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Weekly Forecast February 2: Saturn-Uranus Opposition, Part II

Mountain Sounds by Ellen HillHappy Groundhog’s Day! The days are getting noticeably longer in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring is right around the corner.

The groundhog ritual dates back to pagan cultures, which rejoiced at the increasing light. The ancient Celts marked this day as Imbolc, one of the cross-quarter days halfway between the solstices and equinoxes. According to some scholars, the feast day was so named because the longer days triggered lactation in ewes, an important milestone in the year of an agrarian people. The Christian Church adopted the occasion as Candlemas. In modern-day France, a Catholic country with wonderfully pagan Celtic roots, they eat crèpes. Trust the French to find an excuse to eat. Works for me!

Many of you know that this is also my birthday. I’ve been hibernating due to a back injury, but today I’m going to go out and look for my shadow.

Speaking of shadow, Mercury returned direct on Sunday but will remain in the post-retrograde shadow period until February 21. Still, I anticipate a big week, as activities that have been stalled since mid-January begin moving again. Events may move in fits and starts, and there may be a lot of confusion. But there will be movement.

The Messenger was in Aquarius when he went into reverse on January 11 but moved back into Capricorn. This will temporarily favor maintaining the status quo or bowing to authorities, but not for long. Once he re-enters Aquarius on February 14 and even more so when he leaves the shadow phase, it’s going to be a brand new day. Those of you who have asked for news of a better job, take heart. Aquarius is the sign of individual freedom and creative bursts. Liberation is at hand.

Of course the biggest news this week is Thursday’s opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. This is the second peak in an unusually long, two-year transit that we’ve been feeling for several months already and that we’ll continue to grapple with until the middle of next year. It’s not likely that you will get slammed by an event out of the blue, since the energy of long-term transits such as this typically don’t release all at once. That’s the good news. The bad news is that many of us are in the middle of serious situations, and there could be developments this week that require our immediate attention and tough decisions.

Venus and Mars change signs this week, and both have special significance. On Monday, Venus enters Aries, where she’ll stay for nearly four months, as she’ll be retrograde from March 6 to April 17. I have to tell you that I’m not very optimistic about this passage. Venus is in her detriment in me-first Aries, and she can behave very badly when she’s retrograde. The Mayans were wary of retrograde Venus, which a Mayan enthusiast friend of mine calls “Venus with fangs.” It’s OK to be assertive in relationships, but do make an effort to be considerate of others. 

On Wednesday, Mars enters Aquarius, where he’ll join the Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune, all just in time for the lunar eclipse on February 9. There’s going to be a lot of rebelliousness in the air, and we can expect global hotspots of rebellion to get even more active. Mars is going to give a big boost to going against the grain, and Mars in Aquarius is ready to put up a fight for the exploited and oppressed.

Venus squares Pluto on Thursday, increasing the risk of sexual power struggles. Venus in Aries will not hesitate to use her sexuality as a weapon or as bait to get what she wants, while Pluto in Capricorn will overpower by any means, some of which can be ruthless. You don’t need to be an astrologer to predict the outcome of that scenario. Conscious awareness and knowing yourself are the best antidotes. Know what you want and need, and make no apologies. But leave it up to the other person to give in a way that feels right to him or her.

The Moon enters Leo late Saturday (Sunday in the Eastern Hemisphere), and we’ll be within the gravitational pull of Monday’s lunar eclipse. Eclipses are wildcards, and on top of that we’ve got a comet zinging around backwards that is about to conjoin Saturn just as it reaches its closest point to Earth. I’ll have more on Comet Lulin in a few days. Meanwhile, there is simply no way to predict what’s going to happen as a result of these erratic energies (which is why I chose this abstract painting by Ellen Hill to illustrate this week’s forecast. So much of what we’re experiencing these days defies rational analysis).

Much love and courage to all!
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Mountain Sounds, by Ellen Hill, whom many of you know as Tseka. To see more of Ellen’s phenomenal work, including her new line of talisman jewelry, visit her site, Tseka – One Dance.

Weekly Forecast November 17: Sun and Mercury enter Sagittarius

Thy Templed Hills, Maxfield ParrishWell, I certainly can tell that Mars is in Sagittarius! The traffic picked up this weekend, I burned a bunch of food, and people weren’t shy about expressing their anger.

Unlike Mars in Scorpio, which tends to seethe silently, Mars in Sagittarius tells you exactly what he thinks. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the god of extremes who throws a volcanic temper tantrum, gets it out of his system, orders a round for the entire house, and insists that everyone drink and be merry.

Mars rules motors and moving parts, while Sagittarius rules vehicles. Put that together, and you’ve got a lot of people on the go in planes, trains, and automobiles. But Sagittarius also is the hunter and lover of the great, wild outdoors (thus my image for this week). They seem incongruous, but then, as I mentioned above, this is a sign of extremes.

Sagittarius is definitely the theme this week, with Mars as the advance party for the Sun’s entry in the sign of the archer on Friday and Mercury’s arrival on Saturday. This is the start of the winter holiday season in much of the world, too, although I have to tell you that it sickens me to see all the Christmas displays in the stores so early. I know that’s their way of dealing with a sinking economy, but still…

On a day-by-day basis, here’s how the week stacks up:

On Monday, Mercury in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius. It may be time for a reality check, but don’t assume that means your bubble is burst. Sometimes we don’t give enough credence to our dreams, since society in general tends to discourage this. And while I’m a big proponent of staring truth directly in the face, I also know that there are times when fantasy and imagination can be survival mechanisms. As with many things, the key is awareness. As long as you know you’re doing it, it’s probably OK.

Tuesday through Thursday are fairly quiet, except for any activity that might be stirred up by Mars in fast-moving Sagittarius. Friday is the big day, when the Moon in Virgo activates the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition, Jupiter trines Saturn, and the Sun changes signs.

The Moon is just one activator that will keep the Saturn-Uranus opposition in flux even though the first exact pass is behind us. Neith and I both have written a lot on this topic, and you probably know by now how this aspect is playing out in your life. Jupiter’s trine to Saturn provides an opportunity to take steps toward making real changes in your life. Uranus is stationed, about to go direct next week. Once that happens, change will come swiftly and may feel out of control. Having some long-range goals in mind will help you make on-the-spot decisions, if necessary, and will provide grounding.

We all should feel some lightening up once the Sun and Mercury enter Sagittarius, so plan something fun this weekend. That said, Mercury is in his detriment in Sagittarius, mostly because he tends to blurt out the truth without thinking. This is definitely not the time to ask, “Honey, do I look fat in these jeans?”

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Thy Templed Hills, by Maxfield Parrish, 1936.

Weekly Forecast November 3: Saturn Opposite Uranus

The castration of Uranus by Saturn
The big news this week is the opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, which is exact on Tuesday.

The main reason this aspect is so challenging, both individually and collectively, is that the energies represented by these two planets are diametrically opposed. Saturn is about structure, tradition, limitations, and all that is concrete and tangible, whereas the energy of Uranus is erratic, chaotic, innovative, and unconventional, with a spark of creative genius that can’t be contained. Pit these two opposite each other, and you have a classic tug-of-war between the urge to maintain the status quo and an urgent need for change.

On Monday, the Moon in Capricorn conjoins Jupiter and aspects both Saturn and Uranus, further increasing the intensity of this opposition. We may experience specific events related to Saturn and Uranus, but keep in mind that the effects of a long-term outer aspect like this last for months, and you no doubt have already bumped up against a situation that will persist for the next couple of years.

Also on Monday, Venus squares Saturn and Uranus, reminding us to try to see the bigger picture instead of choosing sides.

Tuesday is Election Day in the United States, and the Saturn-Uranus opposition has a clear role not only in the election itself but in the new administration. To our foreign readers (Real Astrologers has readers in 110 countries around the world), I wish to say, as I’ve written elsewhere, that I don’t believe the United States is so important that we set the standards for the rest of the world. Events in the next four years were set in motion long ago, and we are simply a player in that unfolding drama, which is taking place on the world stage, not just here at home.

I’ve posted an expanded version of this forecast on my personal blog, The Pisces Chronicles, and Neith and I will be writing more about Saturn and Uranus for those who are interested.

That would be enough intensity for one week, but there’s more. Indeed, November is shaping up to be a tumultuous month. For those who have felt stuck in a rut, this will be a good thing, but change typically isn’t easy, especially when it happens suddenly and swiftly.

On Monday, Mars squares Neptune at 21 degrees Scorpio and Aquarius. There will be a lunar eclipse next February at 21 degrees Aquarius, one of an ongoing series of eclipses in Aquarius and Leo that began last February and will continue until August 2009. You already know how this energy is playing out in your life, so just be prepared for developments this week that aren’t likely to be very pleasant.

On Tuesday, Mercury sextiles Pluto before entering Scorpio, the sign that Pluto rules. Rather than trying to banish obsessive thoughts, follow them down into those dark places and fearlessly shine light on them. This is how enlightenment happens.

The Moon is in Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday, amplifying the dreamy and psychic energy of Neptune, who’s just yawning and stretching as he returns direct. On Saturday, the Moon in Pisces conjoins Uranus and opposes Saturn, and once again we’ll be painfully aware of the tension.

Much courage and love to all…

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Defeat of Uranus by Saturn, by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano, 16th century, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. I’ve used this frightening image before, but I’m repeating it, because it so beautifully illustrates the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Ask Real Astrologers: Why Am I Feeling So Angry?

This week’s question comes from Elaine in San Francisco:

All summer, I have felt consumed by anger, frustration, and guilt. I feel the earth shaking under me and feel like we are in a deeper movement than just my personal upheavals. Anything to this? Or is it just my neurotic self and shifts that I am doing and not allowing?

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s response:

Elaine, Uranus has been hanging out in your eighth house creating an aspect pattern called a Yod with your Ascendant in Leo conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune in Libra as the base. Of course, any planet activating your Ascendant-Pluto also affects your Sun because of the natal Sun-Pluto opposition.

All the astro-babble can be translated into simpler terms as follows: The eighth house relates to Scorpio and all things Plutonian and Uranus transits are noted for stirring the pot to help us become our most authentic selves. Anger, frustration and guilt are all good Pluto and eighth house issues. Outer planet transits to one point of a natal chart pattern can act like a fly wriggling on the corner of a spider web, shaking the whole thing.

Uranus encourages us to look out for ourselves and Pluto demands we deal with our darker aspects with detachment and acceptance. Yes, it’s a major pain the rear but the rewards can be equally great if we do the work.

Pluto also moved back into Sagittarius for a final visit in June about a week before Uranus turned Rx taking the collective into a period of review and potential catharsis. Perhaps you are more sensitive and aware of what’s going on in a broader sense because your personal planets are aspected natally by the outer planets. Both Pat and I are outer planet people too and consequently pay more attention to their movements.

As always, my suggestion is to practice forgiveness and treat one’s self with kindness and forbearance. Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s answer:

Elaine, you are a powerfully “Plutonian” person, with natal Pluto poised on your Ascendant at 21 degrees Leo. My guess is that you are extremely psychic (possibly a hereditary trait), and that you are indeed picking up some universal energy.

I’ve written quite a bit on my blog, The Pisces Chronicles, and to a lesser extent here on the Real Astrologers blog, about the current series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, with a window on healing provided by Neptune and Chiron on the lunar North Node around 19-22 degrees Aquarius, which means that they are sitting opposite your Ascendant and natal Pluto. This has opened a powerful window of opportunity for you to do some deep healing work, possibly related to wounds you brought into this incarnation with you. Some of these may have been considerable — deep and dark, and very much in the realm of Pluto, who, as you may recall from Mythology 101, was the dark lord of the underworld.

I do believe that the current eclipse series is corresponding to a groundswell shift, and you are no doubt feeling it. As an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising, I most certainly am!

As I’ve also noted on my blog, there is another, simultaneous energy pattern happening right now, related to the imminent opposition of transiting Saturn and Uranus. Saturn currently is transiting your first house, but he’ll move to the second shortly, and so the opposition will happen in your second and eighth houses. Neith already has described one of the effects of Uranus in the eighth house, so you can see how this relates further to Plutonian themes.

Anger is a natural part of the healing process, but it is one of the scariest and most uncomfortable emotions for us, especially women. Just allow yourself the space to process it, and don’t judge it as “bad” or “negative.” Anger is a powerfully motivating force, or can be, when used properly. Just use it with care, don’t point it at anyone (at least not anyone who doesn’t deserve it!).

I also would note that since mid-June — the time you said this anger began — Mars was crossing your Ascendant, so of course he conjoined natal Pluto. This can be a period of blind rage, so it’s hardly surprising that you felt a lot of anger. Then Mars crossed Saturn in your first house and went on to oppose Uranus in your eighth house. Many people I know, myself included, either felt anger during this time or were the targets of anger.

Thank you for raising this very important question, Elaine. Much love and courage to you.

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Weekly Forecast August 11: Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

King Neptune, by Walter Crane
We’re still in the period between eclipses, and with Mars just past an opposition to Uranus and coming up on a square with Pluto, this likely will be a tumultuous week.

Let’s look at Mars first. The opposition to Uranus has separated enough that the dust is settling, but the effects lasted right up until yesterday — at least, I found this to be the case. And be forewarned that whatever came up for you last week is likely to be an ongoing issue for the next year, as Saturn is moving toward opposition to Uranus in early November and will make two more passes until finally separating in September 2009. We’ll have more on this, of course, as the dates get closer.

This week, Mars squares Pluto. Whereas Mars-Uranus aspects can indicate explosions, Mars-Pluto combinations suggest implosions or, at the very least, intense discomfort. There is an element of subversion, underhanded manipulation, and struggles for power and control. As always, you’ll feel this aspect the most if either of these planets falls on key planets or angles in your natal chart. The aspect is exact late Saturday on the West Coast of the United States.

Venus, unfortunately, isn’t going to be able to do much to intervene. She’s unhappily placed in Virgo and meets up with Saturn on Wednesday, which puts a chilling effect on her ability to soothe and bring conciliatory love. Those of you who are going through relationship difficulties may find this to be a lonely week. Try not to despair. Even if you’re in a tough situation, the pain will subside in a week or two, and you’ll be able to move forward with a plan.

Talking about the situation may be difficult, too, as Mercury also conjoins Saturn. The aspect is exact on Friday, but we’ll feel it for a couple of days on either side. Resist the temptation to be overly critical and to blame others for the difficulties in your life. At the same time, don’t get stuck in blaming yourself, as this isn’t particularly helpful or productive, either. The best strategy this week, if you can swing it, is to reserve judgment and wait until next week to see the picture more clearly.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse on Saturday brings ongoing issues to a head. There shouldn’t be any surprises to this one. Chances are, you’ve seen the handwriting on the wall in big, bold letters, although perhaps you’ve been wishing that it weren’t true. The eclipse falls at 24°21′ Aquarius, in close conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions. If you can strip away the wishful thinking, you may find that the reality, while stark, is something you can deal with. You just need to confront it, and then deep healing can take place.

As always, Neith will have more on the Full Moon later this week.

I should also mention that Mercury and Venus both trine Jupiter late this week, although I’m not counting on them to be very helpful. Venus and Jupiter both are in their fall, and Jupiter is retrograde. At best, we may get a few moments of relief, and yet even that may come through less-than-ideal methods such as having a beer too many or downing a pint of ice cream. Or maybe you’ll just want to talk someone’s ear off.

Do what you have to do to stay steady.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: King Neptune, by illustrator Walter Crane, born August 15, 1845.

Weekly Forecast August 4: Mars opposite Uranus

The castration of Uranus by SaturnPush comes to shove this week as Mars, planet of action and aggression, opposes erratic Uranus. This pair can cause explosions, and it’s a sure bet that there will be a spectacular one somewhere in the world.

As the week begins, we’re still in the wake of Friday’s eclipse, which some of you felt very strongly, either as a shift in a real situation or emotionally. Whatever your circumstances, they will remain in flux until the Full Moon lunar eclipse on August 16. At that time, you can expect a culmination of a situation that started in February. The final chapter is still to come, however, as this series of eclipses runs for another year.

Back in mid-June, Mars opposed Neptune right after forming an inconjunct with Uranus. I experienced a few mishaps at the time, including spilling a pot of scalding-hot soup all over myself. With Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception (both planets are in the sign ruled by the other), we can expect some similar events, although they will be more direct and more explosive, as Uranus is not nearly as subtle as Neptune.

The Mars-Uranus opposition peaks on Wednesday, but Mars transits can be felt a week on either side, so we’re already well in the thick of it. Moreover, the Moon conjoins Mars on Monday and opposes Uranus less than three hours later, triggering this aspect’s volatile energy. Pay attention to situations that come up on Monday, as they will provide a clue as to how your personal life will be affected, if at all.

Within three minutes of the Mars-Uranus opposition, Mercury opposes Neptune, so I’m guessing that we’ll get some news fairly quickly, although it may not be immediately clear what’s going on. In your personal life, you may be confused, in part because of information overload. Neptune connects us to our higher consciousness and the collective, whereas Mercury is more literal. In Leo, he thinks in conventional, traditional terms.

In short, you may need time to mentally process any events in your personal life associated with this set of aspects. But, as I mentioned above, it likely will take until the lunar eclipse next week for everything to shake out anyway. This is all the more true since that event will occur in close conjunction with Neptune.

It’s all connected…

Venus changes signs this week, going from showy Leo to the sign of her fall, Virgo. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and sensuality, and she wilts in practical, analytical Virgo. Venus wants flowers and romance, while Virgo considers these things useless and detrimental to getting the job done.

Mercury trines Pluto on Saturday and then enters Virgo on Sunday. Virgo is one of the two signs Mercury rules (although you all know that if I had my way, Ceres would be the modern ruler of Virgo). If nothing else, we should have some extra ammunition to analyze the tough emotional situations we find ourselves in these days.

I know I could use some.

Love and blessings to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Defeat of Uranus by Saturn, by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano, 16th century, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Rather grisly image, but that’s the cosmology of Uranus. And remember, it’s how lovely Venus came into being …

Weekly Forecast June 9: Pluto Back in Sagittarius, Friday the 13th

Twin Geminis Ashley and Mary-Kate OlsenI’m feeling all jumbled up, and I’m getting reports that others are, too. It’s hard to maintain our balance when planetary energies are this chaotic.

The week starts out well enough, with Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini. We feel the love and want to express it, but with Mercury retrograde, our attempts may be clumsy at best. At worst, they backfire, and the person on the receiving end may hear something quite different from what we intended.

The Moon in nitpicky Virgo won’t help. “You could stand to lose a few pounds, but I love you anyway” and similar backhanded compliments obviously aren’t going to go over very well. Resist the urge to be critical, and instead channel that Virgo attention to detail into getting your work week off to an organized start. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re on an emotional roller coaster.

Mercury just passed the halfway point through his retrograde cycle and, as Jeff Kishner noted on Astro-Twitter, it’s getting “suckier” by the day. Speaking of which, Twitter appears to have fixed everything but the flash badge, and we can’t get Astro-Twitter back up without it. I can still see your twitters, though, so go ahead and post. Ironically, Neith and I figured out that Twitter was launched during Mercury retrograde. No wonder they’re experiencing so many technical difficulties.

The Chiron/North Node/Neptune conjunction remains active, and this week it will be triggered by planets in Gemini. Self-image and ego both get a boost on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Venus and then the Sun trine Chiron. On Friday and Saturday, Venus and the Sun trine Neptune. Merging with a romantic partner is a powerful experience, and it will be even more positive if we go in with a good sense of who we are.

Friday is the 13th, of course, which is a little eerie, but only because we’re programmed that way. Friday is named for Venus – Freya in the Norse mythology for which our days of the week are named, and the number 13 was sacred in ancient Earth religions. Somehow, we’ve got to retrain ourselves to think of this day as exceptionally lucky!

Also on Friday, Pluto returns to Sagittarius, where he’ll stay until November 26. This is the biggest news of the week. Most people won’t feel this transit individually, but we’ll see the effects on a social and political level. Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in January brought some bad news, especially in global financial markets, and so we should get a brief reprieve, just in time for summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Neith and I both will be writing more about this on our blogs, Neith.net and The Pisces Chronicles.

Sunday is Father’s Day, and there is an intense buildup of energy as Mars conjoins the lunar South Node, exactly opposite Chiron and Neptune on the North Node. Mars rules cutting implements and surgery, and he also represents the universal masculine. Individually and collectively, it’s time to open up old wounds that are deeply embedded in our psyches and to allow toxic energy to drain out. Healing “father issues” could be a common theme.

I’ll have an in-depth post about this on PiChron in a few days for anyone who’s interested. Meanwhile, remember to breathe, and give yourself all the space you need to heal. If you need extra rest, take it and don’t agonize over what’s not getting done. It’ll still be there next week.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Remember, if you need help sorting through challenging life events, Neith and I are here to help. Check out our exclusive forecasts and synastry readings

Image: Happy birthday to Gemini twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who celebrate their 22nd birthday this Friday.

Slogging Through the Obstacles

This is an exciting week, with major astrological shifts that should leave everyone feeling a lot better. I’m more than ready to get out of this stuck space, and I know you all are, too.

The week begins with several planets in their detriment or fall, including Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. As I noted in last week’s SkyWatch post, when planets are in their detriment or fall, the energies they embody are somehow “off,” and we feel it. Venus has been demanding and selfish in Aries, while Mars is paranoid, moody, and passive-aggressive in Cancer. In Capricorn, Jupiter turns into a workaholic, when he’s so much more jovial as master of ceremonies.

Although Mercury isn’t technically in detriment or fall in Taurus, this isn’t his best sign, and this will be doubly true when he squares Neptune on Tuesday. Slow, foggy, and confused thinking will be the order of the day. Have you ever been on the phone and momentarily forgotten who you were talking to? It’s like that…

On Wednesday, Venus enters Taurus, which is one of the signs she rules. We should start seeing signs of beauty, grace, and a general return of yumminess, with fewer selfish demands, especially among couples.

Thursday is May 1, celebrated as May Day and known to the ancient Celts as Beltaine, when virgins were deflowered, and it was OK to mate with someone other than your spouse. Venus trines Pluto, which is sure to create some irresistible temptation. And if you’re looking to make it more permanent, her trine with Saturn later in the day could bring just what you’re looking for. Saturn is about to turn direct, too, so this will be a powerful day for romantic commitment.

Saturn turns direct on Friday at 8:07 p.m. on the West Coast of the United States. He’ll take a week or two to start moving forward, but we all are going to start seeing some real progress in areas that have had us stuck for months. As I noted in a new post today on The Pisces Chronicles, the simultaneous station of Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn coincided with an interesting experience over the weekend that seems to have bumped me up a notch on the consciousness spiral. Among other things, I made some progress in a couple of areas where I’ve been desperately stuck. Could the chant to Ganesha (pictured above) have had anything to do with it? He’s apparently an expert on dealing with Saturn issues.

Earlier on Friday, Mercury enters Gemini. Seeing as how we’re interacting primarily in cyberspace, we’re going to feel this, and I’m betting it will be almost instant. Look for lots of communications activity this weekend.

Sunday will be deliciously lazy and sensual, with the Moon exalted in Taurus trining Pluto and Saturn, then conjoining Venus – all in preparation for Monday’s New Moon. Effects of the New Moon can be felt within three days before or after peak fullness, so we should start seeing the results of all the painful breaking down we’ve been going through since the Full Moon in Scorpio.

So hang in there, and keep in touch. One of the ways we learn about how astrology works is through the stories you leave here. And don’t be shy, even if English is not your native language. RealAstrologers.com is a truly international website, and it’s always exciting for us to hear from the four corners of the planet.

Much love and manifold blessings,
Gotta be freePat

Sexual Tension and a Bit of Drama

hawk flies free . . .

Even though the Sun and Mercury are now in placid Taurus, unstable reactive energies continue to dominate this week, promising sexual tension, melodrama, and overindulging in what isn’t good for us. Or is it?

As I write, the Moon is gliding through the last degrees of Scorpio, and we’re still trying to determine what manifested out of Sunday’s Full Moon. It has been uncomfortable for me, and I sense that many of you share that watching-and-waiting feeling. I think we’ll have an answer by the end of today.

Mars in Cancer trines Uranus in Pisces today as well, and the Scorpio Moon completed a grand trine in the water signs yesterday. Among other things, you might have noticed a spontaneous outflow of feelings, in yourself or in others. Miracles can happen when you take a chance and tell another person what’s in your heart.

Enjoy it while you can, because the cardinal T-square between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter midweek could make you squirm. It’s interesting to note that all three of these planets are in the signs of their detriment or fall. In other words, they aren’t expressing their best qualities. Venus, the planet of love, desire, and harmonious relationships, is in demanding, me-first Aries. Mars, normally the initiator and macho guy, is in nurturing, tender Cancer, where he can get resentful and passive-aggressive. Normally ebullient Jupiter is in Capricorn, which puts a chill on his warmth and generosity.

All types of relationships may suffer under these astrological conditions, but especially ones in which sexual intimacy is an issue. If you try to get what you want through manipulation, it likely will backfire. And with Jupiter involved in this three-way, it’s likely to backfire in a big way. However, I think it’s more likely that this energy will manifest as overindulgence of some kind, be it sex, alcohol, or, most likely, comfort food. Running for chocolate or diving into a bag of chips may be your fix of choice for emotional discomfort, and you won’t stop at just one.

The best way to handle these situations is to state your needs and desires very clearly and let the other person respond as he or she wishes. Of course, we’d like the same honesty and directness that we’re putting out, but it doesn’t always happen, for one reason or another. The best you can do is to take responsibility for yourself. That said, the nature of this week’s convoluted energies may make it hard to do so in a way that makes everyone feel OK.

The Moon enters Capricorn, the sign of her detriment, on Friday, and she hooks up with Jupiter on Saturday night. Moon-Jupiter conjunctions are usually upbeat occasions, but I think there will be a lot of commiseration going on, probably over events earlier in the week. It may be hard to tap into how you really feel, but try. It’s the only way to make a heart connection.

On Sunday, the Moon opposes Mars and squares Venus. If the tension you felt early in the week didn’t find a release, it could happen at this time. Once again, keep in mind that others may not want what you want, and that’s OK for now. Conflict is not always a bad thing and is necessary for growth. If nothing else, events this week may help you understand your own wants and needs better, which is a needed precursor to getting them met.

Let me just add the usual caveat that I’m describing broad planetary energies. How they apply to you depends on where they fall in your chart. If you’d like to know that, Neith and I both do transit reports.

I’d just like to add a note to thank you all for dropping by. Neith just installed Site Meter, and it’s been great fun to see where you are located. We have readers from all over Europe, as well as Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, Singapore, and, of course, all across the United States.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, dreads emotional conflict :-)Pat

This is one of Neith’s photos of the emerging spring growth. That speck at the top is a hawk. 

Leo and Gemini couple – What Happened?

  This request came from a Gemini woman about a relationship with a Leo man whom she met some time back online. Their initial meeting in person went very well, but things went flat after that.

They have good synastry between their charts, with both Moons in Aries and excellent Sun to Moon exchanges with her Gemini Sun sextile his Aries Moon and his Leo Sun trine her Aries Moon – all comfortable fire and air signs.

In fact, the overall compatibility between the two charts is strong with several intra-aspects (where the same planets aspect each other from both charts). There are Venus/Sun and Venus/Neptune aspects for fun and romance, along with Mars/Uranus and Mars/Pluto aspects for really great chemistry. The Saturn/Mercury intra-aspect is a little more challenging, because on some level, communications feel blocked and there may be a sense of not feeling understood by each other.

Another positive factor is having the harmonious aspect between their Ascendants. She has Pisces rising, and he has Capricorn on the Ascendant. This indicates that they have similar ideas about what a good partnership is all about. His Venus/Saturn/Jupiter stellium in Libra falls in her seventh house conjunct her Saturn/Jupiter – a lot of Saturn for durability, balanced with Jupiter’s optimism.

The difficulties may arise because of issues hinted at in the natal charts. His Sun in Leo is the apex of a T-square with Uranus in Scorpio opposing Chiron in Taurus. Uranus/Sun aspects make for a very independent personality, and whenever I see Chiron aspecting the Sun I suspect self-image problems – an uncomfortable pattern to learn to work with.

Also, his Moon in Aries opposite his Venus/Saturn/Jupiter stellium in Libra indicates a tendency toward emotional ups and downs and difficulty assessing how he feels about his partners. Her Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra squares her Venus in Cancer. This parallel between their charts offers an avenue to understanding, but when Saturn aspects such as these are present,  it can take time to develop a level of trust.

They both have Saturn in Libra, so relationships are a serious business and, as I’ve noted before, this inclines a person either to avoid commitments or to embrace them completely. These two have a lot going for them from an astrological perspective. I wish them well.

(Libra Rules!)posted by Neith . . .