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Weekly Forecast November 24: Pluto Enters Capricorn, New Moon in Sagittarius

Hanging Heart, by Jeff KoonsI feel as though we’re in some sort of weird time warp, in suspended animation, waiting for something to happen but not knowing what.

Pluto is in the final minutes of Sagittarius and re-enters Capricorn on Wednesday. As he slips out of the sign of the Archer — not to return for another 230 years or so — we’re shifting out of one reality and into a new one. Neith and I have written a lot about this and will continue to update you, but be prepared for some major belt-tightening and contraction.

At the same time, Uranus is stationed, preparing to return direct less than an hour before the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday. The energy of Uranus is electric and erratic, and it produces swift and sudden change. This will be all the more true, as all of the planets will be direct once the Magician wakes up. There is evidence that our ancient ancestors tracked astrological movements and looked specifically for periods when no planets were retrograde to undertake important activities. To put it another way, all systems will be go, and we’ll be making up for lost time.

Because Uranus also is the planet of unpredictability, there’s a good chance that we’ll see a sudden turnaround in some area of our lives, both individually and collectively. The nature of this reversal will depend on where Uranus is transiting your chart. Rising Aquarius and Pisces will be especially affected by this shift. I am Rising Aquarius and will keep you posted about what’s happening for me. If anyone else experiences something like this, leave a comment and let us know.

Neith already has written a lovely report for the New Moon. As she noted, Venus will be in favorable aspect to both Uranus and Saturn, which were in exact opposition earlier this month. For Venus to be in contact with Uranus just as he’s waking is powerful. If you’ve been stuck in issues of love or financial well-being, this will provide the shove you need to get you out of a rut and into a new groove. Just be forewarned that these things often don’t happen in the most convenient or pleasant way. Watch for developments on Friday and Saturday.

Mercury and Mars conjoin on Friday as well, although we could see the manifestations of this volatile combination at the New Moon the day before. In Sagittarius, Mercury doesn’t hold anything back and will blurt out the goddess-honest truth without stopping to think of the effects. That said, Mars knows exactly what effect he’s going for, so if someone has been wanting to give you a piece of their mind, have your deflector shields up. If you’re on the giving rather than the receiving end, do stop to consider whether the person you’re aiming at deserves the barbs. Even if they do, don’t say anything deliberately hurtful.

I have a feeling we’ll be in a much different place a week from today, so stay tuned, and keep those cards and letters coming.

Much courage and love to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Hanging Heart, a sculpture by U.S. artist Jeff Koons, on display earlier this year at the Chateau de Versailles, outside Paris. When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a painting, as it is so surreal. It nicely expresses the surreal energy of this week and especially how I feel in matters of the heart. Photo by Stephane de Sakutin for Agence France Press.

Weekly Forecast October 27: New Moon in Scorpio, Neptune Direct

spider-web.jpgThis week, we celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Saints, and various permutations that are all linked to the symbolism of Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto.

To our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, I apologize, because this is all backwards for you. But for us here in the North, we’re heading into shorter days and into the part of the yearly cycle when plant life is dead and rotting back into the ground. It is our time to turn inward and to allow certain parts of ourselves to die so that we can be regenerated at the beginning of the new cycle.

Not coincidentally, this is the time of year when the veil between the worlds lifts, and many of us become psychic, even those who normally aren’t. Pay attention this week to your dreams and flashes of intuition, especially around the New Moon on Tuesday. As usual, Neith has written a complete report, so I won’t elaborate here. I will add only that this is a great time to think about where you want to go and what you want to become, and to visualize yourself there.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered in 1930, is powerfully placed in Scorpio this week and makes several aspects to other planets, starting with Chiron and Jupiter on Monday. The square with Chiron could be biting, but the sextile with Jupiter provides energy for manifesting immediate needs. This is not pie-in-the-sky stuff, but down-to-earth and measured. Often what we want and what we need are two different things, and we can be lured toward the former to our detriment.

As I write, we’re already feeling the influence of Tuesday’s New Moon, which we’ll feel equally as strongly on Wednesday, as the Moon carries the energy of this lunation to Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus throughout the day. Expect to feel ripples from this lunation through Friday.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury trines Neptune, the third and final pass in a three-part aspect that began around the time Mercury went retrograde in late September. We’re still thinking and talking about the same relationship issues, only now we can begin to make big progress and move beyond the obstacles that were hanging us up. Neptune is stationed in preparation for returning direct on Saturday after his annual five-month retreat, making this a powerful time for healing.

On Thursday and Friday, Mars triggers the opposition between Saturn and Uranus, which is exact next week. If you’ve been nervous and anxious about this aspect, you should start getting a clue now as to how it’s going to play out for you. Also, watch the news headlines, as this is one of those aspects that strongly affects the collective.

On Friday, Venus sextiles Chiron, which is not a major influence, but it is a healing energy nonetheless, and every little bit helps.

Love and blessings to all,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Spider web in Tagelswangen, Switzerland. Photo by Steffen Schmidt, AP.

Weekly Forecast June 1: New Moon with Mercury Retrograde

Mercury enters his second week of retrograde motion this week as we head into a new lunar cycle.

The New Moon on Tuesday falls at 13 degrees Gemini, just a degree from the point at which Mercury will return direct on June 19. Since Mercury rules this New Moon, you may have to wait a couple of weeks to see any real effects. By then, the Moon will be full and conjunct the Galactic Core, no less. Unfortunately, knowing that positive changes are on the way may not help you keep your cool, as Gemini isn’t known for patience.

It does, however, like to be entertained, so deal with your frustrations by seeing a good movie. Go for a light and fluffy romantic comedy – better still if you own it and won’t have to stand in line or risk a late fee because something unexpected comes up that prevents you from getting the DVD back to the video store on time.

For more on the New Moon, check out the excellent analysis that Neith posted on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing about healing crises of all kinds this week, a manifestation of the triple retrograde of Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune. This is powerful medicine, and it tastes awful. You can read more about it in my new post on The Pisces Chronicles.

Venus, Mercury and Cupid

As for Mercury, the little bugger, he’s wreaking havoc in classic retrograde style. Twitter is overloaded, my replacement ATM card didn’t arrive before the old one expired, the bank’s customer service line wasn’t answering, and my last paycheck from my old job got sent to the wrong place. Paperwork for my new job is stuck in bureaucratic purgatory. The ferry system is down yet another boat, so there will be long lines to get off the south end of Vashon for the next two weeks.

There will be plenty more where that came from, so do keep in mind my usual Mercury retrograde caveats: give yourself extra time to travel and accomplish tasks, be prepared to get put on hold and wait in line, keep a close watch on keys and credit cards, and be clear in all of your communications. If there’s a mix-up, don’t bother trying to figure out who’s to blame. Forgive, forget, and move on.

We’ll get some help with the latter courtesy of Venus. On Friday, she forms a snappy sextile with Mars. Sparks ignite when the universal feminine contacts the universal masculine. Whether you’ve got your eye on someone or are single and looking, check out where these two are in your chart. The Sun sextiles Mars mid-week, giving us an energy boost and getting Mars in the mood for his hot date.

Both the Sun and Mercury will conjoin Venus this weekend, providing small opportunities to clear the static and get a good connection. This also would be an ideal time to say “I’m sorry.” It’s amazing how far those two little words will go, and they don’t cost a thing.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Image: Venus, Mercury and Cupid, by Nicolas Chaperon, 1612-1654 (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

New Moon in Gemini, June 3

waning crescent moonThis New Moon features a nice stellium of Venus, Moon, Sun and Mercury from 12 to 19 degrees Gemini. In general, this is a quieter lunation than some we’ve had so far this year. Usually Gemini is more outgoing, but with Mercury in its retrograde phase, the overall tone is more contemplative than usual. Venus closely conjoining the Sun and Moon adds to the softer note, too.

That said, Gemini corresponds to the third house, and all third-house pursuits are going to be favored, from spending time with friends and siblings to hanging out at the local hotspots. Be sure to double-check all of your meeting times and places, due to the Mercury retrograde effect, and be prepared for delays and long waits! If you are traveling with children, don’t forget to take their favorite games, books and toys to keep them amused.

As the New Moon peaks, the luminaries and Venus are moving into a tighter square with Uranus, so we can expect the more erratic side of Gemini to emerge over the week to 10 days following the New Moon. Anyone with planets or chart angles from 19 to 22 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) can look forward to the finger-in-the-light-socket effect of Uranus. All plans will be subject to change without notice . . .

There is one notable aspect to the Gemini stellium, an energizing sextile from Mars in Leo. If you keep in mind the importance of thinking before speaking, this aspect is very good for expressing warmth and caring with candor. It’s also geat for good times in the neighborhood. Mars in Leo is adept at finding the nearest party to be the life of.

An interesting aspect in this chart is the trine between Neptune in Aquarius and Ceres in Gemini. A good way to demonstrate the compassion of Neptune is to practice kindness to all. Ceres in Gemini always has a kind word or three to offer and is good at thinking up many different ways to express them. Because trines don’t demand our attention like squares, we need to consciously take advantage of this gentle, caring aspect. Besides, this Libra person says it never hurts to use honey instead of vinegar, and the Gemini stellium with Venus repeats this message!

Use the next couple of weeks wisely, because we have a very powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius coming on June 18, with Pluto back in Sagittarius conjoining the Moon. Check back for the next installment.

**It’s that time again! New Moon Abundance Checks!

Libra enjoys Geminiposted by Neith . . .

This photo is from Rendezvous Gallery.

Not a Moment Too Soon

Caravaggio's Saturnus, 16th centuryThe past six months have been a long, rocky road, but we finally are feeling some positive shifts this week.

The week begins with the New Moon in Taurus, which Neith explored in the previous post. As she noted, it’s not so much about new beginnings, but about evaluating. Taurus traditionally is associated with the second house, which rules income, possessions, and personal values. Evaluating means just that: determining what you value. Are your actions in line with your needs and desires? Or are you working at cross purposes?

Saturn has just returned direct after being retrograde since mid-December. Saturn builds structure in our lives, which is why he is by definition limiting. Once a particular energy is manifested on the physical plane, it is temporarily tied up and unavailable for all other uses. If you don’t like what manifested, then you need to put energy into changing it. Right now is a great time to do so. Saturn in Virgo favors practical, tangible results.

As I noted in a new post on The Pisces Chronicles, if you were born in the late 1950s, Saturn is stationed on or near your natal Pluto. The obstacles are crushing, I know, and the mere thought of manifesting anything positive seems so far away that it almost has no meaning. If you’re like me, you’ve gone into survival mode. Saturn will start picking up speed (relative to the Earth, of course) in mid-May, and you should start seeing some relief, depending on the degree of your natal Pluto and what else is happening in your chart.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters Gemini and conjoins Mercury later in the day. Yes, Saturn is still putting a bit of a damper on life, but we should see lots of movement, especially in activities involving communications. I can’t wait to see what happens on Astro-Twitter. It should be a fun day, so sign up now!

On Friday, Jupiter goes retrograde, and he’ll stay in “reverse” until September 8 – the same day Pluto goes direct, so that will be an interesting double effect, especially since Pluto will be back in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Neith or I will have more later this week about the significance of Jupiter’s turn retrograde. 

As exciting as all of that is, the biggest news of the week is the entry of Mars into Leo on Friday. Mars has been in Cancer for much of the past seven months, and this has not been a good energy for most of us. We are ready for some action! Just be careful, because the sudden burst of Mars firepower will be so strong that it literally could knock you over. Again, it depends on where he is in your chart and whether he’s aspecting any natal planets or chart points.

The Moon enters Leo early on Saturday on the West Coast of the United States and conjoins Mars less than an hour later. This will amplify the emotional intensity of the Mars force – great for certain activities, but the risk of overreaction is high.

The week ends with a delightful sextile between the Sun and Uranus. This aspect favors making positive changes with minimal effort. So if you’re still fine-tuning a new structure in your life, this is the frosting on the cake.

If you’d like more information about how these aspects are impacting your life, consider ordering one of our exclusive forecasts. Neith and I both do them, and we write them from scratch, exclusively for you. You will be amazed by what a difference it makes when you know what’s going on in your chart. And if you’ve ever ordered a computer-generated report, you will be doubly amazed by the difference between those products and a Real Astrologers report.

Have a productive week!
Sign of the FuturePat

New Moon in Taurus – Comfort Rules

 here's some of those May flowers!

The New Moon on May 5 is at 15 degrees Taurus, the midpoint between the two Scorpio Full Moons, making it less about new beginnings than most New Moons. This feels more like the time to evaluate progress and determine if we are doing business as usual or whether we have found better alternatives because if we haven’t, we need to. The atmosphere is conducive to transforming what is no longer viable with a certain degree of grace.

Venus moved into Taurus, where she is supremely comfortable, on April 30 and is still within orb of the grand trine in earth with Pluto and Saturn. For those of us who have been dealing with less pleasant Saturn and Pluto transits, the presence of a happy Venus will sooth the worst of the hurts for now. This especially favors those with lots of Libra and Taurus in their charts . . . Yay!

The Jupiter/Uranus sextile is still operating, and once Jupiter turns retrograde on May 9, the aspect will tighten again. Both of these planets interact favorably with the Taurus New Moon, supporting innovations for various business ventures out there. Jupiter will station at 22° 22′ Capricorn and will provide an opportunity to review what we’ve done since February this year. In numerology, 22 is the number of the master builder of the universe. Combine that with Capricorn’s ability to plan and execute and we have a great opportunity to lay some serious groundwork for where we want to go next.

Another event happening May 9 is Mars finally moving into Leo!  After months and months in watery Cancer, Mars is going to be one happy camper to be back in a fire sign, and all you fire-sign folks out there are going to get a big hit of energy. 

We do have to deal with the square between Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Virgo, so the agile one will be still be feeling constrained, even though he moved out of methodical Taurus on May 2. Remember to allow extra time for handling communications.

Overall, this New Moon favors creative change, but in a far more tangible way. With Venus, Taurus’s ruler, dancing with Saturn and Pluto in earth, realistic planning and sensible creative solutions will carry the day. And if you have a chance to relax about now . . . Taurus says get a lovely massage with plenty of scented oils and quiet music. Oh yeah, don’t forget the chocolates and a glass of your favorite beverage, either.

Venus rules Libra tooposted by Neith . . .

Announcing the birth of RealAstrologers.com

Welcome you to our new website, RealAstrologers.com!

In astrology, timing is everything, which is why we chose the New Moon in Aries to unveil our project.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and this New Moon is teeming with energy to begin new ventures and embark on new journeys. 

We’ve been working like crazy people since the Full Moon in Libra in March to get this project up and running. However, the seeds were planted during the shadow phase of the Mars retrograde last fall. The shadow phase finally was over yesterday, and Mars rules this New Moon, so it’s no coincidence that we are launching our endeavor now.

It has been a joint enterprise all the way, with both of us working on all aspects of site design and content development. We both love the results of our labors, and we are eager to share it with all of you.

As we have discovered over the past couple of years posting comments on each other’s blogs, we bring different but complementary perspectives to the table. Although we hope to engage a broader readership here, we also want to encourage everyone who visits this site to stop by Neith.net, Neith on Synastry, and The Pisces Chronicles. We’ll be doing a lot of cross-posting, and we’ll be responding to comments and questions there. 

We’re thrilled about this opportunity to work with each other, and we’re sure that all who step into our new home will enjoy the dialogue among our community of friends and neighbors.  Yup, astro-lessons for everyone!!  :-D

So come by, wander around, leave us a comment or two, and be prepared for new and interesting changes . . . after all, we’re both Uranian types!