26: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury Direct

Photo by Aaron Favila for the APAs you know from reading last week’s forecast and Neith’s New Moon report, this week starts right out on a high-energy note, with an annular eclipse of the Sun in close conjunction with Jupiter.

If you’ve got key planets and chart points in early Aquarius, you’re going to feel this event in ways that are hard to imagine right now. Other fixed-sign planets in your chart will be activated as well. Two weeks from now, there will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. My experience is that the period between eclipses is always tumultuous. That is likely to be even more true right now, with Mercury coming out of retrograde mode between the solar and lunar eclipses.

For anyone who’s interested, I wrote a companion post on my personal blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about how I’m experiencing this weird, chaotic energy.
I’m an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising, so I’m being doubly smacked. Not all of you will be, and this is a great illustration of how planetary transits work. Each of us has an energy imprint that I liken to a radio frequency. When a transit is broadcasting to a certain frequency, those who are tuned in pick it up, and others don’t, or they pick it up faintly or just feel a bunch of static.

Just to liven things up a little more, retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars in Capricorn on Tuesday, increasing the risk of serious arguments. They may be due to misunderstandings, but it’s just as likely that they will emerge from unresolved issues. When we don’t confront problems head on, they pile up and eventually overwhelm us. Given Mercury’s retrograde motion, it’s not likely that reasoning is going to work too well. It may be best to just blow off steam, or let the other party do so, if necessary. Then wait a week or so, until Mercury returns direct, to see if you can find some common ground. By then, you may wonder what you were arguing about in the first place.

As always, remember my caveat: Otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things while Mercury is retrograde. It’s probably not anyone’s fault, so let it go this time, forgive, and move on.

Later on Tuesday, the Moon enters Pisces, where she’ll conjoin Uranus and oppose Saturn on Thursday. As the opposition between Saturn and Uranus creeps closer to exact, lunar transits may act as a trigger to set off events manifesting out of these energies. Just have your antennae up on Thursday and take note of any unusual situations.

Mercury goes direct on Sunday (Saturday night on the West Coast of the United States and points west). Typically, everything stops up while Mercury is stationed, so don’t expect to see any sudden effects. That will start happening next week as the Messenger gains speed. Have your seat belts fastened and hang on!

Much love and courage to all!
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: This incredible photo of the eclipse was taken at Manila, Philippines, by Aaron Favila for The Associated Press.