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Capricorn-Cancer: The Creation of Heaven on Earth, Part II

Mount Shuksan at dusk. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Acknowledgement of the oneness of all beings is an essential stage in our spiritual development. It will heal the unhealthy split that separates humanity from the rest of nature and restore our true place in creation. Understanding the importance of our role in the whole of creation and, in particular, as custodians of the Earth and our environment is an important part of the higher wisdom of Capricorn.

In deepening our understanding of the underlying energy involved, we can think about the relationship between the three qualities: cardinal, mutable and fixed. Cardinal energy is the energy of spring. It is the driving force of creation that brings new life. Fixed energy brings stability. For the entire lifespan of a tree, the trunk represents the fixed energy that stabilizes the form in existence. Mutable energy is the energy of dissolution. It breaks down forms and boundaries, as in the autumn, when the leaves and dead wood de-compose so the energy can be freed up and used again.

Then it is again the role of cardinal energy to direct the released energy into new forms. This describes the cycle of life and the unique role of each Zodiac sign as one unfolds into another throughout the year. So it is the highest Soul purpose of Capricorn to take the lead in directing light into form. In this critical time of the Pluto transit, the old structures are dissolving while the higher octave of cardinal earth-sign Capricorn is directing us in creating new structures that more appropriately serve our future selves as spiritual, soul-centered beings.

In a sense, this is a homecoming. It is an awakening to the truth of who we really are as spiritual beings having a human experience. This oft-quoted statement is, for most of us at this stage in our evolution, just a nice idea. We hear the words, but is it really the truth of our experience? Do we experience ourselves as a spiritual being in a physical body? This is where we begin to enter the deeper mysteries of Capricorn.

Capricorn is said to be the sign of the disciple or initiate, which indicates Capricorn’s significant role in our spiritual awakening or ascension.1 Three animal symbols – the goat, crocodile and unicorn – are sometimes used to depict the stages of our spiritual ascent through Capricorn.

At the foot of the mountain the goat, the materialist, seeks for nourishment in arid places. The scapegoat on the way up finds the flowers of attained desire, each with its own thorn of satiety and disillusionment. At the top of the mountain the sacred goat sees the vision and the initiate appears. In other writings the symbols are the goat, the crocodile and the unicorn.2

We are told that there are two great gateways in the Zodiac.1 Cancer is the gateway into the physical, and Capricorn is the gateway into the spiritual. As we evolve spiritually and resolve the Capricorn-Cancer polarity into one, we fully experience spirit as physical matter. We will experience and know physical matter to be light, the light of God.

At the moment we can consider the idea of physical matter as light, but at this stage of our evolution it really is just an idea. We cannot really see physical matter and light as anything other than separate. Yet scientists are beginning to create physical matter from light,3 so we are beginning to touch upon the true mysteries of Capricorn: the process of creation and the true alchemy of light that is hidden deep within this mysterious sign!

Our current so-called “real-world” – the manmade world that has been imposed upon, pollutes and drains the natural world – is an expression of lower Capricorn consciousness, exploiting natural resources for personal gain. The highest vibration of Capricorn will honor and acknowledge the Earth, recognizing humanity’s true role as sacred custodians of the Earth. To reach this high octave, Capricorn needs to fully integrate the highest compassion and Unity Consciousness of Cancer.

At the moment, while the world is self-serving, greedy, and politically unstable, it would be dangerous for us to have the full power of Capricorn in our hands. We would be like children playing with matches, causing unimaginable devastation. So we can see how the integration of Capricorn-Cancer and a wise spiritual maturity is needed before we can fully realize the implications of Capricorn’s highest octave.

It is time for us to grow up and care for our environment, to put systems into place that will preserve the life and health of this planet and its inhabitants for future generations. This is the purpose behind the healing Pluto-Capricorn transit.

Unto Prometheus, O Hercules, you are asked to be a savior.
Go down into the depths, and there upon the outer planes
release him from his suffering.
Having heard and understood, the son of man
who was also a son of God, embarked upon this quest…

There is much hidden meaning in the above verse. In mythology, Prometheus was banished to Hades for stealing the fire of the Gods. This could be an analogy for our sacred Kundalini energy and the misuse of our sacred life-force energy for worldly (outer) gain. Capricorn realizes her true power when she turns her attention inward, integrates Cancerian energy, and directs her light for the good of all.

If you have Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, you are here to shine your light through the darkness during these vital times. Will you lose yourself in the concrete manmade material realm, believing only what your eyes see? Or will you expand your perception to worlds within worlds, shine your light, and build a healthy future that heals our Earth Mother by reuniting her with the people? Capricorn, you are an engineer of light … and it is time to shine.




1. Esoteric Astrology, The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice A. Bailey.
2. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice A. Bailey
3. “Scientists Use Light To Create Particles.”


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Weekly Forecast December 26: Sun Conjunct Pluto, Moon in Aries

© Pat Paquette, 2011.

As the Sun stands still, life has slowed down and is starting to return to some semblance of balance. At the same time, a shift is occurring, and that means constantly shifting our response to stay in balance – kind of like walking on a tight rope.

The New Moon on Christmas Eve was a milestone for many, especially for those of you with emphasis in your natal chart on the early cardinal signs. The degrees from 0 to 4 Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn were activated for most of 2010 and 2011, thanks to the cardinal T-square that reached its height in July and August of 2010. Although that configuration has long since broken up, Uranus is still at 0 Aries, indicating that the changes that began happening back then continue to unfold.

For some, the unfolding happened at breakneck speed, disrupting your entire life. For others, the changes have been painfully slow, causing you to wonder whether you’re ever going to reach your new destination. Well, take heart, because the next four weeks look especially promising for some of the goodies to show up on your doorstep. With Jupiter’s return direct today (December 25), all ten planets now are moving forward. That’s right, no one is retrograde, not until Mars shifts into reverse on January 23! This is a magical time, when we can cover a lot of ground and accomplish much.

This week, the Sun aligns with Pluto, who’s now at 7 degrees Capricorn. If you have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant at 5-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, this week may be pivotal. Even for those who don’t have planets or key chart points in these degrees, you probably know what natal house Pluto is transiting and where your life is being transformed.

In describing Pluto’s cycle, I like to tell the story of the dead raccoon on the side of the road I used to walk along when I first came to Vashon in December of 2004. Our winters are mild here, but the weather is chilly and wet – perfect for rotting. I walked by that raccoon for weeks and was amazed that he remained intact – or so I thought. After seeing no outward change all that time, one day I walked by, and his entire structure had collapsed. Within a couple of days, there was nothing but a dark, soupy blob to indicate that he’d ever been there.

That is how Pluto works. You may not see the changes on the outside, but one day you wake up to find the entire structure of something in your life – a relationship, a job, a cause – disintegrated. It’s depressing at first, because you feel powerless. I encourage my clients to think of it as the rotting and composting cycle. The energy that is released through the death of someone or something is now free to manifest into something new, to be reborn. In the cycle of nature, that typically happens in the spring, at the Aries point. And, as it so happens, that’s where Uranus, the Awakener, currently is positioned.

The Sun crosses Pluto on Thursday. On Saturday, the Moon enters Aries, immediately conjoins Uranus, and then moves through the degrees of the cardinal T-square until she, too, makes contact with Pluto. In doing so, she carries forward the energy of Uranus to Pluto. In 2012, there will be two exact squares between these outer planets, one of which symbolizes change through slow transformation and the other of which represents sudden change through revolution. The global rebellion that already has begun to occur in reflection of this powerful aspect will become even stronger, as a new order seeks to displace the old, corrupt (rotten) system.

How are old, worn-out structures in your life rotting away so that fresh, new ways of thinking and being can emerge? And what can you do to put that compost where it will do the most good? Where can you use it to fertilize new ideas, new directions?

The only other major aspect this week is a square from Mercury to Mars next Sunday (late Saturday on the West Coast of the United States). This aspect also occurred on December 4 and is repeating, due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. That it’s occurring again on New Year’s Eve is significant, in that Mercury and Mars will be retrograde in mutual reception in March. In other words, whatever you’re arguing about now likely will remain a contentious issue through the middle of April. Ironically, my Llewellyn’s 2011 Planetary Guide contains a typo, putting Mercury in Aries on New Year’s Eve, even though he’s correctly placed in Sagittarius the day before. It’s almost as if the universe is sending a message to be prepared to keep fighting for the truth, and don’t let anyone try to confuse you by overwhelming you with details.

Hoist your sails, mates, and take advantage of this cosmic fair wind!

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Capricorn-Cancer: The Creation of Heaven on Earth, Part I

It’s Saturn-day and Christmas Eve. What could be more fitting than this marvellous treatment by Ruth of Capricorn in Soul Astrology? Indeed, Saturn – Capricorn’s planetary ruler in Western astrology – was more of a “Santa Claus” for the ancient Romans than Jupiter, the planet we associate with abundance and joy. The Roman Saturnalia, celebrated at the winter solstice, even included gift-giving and parades.

On that note, I turn you over to Ruth’s excellent post, with best holiday wishes, no matter what spiritual tradition you follow. ~Pat.

Mount Shuksan at dusk. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Capricorn is the great resource manager of the Zodiac. The sign of Capricorn is associated with business, accounting, banking, finance, governance, authority, ambition and achievement through practical, diligent, precise and methodical application of one’s energy. One could be forgiven for thinking that the sign of Capricorn is the most practical, down-to-Earth sign of them all. This is quite true and, at one and the same time, it is also the most mysterious and esoteric sign, because the true mysteries of Capricorn remain deeply hidden. Welcome to the enigmatic world of Capricorn.

“The light of life must now shine forth within a world of dark”1
~ Alice A. Bailey

The Tibetan2 tells us that Capricorn is the least understood of all the Zodiac signs, because humanity does not yet have the consciousness to comprehend its true meaning at this stage of our evolution. He also explains how the true symbol for Capricorn has never been drawn because of its power: it is the signature of God. According to the Tibetan, Capricorn is the sign of Christ Consciousness.

Does this mean that every Capricorn we meet has the spiritual awareness of Christ? Of course not. However, there is a clue to the deeper mysteries of Capricorn in the idea that Capricorn is at the same time associated with both the consciousness of Christ and the material world. In our spiritual development, Capricorn is where we learn to use spiritual resources and deeply imbue physical matter with spiritual energy.

Capricorn season is the time of year when the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is farthest from the Sun. Winter Solstice is a time when northern cultures traditionally held major festivals to celebrate the return of the light. It is no accident that the birth of Christ is also celebrated at this time and was heralded by a bright star.

Capricorn is the farthest point into matter that light has travelled thus far. So our Capricorn friends can be forgiven if they seem deeply rooted in the concrete material world – they are – and yet they have whole universes to bridge with their light.

Hidden deep within the mysteries of Capricorn are vast, undiscovered, metaphysical sciences. Sacred arts, including sacred geometry and alchemy are just the tip of the iceberg. Capricorn is the sign of precision engineering, and while many Capricorns do indeed use their innate knowledge of physical matter to engineer the physical realm, the highest octave of Capricorn involves engineering light. Capricorn is here to utilize spiritual resources to build heaven on Earth and beyond! But Capricorn can never access this highest potential with her nose stuck in an accounting book.

Many spiritual traditions consider those who only believe what their eyes can see to have limited capacity for spiritual development.3 This is the ego trap of Capricorn: becoming so deeply focused on concrete, tangible results that she forgets to acknowledge the deepest wisdom of her other senses. Capricorn needs to acknowledge all her sense perceptions if she is to awaken not only to higher awareness, but to higher skill and capacity as an engineer of light, masterfully utilizing spiritual resources for the benefit of all sentient beings. In order to realize her higher mind, potential, and greatest capacity, Capricorn needs the multisensory capability of her polar opposite, Cancer.

Whereas Cancer embodies empathy and emotional intelligence at the personality level, our Capricorn friend has the unfortunate reputation of sometimes being the most ruthless sign of all. It is as though, in her diligent focus on getting through the business of the day, she is able to take into account and audit all the tangibles of a situation, while forgetting the very reason why resources need to be managed in the first place: to ensure that all creatures have opportunities for growth. A fully integrated Capricorn senses what will be needed by all, takes everything into account, and with great care, respect and compassion, moves mountains to make sure all needs are covered.

Cardinal energy is the pioneering energy of creation that initiates change and ushers in new ways of being and doing. Earth signs are all about mastery of the physical. So, as the cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is all about creating new ways of mastering our physical realm – how we utilize our energy and physical resources for the highest good. It is no accident that the cardinal earth sign is associated with governance and authority.

At the moment, we are experiencing a transit of Pluto through Capricorn, which began in November 2008 and lasts until 2023. These are very important times we are living through. Many of the political and governmental upheavals that we are experiencing are a result of the transformational energy of Pluto being in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto is known as the great revealer. It breaks down old systems that are no longer working and reveals that which is hidden by bringing it to the light for healing.

Pluto is revealing to us where we have created governmental and financial systems from a low-vibration Capricorn perspective, which was so off balance that it became possible for us to “use and abuse” Earth’s resources ruthlessly for personal gain. During this transit, we have the opportunity to transform by accessing the highest octave of Capricorn, which pioneers new ways of sharing and relating to Earth’s resources by bringing in the compassionate energy of her polar opposite, Cancer.

The healing and balancing of the Capricorn-Cancer polarity is what we are currently experiencing. The Pluto-Capricorn transit is calling us up to heighten our awareness and to access the highest octave of Capricorn for the good of all. At the end of this transit, Capricorn-Cancer will have created new ways of being in the world that honor, respect, and nurture all sentient beings, ensuring everything is taken into account (including the needs of the Earth herself) to build healthy, harmonious, sustainable futures for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

In Part 2, we go deeper into Capricorn’s Soul journey and explore her significance as a custodian of the Earth.




1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspectiv, by Alice A. Bailey
2. Esoteric Astrology. The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice A. Bailey.
3. Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, by Lama Anagarika Govinda.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Weekly Forecast December 22: New Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter Direct

© Vasiliy Koval for

Whew! That was one bad-ass Mercury retrograde. I’m sure you will join me in gratitude that it’s over.

Unfortunately, life didn’t turn around immediately, as I expected it would. It was almost as if people had a Mercury retrograde hangover. It took me a couple of days to clean up the mess, and then I had to sleep off a grueling academic quarter. I just now am starting to feel like I’m re-entering the real world – although, after two eclipses, it’s not the same world I left.

Reflecting on the past three months and on what comes next, I was able to connect the dots of events over the past two years. Although it’s true in general that we wouldn’t be where we are now if events in our lives hadn’t happened in the specific order that they did, there seems to have been something unique about the period since the cardinal T-square began ramping up in the spring of 2010. The tests and trials we encountered appear to have been precise in their design. For example, one of my classmates was about to get accepted into a prestigious art school in the summer of 2010, and the door suddenly closed, only for another to open in the spring of 2011, when she switched to film school. Incidentally, this young woman has strong early cardinal energy in her chart. Those of you with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn likely have similar stories.

In any case, we crossed a threshold during the eclipses, and now that Mercury is direct, we’re seeing a new reality. Or, perhaps it’s the same reality from a broader perspective. That’s definitely within the scope of Sagittarius, seeker of the Truth. Be prepared to see an even larger piece of the picture when the Sun crosses over the degree of the Galactic Center early Monday morning (2:27 a.m. EST). The portal is open for a giant leap in consciousness. The rest of the week is equally momentous, culminating with a groundbreaking New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas Eve and Jupiter’s return direct on Christmas Day.

While conjunct the GC, the Sun sextiles Saturn in Libra on Monday and Neptune in Aquarius on Tuesday. The key to successfully visualizing what you want and manifesting it into reality is knowing your purpose and following your path. I can’t help but think of the words in the Lord’s Prayer, “thy will be done.” Change the concept of the Christian God to a neutral universe in which we collectively upload and download, and then think about where your individual Will comes from. Incidentally, this is the same Will that Crowley was talking about when he said, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” (I’m not a Crowley fan, but I appreciate the concept.)

Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday and immediately squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus. This is great energy for holiday parties at the office and among friends, and while some overindulgence is a given, take care not to go too far overboard. That goes for last-minute shopping, too. I’m a big believer in “less is more” when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Give gifts that are simple and meaningful and that create a heart connection between you and the recipient of your generosity.

Thursday is Solstice, with the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn (late Wednesday on the West Coast of the United States). In itself, it represents a shift, from dark to light. Given the recent eclipses and events leading up to them – including an eclipse last year just hours before Solstice – there’s no doubt that we’re in a magical time of awakening, when the light is “reborn” – light being a symbol of consciousness.

Speaking of which, this seems as good a time as any to mention the so-called 2012 alignment – you know, the one that’s supposed to happen on Dec. 21, 2012. In fact, that alignment happened already. Because the galactic equator isn’t an exact spot in space, the alignment occurs over several years. We’re in it now and will still be in it next year. However, most astronomers agree that it was closest to exact in 1998. For many of us who have been observing the evolution of human consciousness, 1998 was a pivotal year. What we’re experiencing now is clearly an outgrowth of that cosmic shift, and this week’s solstice is another important milestone.

Shortly after entering Capricorn, the Sun trines Jupiter and squares Uranus, both on Thursday. Both aspects are activated by the New Moon, so I’ll turn my attention toward this significant event.

Chart for New Moon in Capricorn

Click on image to enlarge

The New Moon, at 1:06 p.m. EST on Saturday, falls at 2°34′ Capricorn – right about the degree that Pluto occupied during the summer of 2010, when the cardinal T-square was in full force. Meanwhile, Saturn was in early Libra, and Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in early Aries. In other words, this New Moon is significantly linked to the T-square. The big difference is that Saturn has moved on, and so we don’t have the obstacles and constraints we experienced back then.

Better still, Jupiter is now in early Taurus, in a harmonious earth trine with Pluto. What’s more, he’s coming out of his annual four-month retrograde. Planetary energies are most powerful when planets are stationed to shift direction, and earth signs are about manifestation on the material plane. I interpret this configuration as a free flow of the rewards we felt so close to attaining in the second half of 2010 but that continued to elude us, no matter how hard we tried or how much we suffered and sacrificed.

That’s not to say there won’t be disruption. As you can see in the chart, the New Moon is at a jarring square to Uranus, in the same degrees of early Aries he occupied in the summer of 2010. As I’m so fond of saying, change by definition is disorienting, even when it’s overwhelmingly positive. The more sweeping it is, the more disrupted your life will be.

The New Moon also makes a favorable sextile to Chiron, conjunct Vesta in early Pisces. In Pisces, Chiron reflects wounds from our individual and collective past. It’s no accident that so many people are beginning to have an awareness of other lifetimes (often called “past lives”). Manilius, an astrologer writing in the 1st century CE, considered Vesta as the patron deity of Capricorn. Virgin goddess of the home and hearth, Vesta occupied a special place in Roman society and was called upon whenever new communities formed. What is happening if not the formation of a new global collective without geopolitical, racial, ethnic, or religious boundaries? Vesta conjunct Chiron in Pisces also reminds us of our “spiritual home.” We are active on the material plane, but there is a deeper, unseen reality – that bigger picture that more and more of us are beginning to see and feel.

Not to neglect Mars, the warrior currently is moving on his own, with no major aspects at this New Moon. However, he is in his pre-retrograde shadow, making rumbling noises through Mercury, planet of communications. If you find yourself overly critical, perhaps even starting an argument when you believe someone to be lacking in some way, stop and think about whether you could get your message across without being so blunt. Directness does have its place, and it can save a lot of time and wasted energy. However, sometimes a little sugar can get you what you want faster. It’s your call.

Wishing you all abundance, joy, and hearts full of love during this magical season,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. StarGuide Winter 2012 forecasts are now available. If you want to reserve a place on the list, don’t wait to order! I’ve got an increasing backlog of reports, and right now there’s an estimated wait time of 5-7 days. To those of you waiting for reports and consultation follow-up notes, I am grateful for your patience and understanding. I’m slowly making my way through the backlog while nursing a persistent cold and catching up on much-needed sleep.

Weekly Forecast December 12: Mercury Direct, Venus Square Saturn

When conditions are right, beauty can pop up overnight. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

I probably don’t have to tell you that this has been the mother of all Mercury retrogrades. Your list of crazy happenings might be even longer than mine.

In fact, I’m going to have to make this a very fast blog post, because I’m heading into finals week with three major projects due and a final exam tomorrow morning. On top of that, I was just getting over the cold that was going around, and yesterday I got it again. Starting from the top all over, same sore throat for a day, followed by congestion and pressure in the head that makes you want to explode. I guess Mercury didn’t think I did it right the first time around. Other than my brain actually exploding, I’m not sure how to convince him that I’ve aced the cold and am ready to graduate to the next virus.

Everyone in my film editing class is going nuts. Nothing is working as anticipated, and many of the glitches are things we haven’t learned how to troubleshoot yet. Of course. And, of course, we’re all on deadline. I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own stories. Speaking of which, my apologies for not responding to the comments on the previous post. I did read them and took note.

The good news is that once Mercury returns direct on Tuesday, I expect that we’re all going to see some fast and furious changes, and I believe they will be mostly positive, even if there is some disruption. Change is like that – especially fast change. Remember, Uranus has just returned direct, and we had two eclipses. All we’re waiting for now is for Mercury to get his act together and to start flying right. I’ll be interested in hearing how your world blasts open in the second half of the week.

That said, Sunday’s Venus-Saturn square could be somewhat of a downer. If you recently had a breakup, you may feel especially sad. It’s also possible that you’ll need to wrap up and resolve some loose ends with your ex, which is never comfortable. Now, for some of you, there may be a new commitment. Still, whenever Saturn is involved, joy is tempered with a sense of responsibility. In some case, it could be very heavy – for example, committing to someone with a serious illness or a difficult child. Some relationships require heroic love.

I hate to rush, but there’s not a whole lot more to say about this week, anyway. For me, it’s several more hours of homework before catching a few hours of sleep to haul my sorry, congested head out of bed at 5:30. I’ll write more next week.

In the meantime, wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Sagittarius-Gemini: Silence… and the Love of Wisdom, Part 2

Detail of "School of Athens," by Raphael, 1510. Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

Part of the Sagittarius ego trap, is to become lost in the intellectual realm and fail to realize the next stage of his evolution: accessing intuition through the Higher Mind. Too much intellectual processing leads to analysis paralysis. Mentally going around in circles can be very deceptive. In the illusion that one is getting somewhere or resolving a problem, one may simply be unproductively wasting time and energy.

The centipede was happy quite,
Until a toad in fun
Said: “Pray, which leg goes after which?”
This worked his mind to such a pitch,
He lay distracted in a ditch,
Considering how to run.

~Ogden Nash

Using the intellect as a basis, releasing dogma, accessing intuition, and translating that into wise action is the healthiest pathway for Sagittarius if he is to avoid falling by the wayside and being distracted by things outside of himself in an endless intellectual loop like the centipede in the above rhyme!

One of the most important lessons Sagittarius will learn is that he will never find wisdom outside of himself. His true Soul journey is one of going within, but this is often difficult for our lovely fun-loving, gregarious, affable and sociable friend. He is such a lover of life that there are many things outside of himself to distract him from his journey. The symbolism of the Archer pointing his arrow at the target is symbolic of Sagittarius’s search for the real goal: the search for his Soul, wherein he will find his highest truth and wisdom.

[quote cite=”Marcus Aurelius”]Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth

The above profound quote from Marcus Aurelius brings the realization that wisdom and truth cannot be found outside of ourselves. The need for silence, both internally and externally, which enables us to go within and identify the subtle pathways that lead to this inner wisdom, is emphasized under the sign of Sagittarius. According to Alice Bailey:

Sagittarius is the sign preparatory to Capricorn and it is called in some ancient books “the sign of silence.” In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had to sit in silence, he was not allowed to walk or speak; he had to be, to work and to watch, because one cannot enter the fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual kingdom, or climb the mountain of Capricorn, until there has been restraint of speech and control of thought. That is the lesson of Sagittarius: restraint of speech through control of thought.1

The fully integrated Sagittarius knows that true wisdom is to be found in the silence. If Sagittarius is to become master of his actions, he needs to realize this wisdom: beyond words – beyond mental concepts – beyond his own intellect. He needs to go within and access the silent wisdom of his heart and Soul which whispers to him through the language of intuition. In order to do this, he needs to release dogma by accessing the all-embracing wisdom of his opposite pole, Gemini, which will allow him to consider alternate perspectives, prevent him from getting lost down a rabbit hole, and, most importantly, give him the skill of placing his attention on his inner world.

Once he has turned his attention within, accessing the multifaceted awareness of Gemini, Sagittarius will recognise his own multi-dimensional nature, access the higher wisdom of multiple intelligences (beyond intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence!), and find his Truth.

[quote cite=”Alice Bailey”]The flame that gleams beyond the mind reveals direction sure.[/quote]

In terms of the Soul’s journey through the Zodiac, Sagittarius has been described as a chrysalis stage.1 Once a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis, everything inside dissolves into fluid and is reconstructed into a butterfly. Contrary to popular myth, this is not a latent phase of development but indeed a very clear, powerful and active stage. After all is broken down and turned to fluid in Scorpio, the “three aspects of Divinity” become visible, and the way forward is known.1

It is said that there are gifts in the three fire signs of the Zodiac: the gift of existence in Aries, the gift of opportunity through individuality in Leo, and the gift of power in Sagittarius.1 Although Scorpio is indeed a powerful sign, it is actually in Sagittarius that this power becomes potent through “right direction.” This is a vital stage in our Soul’s development, which eventually leads to the birth of Christ Consciousness in Capricorn.

There are magical Universes to explore, Sagittarius. Will you become a prisoner of your own philosophy and, like the Spanish Inquisition, limit yourself with mental concepts? Or will your love of wisdom permit you to turn your attention inward, and give yourself the highest freedom: the freedom to broaden your horizons and explore every facet of your multidimensional Being beyond your own mind? Pick up your bow and arrow and set your sights on your inner goal. Sagittarius, the adventure of your lifetime begins here!



1. The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective by Alice Bailey


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Weekly Forecast December 5: Uranus Direct, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

The monolith from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi breakthrough, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I keep telling myself that the universe was born out of chaos.

This has been my mantra for the past two weeks, which have been nothing if not chaotic. The week ahead is going to be even more so, with Uranus turning direct this Saturday less than eight hours before a lunar eclipse in Gemini. If any one planet spells chaos, it’s Uranus, bringer of upsets, surprises, and general mayhem. Gemini, meanwhile, is ruled by Mercury, a lower octave of Uranus.

Mercury also happens to be retrograde for another week – he turns direct on the 13th – and what a performance he has given us so far! Maybe if we nominate him for an Oscar now, he won’t feel obliged to keep up appearances for our sake. I’ve been “entertained” quite enough, thank you very much. Some of the things I’ve done have been shocking – and embarrassing. Can I tell my instructor that I lost a vital piece of equipment because Mercury was retrograde?

Eclipses can be chaotic events in and of themselves. Typically, we experience some kind of rapid change around the time of eclipses, sometimes within a matter of days, but sometimes not for another 30 or 60 days – another one or two lunar cycles. Sometimes, we even experience our “eclipse event” before the actual eclipse. However, this time around, I suspect the change will arrive within a week or two after the Full Moon, and it will correspond in some way to the solar eclipse on November 25. Check your chart (or your StarGuide December forecast) to see where the eclipse occurred. Then look at the opposite house and check what you’ve got going on there. Your “news” could come in an area governed by either house. You’ll be affected most if the eclipses are in an angular house – the first, tenth, seventh and fourth.

For example, if the solar eclipse fell in your tenth house and the lunar eclipse is in your fourth, you might hear about a new job, and it could require you to move or to spend a lot of time away from your family. However, with Mercury still in “reverse,” your actual start date might be delayed until after the first of the year. Indeed, let’s hope it is, because you really wouldn’t want to sign an employment contract or any other kind of contract while Mercury is retrograde. Also, if your eclipse event is an ending of some kind that makes you sad – for example, breaking up with a partner – you may need to let it go for good. Events that happen near eclipses seem to have a sense of purpose and permanence.

Chart for Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Click on image to enlarge

In general, synchronicities continue to pop out all over. Every day, I hear a new tale or two about amazing “coincidences” with nearly impossible odds of happening. This is how you “see” invisible planetary energies. They manifest as events, people, and situations. You just need to learn to recognize the patterns. I liken it to the visual puzzles that used to appear in the comics section of the newspaper. Figures were hidden within drawings, and you had to turn the image around every which way to be able to find them. What was so amazing about the illusion was that some people could see it instantly, and others couldn’t see it, even with someone pointing it out to them. That pretty much sums up my take on the invisible energies coursing through our universe. Before we can learn to use them to our advantage, we have to learn to see them.

Speaking of which, here is this week’s outlook:

On Monday, Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo – two earth signs known for diligence and practicality. It doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? Then, there’s something to be said for doing it over and over again until you get it right. On the same day, the Moon in bold Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. Don’t even ask who gets to be on top (hint: Capricorn is sometimes symbolized by a mountain goat).

Saturday is the big day, with Uranus, the Awakener, waking up in the dynamic sign of Aries and ready to make up for lost time during all those months when he was retrograde. If you’ve needed a shakeup in your life, this could be your moment. Shakeups usually aren’t comfortable, but there’s no faster way to get where you want to be.

The eclipse occurs at 9:36 a.m. on the East Coast of the United States, 6:36 a.m. on the West Coast. We might get to see a bit of it here, if the clouds part long enough.

The weekend and the beginning of next week may be slow, but once Mercury returns direct on December 13, prepare to move forward at warp speed! Until then, keep your nerve … and keep your eye on the prize.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Sagittarius-Gemini: Silence… and the Love of Wisdom (Part 1)

Detail of "School of Athens," by Raphael, 1510. Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

The sign of Sagittarius is associated with fun, gregariousness, optimism, friendliness, generosity, teaching, knowledge, philosophy and spiritual seeking. Welcome to the sign of great sages, wise men (and women), and spiritual teachers.

So does every Sagittarian we meet carry the wisdom of Solomon? Not exactly … or, at least, not yet. Let’s just say they are on their way!

Known as the great philosophers of the Zodiac, our Sagittarian friends have a thirst for knowledge. They may not necessarily be hanging out in the halls of academia (although many are!) but nevertheless they are driven by a need to understand the Universe and everything in it. The thirst for wisdom is innate in every Sagittarian. Indeed the term “philosopher” comes from the ancient Greek words philos (love of) and Sophia (wisdom).

Esoterically, Sagittarius is the first of the “signs of service,” 1 and the fully integrated Sagittarian is here to “uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom.”2 The highest octave of Sagittarius resonates with ultimate truth, freedom, and our highest spiritual goals, but before he can reach them, our Sagittarian friend needs to transcend the ego traps of the Sagittarian personality. To do that, he needs the ecclectic, all-embracing wisdom of his polar opposite, Gemini.

Mutable energy is all about change, and fire signs are all about mastery of action. As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is here to change the way we do things.” We can see how the word “philosophy” becomes distorted at the personality level so that, rather than simply being a love of wisdom, having a philosophy becomes about having a prescription for how we “should” live our lives. This is a clue to the lower ego trap of Sagittarius.

Spain is ruled by Sagittarius, and it is said that the Spanish Inquisition (A medieval religious tribunal where many people were tortured and killed to “test” their affiliation to the Catholic Church) was a manifestation of lower octave Sagittarius. At its highest octave, Sagittarius brings us truth and freedom and sets us on our spiritual path; at its lowest octave, Sagittarius can erroneously create belief systems and impose them on others. It is indeed a Sagittarian ego-trap to fervently pursue one mental concept to the exclusion of all others, in the mistaken belief that he has found the Truth. This then becomes dogma.

The term “philosophy” has been attributed to Pythagoras, who, it is said, could hear the music of the spheres. In the Pythagorean school, students were required to undertake daily self-examination.. This meant a process of going within and observing the esoteric processes within one’s own body, speech, and mind. Pythagoras knew that real wisdom is to be found by going within, rather than studying things outside of ourselves. True wisdom is also to be found beyond words:

[quote cite=”Lin Yutang”]He who talks about truth injures it thereby;
He who tries to prove it thereby maims and distorts it;
He who gives it a label and a school of thought kills it;
And He who declares himself a believer buries it.


The true mastery that is required of Sagittarius is to turn his attention inwards and master his own thoughts, words, and deeds. Symbolised by the Archer, it is quite typical of Sagittarian energy to latch onto one goal, purpose, or idea, and get totally lost down that rabbit hole, blinded to all that is around him. By accessing the diffuse, eclectic energy of his opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius learns to consider all the options, be less one-sided, and become aware of the multidimensional facets of life. By going within and realizing the multidimensional aspect of his true nature, Sagittarius eventually learns to discern truth from opinion, and finds that which he is seeking: true love-wisdom.

The Tibetan (Master Djwal Khul) explains how humanity is currently evolving in conscious awareness from instinct, through intellect, to intuition.1 The intellect is a necessary part of our evolution. It allowed us to transcend instinct, or our animal “urges,” and create civilizations. Yet, following intellectual pursuits keeps our attention outside of ourselves. Now that Sagittarius has used his intellect to free himself from the everyday burden of instinct – physically hunting for food – his next step is to go within and explore his intuitive realm.



1. Esoteric Astrology, The wisdom of the Tibetan (Master DK), channelled through Alice A. Bailey.
2. Esoteric Astrology: The Journey Of The Soul, by Candy Hillenbrand. View online at A Place in Space.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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Weekly Forecast November 28: Venus Conjunct Pluto, Sun Square Mars

Cold November rain. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Mercury retrograde is in full swing, no doubt about it. The traffic hasn’t been too bad here (OK, I didn’t say that) but communications have been a nightmare. I’ve had to remind myself several times a day of my maxim that otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things while Mercury is retrograde.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that no real damage will be done before the little biter has returned direct – in other words, no permanent breakups, at least not due to misunderstandings.

That said, there are going to be irreparable rifts. That’s not so much due to Mercury but to the eclipses. If you had a sudden breakup, or even a not-so-sudden one (you probably saw it coming) that occurred within a few days of last Friday’s eclipse, get used to the idea that it’s over. Events that occur near eclipses usually are final. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the finality is good news. The way is cleared for you to move forward. Often we don’t realize how we hold ourselves back by hanging onto relationships, situations, or things. I once had a dream that I was sitting on bleachers in a wide open field, and suddenly a fierce wind started blowing. I hung on for dear life, hands clutching the metal benches, feet flying up in the air. And a voice said, “Let go.” I did, and I flew through the air, just kept going, to nowhere in particular. That is the disconcerting part about letting go. There may not be something else to hang onto – at least not right away. You may need to get comfortable being neither here nor there, at least in this two-week period between eclipses.

Yet, even while we’re adrift, synchronicities are happening, and lots of them. That’s our clue that we’re not in Kansas anymore. The synchronicities in my own life have been astonishing. Last week, I met another Patricia Paquette. She works upstairs from my main classroom. What are the chances that you’re going to have two of us in the same city, let alone in the same building? Even more freaky, we may be related, albeit many times removed.

Looking at the week day by day, there’s not a whole lot going on in the first half of the week. On Thursday, Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. I can’t help thinking of Lady Gaga’s mutation of Nazi, Borg and nun. In a word, kinky. For those of us with more pedestrian sensibilities, the thing to be alert for is a subconscious desire to control and manipulate. Of course, if it’s subconscious, how do you know it’s there? All I can say is, stay mindful.

On Friday, the Sun, Moon, and Mars form a three-way, also known as a mutable T-square. This is nitpicky and just plain icky. I may just sit in the back in class, pull my hat over my head, and not talk to anyone. Then, I can’t do that for three days, which is how long the toxic cloud is going to waft about. On Sunday, the Sun and Mars conjoin retrograde Mercury. More misunderstandings, and more aggressive ones, too. Don’t be surprised if someone shows up with a list of all your faults. Should that happen, do your best not to engage. It’s hard not to take it personally when someone is pushing your buttons, but trust me, you’ll be thankful later for not getting into it with them. Be bigger than they are. If they add that to the list, be bigger still.

My goal will be just to make it through the week intact. But I’ll have some extra Band-Aids on hand, just in case.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Weekly Forecast November 21: Mercury Retrograde, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Shifting dimensions. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Before transformation can occur, the existing matrix needs to break apart. Whether we’re talking about cosmic forces, societal patterns, or individual minds, there needs to be a breakdown, with all its messy chaos, before a breakthrough to a new order can take place.

The planets are aligned this week for that breakdown and chaos to take place. There may be breakthroughs, too – in fact, a good many of us likely will experience positive shifts – but some will have to stew in chaos for a bit before the transformation takes place. “A bit” could be a few days or, more probably, a few weeks, while the eclipses kick up the allegorical dust and retrograde Mercury revises the mental order.

It’s scary, to be sure, but it’s exciting, too! We all say we want change, right? Well, this is what it takes to get it. Change, no matter how positive, rarely happens without a certain amount of pain and discomfort.

Taking the week chronologically, there’s a lull in the action on Monday and then a torrent of activity on Tuesday, when the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is our moment of Truth with a capital “T.” The Archer’s arrow is swift and to the point, which is why it can hurt so much. With Mercury stationed and ready to turn retrograde on Thursday, a lot of truth may come spilling out at the most inconvenient times. The Sun’s square with Chiron in Pisces (exact on Wednesday) isn’t going to help soften the blow. Do try to keep your tongue in check. It’s the best way to keep your foot out of your mouth. Then, sometimes the truth needs to be said, and damn the consequences. Only you can know which is the right approach for the circumstances in which you find yourself. Likewise, if someone else gives you a piece of painful truth, don’t shoot the messenger. Once you get over the initial sting, you might even want to give him flowers.

Speaking of flowers, Venus makes a lovely sextile on Tuesday with Saturn in Libra. This is a perfect day to commit to those you love. You might want to have a frank discussion about things that have been bothering you. However, go easy, and don’t push for a resolution immediately. Mercury’s impending turn in reverse won’t allow for it, anyway. There’s nothing wrong with deep contemplation over time. One of my clients calls it “marinating,” which conjures up some funny images in my mind (is the pool I’m sitting in vegetarian or with sausage?). Partnerships are excellent for confronting personal issues, because when you’re committed to someone in this way, you can’t go running off when your stuff is in your face. And it’s usually in your face pretty fast, especially if you’ve already done a fair amount of personal work.

Wednesday gets my vote for the most interesting and exciting day of the week. I expect a fair share of traffic deadlocks and communications delays, thanks to Mercury’s station. However, the Sun forms a lovely fire trine with Uranus, while Mars in earthy Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is at a highly sensitive point, as he, too, is stationed. He’s currently retrograde and will return direct on December 9, just before the Full Moon eclipse and Mercury’s return direct. This tells me that we may get a hint of something wonderful this week, but the actual reward may be another couple of weeks away. In the meantime, do what has to be done to get what you want. Just don’t try to force results. Let events unfold on their own, and you won’t be disappointed.

Mercury officially turns retrograde on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving in the United States. I’ve cautioned before about family gatherings while Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius. If you don’t want to choke on your meal or go home with a giant bellyache, stay away from discussions about politics and religion. You might even be skating on thin ice talking about the weather, but I guess it’s not polite to stare down at your plate and not make some polite conversation. The sextile between Venus and Neptune will help. What I’d do with this would be to retire to the living room for a feel-good movie as soon as the cleaning up is done. You can even have second piece of pumpkin pie and a little extra whipped cream spiked with brandy.

Chart for Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Click on image to enlarge

Friday is eclipse day. The chart analysis essentially is my analysis of the week, so I won’t repeat it all here, other than to remind you again that this eclipse is mostly favorably aspected, so the shifts that take place should be positive, depending on where the Sun and Moon land in your natal chart. If they make seriously difficult angles to sensitive points in your chart, you could have a more tumultuous ride than others. Still, I think that any clouds surrounding this eclipse will have a silver lining. On the downside, the Sun and Moon will be square Mars in Virgo, one of the two signs ruled by Mercury. I don’t see this aspect as disastrous in and of itself. It simply may be yet another indication that you’ll need to be very patient in the next two-to-three weeks for your due.

Saturday is an astrologically busy day, as Venus enters Capricorn, putting her in mutual reception with Saturn. Mutual reception, you’ll recall, occurs when two planets are in signs ruled by the other. Again, I think this bodes very well for commitments in close relationships, as you are more able to understand how balance doesn’t necessarily exist in any given moment. There are times when one partner gives more and the other takes, and then the scales tip in the other direction. Balance may take place over time, and you may need to endure periods of sacrifice. The trick is knowing when the balance is so far tipped in one direction that you either need to take radical action to right it or walk away.

Over the weekend, Venus squares Uranus, sextiles Chiron, and trines Jupiter, and she’s reinforced by her sister, the Moon, also in Capricorn. I’m always hesitant to recommend significant discussions while Mercury is retrograde, but it’s quite possible that you may get an opportunity this weekend to go back over unresolved issues and find your higher ground. At least, you can meet at the base camp and work together on your provisions list.

Wishing you all divine portions of love and courage. Make that à la mode.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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