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Weekly Forecast May 27: Sun Sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Venus

We’re down the rabbit hole for sure. Actually, it’s how I imagine a caterpillar would feel in the chrysalis. No longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly.

Normally, the two-week period between eclipses is a weird, volatile space. This one, however, is infinitely weirder, as the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus move into closer alignment next week. I’ve been so sleepy I can barely keep my head up. I bumped into an astrologer friend yesterday at the Vashon farmer’s market who recounted the story of a friend of hers who took a bath one evening, fell asleep in the tub, and didn’t wake up until morning!

There’s so much going on “up there” that it’s hard to know what phenomenon is causing all of this strangeness. All we can say is that it is indeed strange.

Some of you know that my project this quarter is the preliminary work for a full-length documentary about professional astrologers. I’ve started the on-camera interviews, which look great, thanks to the excellent camera, sound, and lighting work of my crew. During our shoot this past Friday, it was abundantly clear how much we’ve learned in eight months.

I’ve been working insanely long hours in the editing room, and I’m even editing in my sleep. If, in my dream, I don’t like how a particular sequence looks, I “edit” it. More than once, I’ve awakened in the middle of one of these nocturnal “adjustments” laughing at the irony. Seriously, though, wouldn’t it be something if it turns out we indeed can “edit” our lives by revising our memories and visions of other incarnations? I know, I know. It’s pretty far out there. So throw me in jail for heresy.

Looking at planetary transits, it appears that this week is going to be a lot like last week. Mercury in Gemini suggests that life is speeding along, but Venus retrograde in Mercury’s sign exerts a drag. On Thursday, the day Mercury entered his home sign, my car wouldn’t start. I got straight through to AAA, only to find out that the tow truck was broken down. Fortunately, all I needed was a jump start. Still, it took up a chunk of my day, when I’m running as fast as I can, only to get farther and farther past my deadlines.

Monday’s Sun-Uranus sextile promises a spark of creativity and a happy surprise or two. But inconjuncts from the Sun and Mercury to Pluto early in the week suggest underlying tension. Something just isn’t working, like trying to fit the metaphorical square peg in a round hole. With aspects to Chiron also in the picture, old wounds could be triggered, possibly from other lifetimes. Many of us are experiencing cross-dimensional awareness. It’s part of the leap in consciousness that’s taking place on the planet. The initial contact can be unsettling, especially if traumatic memories are awakened.

Mercury squares Mars on Wednesday, which gets my vote as the most difficult day of the week. Try not to go overboard in criticism, even if you’re asked for it. There will be a tendency to point out every little thing that’s wrong. Sensitive egos could get bruised.

Mercury moves on to conjoin Venus on Friday and trine Saturn on Sunday. There’s an interesting three-way conversation here. Saturn is retrograde in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, while Venus is retrograde in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. There should be plenty of opportunities during these three days to discuss recurring issues in close relationships, particularly those that never got resolved. Again, I think it’s possible that we may even be able to address karmic issues from other lifetimes, with a fighting chance that we can come to some resolution and move on. So many people seem to have a lot to release right now. A collective heave-ho of old baggage sure would help lighten up the planet.

Perhaps we could schedule a pickup with Universal Parcel Service to come get it.

Wishing you all infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 21: Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury Appearing to Aeneas, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1757. In Virgil's Aeneid, Jupiter sends Mercury to Trojan warrior Aeneas, who must choose between his destiny to found the city of Rome and his love for Queen Dido. The story recounts the mythological events of a changing era and the dawn of a new empire.

Whew, I definitely felt that eclipse. What about you? It was overcast and foggy here, so I didn’t get to see anything, but around 3:30, I essentially passed out and was in a deep sleep for two hours.

It was a good thing I got some extra rest, because this week promises to be insanely busy. We’ll be in the wake of the eclipse through Tuesday, while Mercury straps on his winged sandals and gets ready to fly into his home sign of Gemini on Thursday. Fortunately, our brains will be quick enough to keep up when life shifts into high gear.

Indeed, this week is all about Mercury. As of Friday, all the planets will deposit to him until June 7, except Neptune and, for a few days, the Moon. This means that all areas of life ruled by Mercury will command our attention and take on additional urgency – the most important among them being all forms of communication. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, we may notice an upswing in contact from people we haven’t heard from in some time. I’ve already had one of those experiences and am waiting for the second, as they typically come in pairs. Gemini is, after all, the Twins.

Mercury himself is not just the speedy messenger, associated with rational thinking and a quick wit. Remember, in mythology, he was the only one of the gods who could move freely between the world of the living and the world of the dead. That’s why, when Ceres demanded that Pluto return her kidnapped daughter or else, she had to send Mercury as the intermediary.

The phenomenon symbolized by Mercury is at work when thoughts bubble up from our subconscious, or when images flash into our mind in the space between sleeping and waking. If you’re a creative-minded person, you may get many of your ideas in that space. If so, then you’ve experienced the essence of Mercury. If effect, you’ve received a “message from the gods” via the Messenger.

The reason I bring this up is that we normally think of Mercury as the planet of communications and quick thinking, and while this is true, there’s more to the Little Guy. And we’re going to experience his dual role this week as he aspects Jupiter (the Big Guy) on Tuesday, Neptune on Friday, and the Sun and Uranus on Sunday. Keep a notebook handy and write down your ideas. They may come and go so fast that if you don’t record them, you’ll forget … which would be a shame, because truly, we’re receiving major “downloads” right now, some of them as fleeting ideas and others as major revelations. The synchronicities continue, as well.

One of the things that always has fascinated me as I contemplate Gemini is the concept of communications between the two hemispheres of the brain. Where do these intuitive thoughts come from, how do they enter our conscious awareness, and how do we process them? As a writer, I depend on this process for inspiration. Once I come up with an idea – and who knows, really, where it comes from – I make a note of it and then wait for my subconscious to do the “research.” Invariably, ideas pop to the surface as I’m waking up or while I’m commuting on the ferry, staring at the water and thinking about nothing in particular. Sometimes, something will happen during the day that literally brings the information I need to my fingertips.

Some people are disturbed by these strange ideas out of “nowhere” and quickly suppress them. This is all the more likely to happen to those who are entrenched in belief systems that would collapse with the insurgence of one radical truth. I suspect there’s going to be a lot of that going on in the next few weeks, individually and collectively.

Communicating within relationships is going to be very important this week, too. Venus is now retrograde but moving very slowly, while Saturn also is retrograde. While they never form an exact trine, they’ve been tracking within a degree of each other and will remain within a couple of degrees of a trine all week. Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of relationships, reminding us that commitment comes with responsibilities. The first responsibility is to communicate. In romantic relationships, honesty is paramount. We often tell little lies, thinking that we’re sparing the other person’s feelings, when the real motivation may be elsewhere. If you’re not being truthful with your partner, you might want to have a little discussion with yourself and try to figure out why not. What’s at stake? What is served by hiding the truth? You may have legitimate reasons, but more often than not, information is withheld as a means of control.

On Saturday, Mercury also conjoins the lunar South Node. I’ve been hearing a lot from friends and clients about past-life memories, often triggered by meeting someone from another lifetime. I expect we’re going to get a lot more of this in the next few weeks, too. The Sun crosses the South Node the day before, which also may trigger some synchronicities or events that feel “destined.”

However, it’s Mercury I’m watching this week. Whether the communications come from within or without, they’re likely to come fast and to be worth our attention. Keep those antennae up! And for those of you who are getting slammed, this is just another admonition to keep your eye on the goal and don’t lose your nerve. When you’re surfing a giant wave and driving on a high-speed freeway, you can’t afford to allow your attention to lapse for even a second.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. For photos of the eclipse as well as good information about solar activity, check out Space Weather.

Weekly Forecast May 14: Venus Retrograde, New Moon Eclipse in Gemini

Star falling into a black hole. Credit: NASA, S. Gezari (The Johns Hopkins University), and J. Guillochon (University of California, Santa Cruz).

The portal is open. The info is going back and forth fast and furiously this week, as Venus turns retrograde in Gemini and a solar eclipse takes place in the sign of communications.

Some of the synchronicities are astounding, and even the breakdowns seem to be part of the greater plan. More than ever, it’s important that you know where you’re headed, even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there. The “how” will come, but you need to be willing to change on a moment’s notice and to take a leap of faith.

In one of my synchronicities this week (too long a story to explain here), I found this remarkable video about Tom Kenyon. Among other things, it explains how we communicate with higher beings through sound. I have a feeling you’ll find something synchronous in it, too.

The latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer has a priceless cover, with road signs for the times head. One sign reads, “change required, no U-turns.” And that pretty much sums it up. There is no going back, no matter what the weather or road conditions are. The good news is that we’re getting new information, new contacts, and other necessary information to support us on our journey. It also has been my experience that any attempts to veer from our path or spend too long at the roadside rest stop will be swiftly rectified by circumstances “out of our control.”

Monday’s Mercury-Pluto trine brings deep insight that is also practical. Expect some of the “how” to present itself. There’s also a Sun-Saturn inconjunct, so be advised that some of what’s required of you may not be comfortable or easy. Indeed, “easy” isn’t happening for anyone I know right now. Opportunities can come out of the blue, but you have to be prepared to get out of your routine and venture into unfamiliar territory. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, it’s also likely that relationships are an issue. Some of the discomfort may involve working with people who for one reason or another make you uncomfortable.

Venus turns retrograde on Tuesday and will remain in “reverse” until June 27. With Saturn also retrograde and in Venus-ruled Libra, we’re in for a heavy dose of relationship school. Some of your lessons are likely to involve unresolved issues with past partners, whether in this lifetime or other incarnations.

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday and opposes Chiron on Thursday. The first aspect favors result-oriented, material outcomes that require action and discipline. This is the third and final pass of a three-part alignment that began around Thanksgiving (late November). The second aspect is helpful for healing old wounds, in a surgical kind of way. In other words – as if often the case – you may have to endure temporary pain as you dig into old hurts in order to release the stuck energy. You may experience a “healing crisis” – a temporary worsening of symptoms while the healing is taking place.

On Sunday, the Sun enters Gemini and immediately aligns with the Moon in a solar eclipse. This is an ongoing series of eclipses, so you should know by now what areas of your life are undergoing rapid and deep change. This eclipse represents the next “installment.” Watch for stunning new developments, which will gather speed and intensity as we approach the Full Moon lunar eclipse on June 4.

As I wrote last week, we’re now in the most volatile and rapidly changing period of 2012. If you feel scattered and unfocused, give yourself some space while doing your best to keep your eye on your goals. I’ve suggested keeping an open mind, but with Venus retrograde, you’ll also need to keep an open heart. The portal goes both ways.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 7: Mercury in Taurus, Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Our friendly neighborhood Taurus. © Pat Paquette, 2012.

As of this week, we’ve entered a tense, highly charged period that includes two eclipses, Venus retrograde, a rare transit of Venus across the Sun, and the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto.

In the long-anticipated year of 2012, May and June are the two most volatile months. Indeed, it’s hard to predict much of anything, least of all what we want and need. You may think you want one thing or that you should go in a certain direction, only to change your mind ten minutes later. People with major fixed sign signatures (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) could have a particularly tough time, as we don’t adapt as easily as others to the constantly changing landscape. Regardless of your sign, clarity and stability are going to be rare commodities between now and the end of June.

I’m not telling you this to add to your stress level, but to help you prepare to the extent possible and to know that if you feel more than the usual amount of stress in your life over the next seven to eight weeks, you’re not alone.

We begin the week in the wake of Saturday’s Scorpio Full Moon. Joe left a comment on my previous post that perfectly expresses that Full Moon’s heavy energy, well articulated by a Scorpio. My own experience was hair-raising, too. Within an hour of the peak of the Full Moon, I had a horrendous “past life” vision, yet another reminder that higher consciousness falls into that “careful what you wish for” category, along with karmic connections. Obviously, to heal from this kind of trauma, we have to start with an awareness of the circumstances or events that caused it. While lying in bed last night with the light of the Full Moon streaming through my window, I thought yet again about the practical necessity for the brain to put up barriers to accessing other dimensions and the disruption of a planetary wide awakening.

On Tuesday (late Monday on the West Coast of the United States), Mars forms an edgy quincunx to Uranus. This is the third and final inconjunct between Mars and Uranus in this cycle. The first was in mid-November. The second occurred on March 31, while Mars was retrograde. I’m definitely ready to be done with this one. The external hard drive with all of my footage for film school has been performing badly since late March, and last Thursday it was so slow I wanted to tear my hair out. Fortunately, I got it in to the computer emergency room to save what’s recoverable before it crashed. But my work is stopped until I get a new one, which has to be special-ordered. As it is, I’m almost three weeks behind in major deadlines. Being an astrologer doesn’t give you any special immunity.

Mercury enters Taurus on Wednesday, which means that instead of mutual reception with Mars, he’ll be in this special relationship with Venus, who’s slowing down to turn retrograde early next week. I swear, this year has been like one long Mercury retrograde. Do I have to tell everyone to back up their computer data? I’d also suggest taking special precautions with valuables such as watches and jewelry. Mercury sextiles Neptune on Thursday, which is one of the sweeter aspects of the week. Our heads may be too muddled for good judgment, but our dreams are in sharp focus.

Pluto sextiles Chiron on Saturday, which continues themes of healing brought up by the Scorpio Full Moon. The reason healing takes so much courage – and why everyone doesn’t just dive right in – is that it can be tremendously painful. If you’re really having a tough time, I recommend seeing a qualified medical astrologer or an alternative practitioner who is skilled with healing very old wounds, including trauma from other incarnations. Be brave, and know that you’ll not only survive but come out of it transformed.

Optimism and good cheer return for a short while on Sunday, with the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus. This is a lovely aspect for Mother’s Day with family, friends, good food and good spirits, and lots of gratitude.

To learn more about May’s planetary movements, I highly recommend the monthly forecast by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. They make a convivial evening presentation in Redmond on the first Wednesday of every month. I finally got a chance to go check it out – it was brilliant. Fortunately, they film the entire talk, so you can access it at your convenience, without getting out of your chair.

Wishing you all much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast December 20:Lunar Eclipse, Sun Enters Capricorn

Pretzels on a Christmas tree outside the Danish Bakery in Leavenworth. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

This week is so big astrologically that we started experiencing it before it even got here.

As most of you know by now, we’re in for a lunar eclipse on Tuesday, which also is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The eclipse, which I covered in last Wednesday’s post, is the first in a new series in Sagittarius and Gemini. As it so happens, it will be on the Midheaven here in the Pacific Northwest, at the exact degree in Vancouver, Canada.

Mercury, on his retrograde path, passed over the degree of the eclipse on Saturday. Close to that exact moment, I accidentally let in a malware program that turned my very smart new laptop into a slobbering idiot. Adding insult to injury, I fell prey to an ad promising a solution with a free trial of anti-spyware software. Three hours later, after downloading the program onto my computer and following the surgical instructions, I arrived at a page telling me that the “free trial” found the problem, but if I wanted it fixed, I had to buy the program. I fired off an impolite note to the company, PC Tools, only to have it bounce back with a message that they don’t answer e-mail from nonpaying customers.

Ah, Mercury retrograde at his finest.

The bigger message, as I see it, is about moving toward a “circle of trust” model. Rather than giving my money to a faceless corporation that tried to trick me out of my money when I was in a vulnerable position, I took my computer to our IT shop on the island. It’s a bit more expensive, but they are professional and guarantee their work, and if I have a problem, there’s a real person to talk to.

I’ve written before about the need to choose our friends and allies carefully as we head into the rocky terrain of 2011 and 2012. Who we do business with is part of this process — a fitting message for an eclipse ruled by Mercury, planet of commerce and contracts.

But we may be tempted to shoot the Messenger plenty this week. On Monday and Tuesday, he aspects Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter, repeating the same aspects he made in late November. He’ll make a third and final pass January 10-11. If nothing else, there will be a lot of gift returns after the holidays. The good news is that what you really wanted and didn’t get may be on sale in January.

Otherwise, think of what kind of Mercury ruled activities were going on in your life in late November. They may erupt in a crisis this week. If so, don’t worry, because it will all work out by the middle of January. For me, this is clearly the backlog of consultations I’m still struggling to catch up with. The infected computer set me back another couple of days. To new clients waiting to get on my list, hopefully I’ll have my current workload cleared by the first week of January.

If you’re trying to repair a dinged relationship, Tuesday is a good time to make overtures. However, don’t have the conversation until New Year’s or after, by which time Mercury will be direct.

Right after Tuesday’s eclipse, Venus passes the degree at which she went retrograde on October 8. Romantic relationships can progress to the next level now. Money issues may start to clear up, too. However, with Mercury retrograde, solutions may be delayed until the end of the month.

With the Sun’s entry into Capricorn on Tuesday, we’ll get yet another blast of the summer’s T-square as the Sun crosses the early degrees of Capricorn and conjoins Pluto on Sunday. I ran across an AP news article this morning about the unprecedented number of earth events in 2010. It’s not enough to convince astrology debunkers, but those with an open mind may stop and think about the connection.

As you’ll recall, Ceres was a vital part of the T-square. This week, she forms a sextile to Jupiter and Uranus, and she’s on the Descendant in Washington, D.C., in the Capricorn ingress chart. Last week, the U.S. Justice Department sued BP and eight other companies involved in the Gulf oil disaster. Dare we hope that the United States in the coming months will join in global initiatives to protect the environment, perhaps under the leadership of President Obama?

Friday’s Leo Moon should make for a festive Christmas Eve, for those who celebrate the holiday. The Moon in Virgo on Christmas Day favors healthy feasting and moderation in food and drink. Hopefully, it signifies restraint and good taste in gift-giving, as well. Like many people, I love the festivity of the season but am saddened by the crass commercialism that has overtaken the spirit of Christmas. The winter holidays are so much more meaningful when we celebrate with those we love and trust, exchange gifts from the heart, and create abundance through our soul connections.

Wishing you all much love, joy, and abundance,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, December 21

Reflection of the Full Moon in a pond on Mount Baker. © Pat Paquette 2010.

Living on an island gives a whole new meaning to “missing the boat.”

If you arrive at the dock 30 seconds late, you may have to wait an hour for the next ferry. I’ve slept through the alarm a few times, and when I realized how late it was, I had to make a last-minute scramble to get my butt out the door – wet hair, no coffee, and makeup thrown in a bag for later.

That, dear ones, is how I see the Full Moon lunar eclipse on December 21 – the first eclipse in the new Sagittarius-Gemini series. As we awaken into higher consciousness, we may suddenly realize that our normal routine is useless, and we’ll have to make some very fast changes in order not to miss the boat.

Most of us have a pretty good idea by now where we’re going, or at least in which direction we’re heading. The challenge has been how to get there. Over the summer, under the influence of the cardinal T-square, we initiated new circumstances in our lives but then got stuck. To get unstuck, we had to expand our thinking or change our beliefs. If you managed to get that far, you may now find yourself in a chaotic blur as your inner being and outer world attempt to realign.

The Sun at 29 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon at 29 degrees Gemini form a mutable T-square with Jupiter and Uranus, both back in late Pisces after their brief foray into Aries over the summer. Whereas the cardinal T-square initiates new projects and circumstances, the mutable T-square favors change through adaptation. So, the way I read this is that we’ll need to scramble to make changes in order to adapt to events that came about during the cardinal T-square.

Several hours after the Full Moon, the Sun enters Capricorn and activates the apex of the cardinal T-square, which was occupied by Pluto over the summer. The lunar North Node, a destiny point, also is there, and Mars recently moved over this point. Needless to say, it’s a highly charged area of the sky. Be prepared for difficult issues to come to a head, but then observe closely. What transpires will give you a clue about what comes next and what course corrections you need to make, if any.

In a flip of energies, Jupiter and Uranus are at the apex of the mutable T-square at this Full Moon – yet another sign that shifting is going to occur. Uranus is unpredictable, but with Jupiter in close conjunction, whatever happens is sure to happen big. The open spot opposite Jupiter and Uranus, in late Virgo, is the pressure relief valve, so check to see where this point is located in your chart. That’s where you may see the most positive changes at this eclipse.

The conjunction of Neptune and Chiron form another release point, which is in a flowing sextile-trine pattern with the Sun and Moon. I’ve been writing about these two for several years and their influence in healing. We can’t expect to have healthy and supportive social structures when the individuals who make up our society are sick, asleep, and drugged into emotional numbness. How much shock is enough to wake us up? And will enough of us do the healing work to reach critical mass?

Mercury is the ruler of this eclipse, and he’s retrograde until the end of the month. While we may have to deal with a lot of frustrating delays and miscommunications, I’m hopeful that we’ll also have an opportunity to rethink our response to the summer’s events. Launching new projects while Mercury is retrograde isn’t advised, but research and revision can work out quite well. Mercury is closely conjunct the Galactic Center, and that tells me we could get more “downloads” from the Universe – important information we can use to help us comprehend what’s occurring and to work more effectively toward our new goals.

A few hours after the eclipse, Venus reaches the degree of her retrograde on October 8. Relationships enter new territory, and I think this will be mostly for the better. The problem, as I see it, is that with Mercury retrograde, going back over old ground may be necessary but not necessarily productive. Try it, and if you see that it’s not working, back off until after Mercury returns direct on December 30.

Saturn is unaspected at this Full Moon but is “receiving” from Pluto, Mars, and Ceres in Capricorn, and he’s also exalted in Libra. Whatever we manifest now, there’s a real possibility that it will balanced and fair. Among other things, look for news of environmental issues being addressed in a more fair and balanced way. Saturn will be the ruler of the next New Moon, a solar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 4.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Moon at 29°21′ Gemini is, bathing beauties, with the keyword CHARM. We all have natural gifts and talents. They are part of who we are and what makes us unique, and as we develop them to their fullest potential, we become stronger and more confident. When we’re using our gifts as intended, we naturally want what is best for our “highest self,” and we can more easily let go of what doesn’t serve us. Since this is a Full Moon, there’s a strong possibility that many of us will have to let go of something or someone.

For the Sun at 29°21′ Sagittarius, the Sabian Symbol is the Pope, with the keyword SANCTITY. This symbol originally was meant as a testament to the special abilities a person develops as he climbs higher on the social and political ladder. In an era long gone, those who made it to the top were admired for their strength and leadership, and it was recognized that they sacrificed much to make it to the top.

There’s a flip side to this symbol, “inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power.” That hits the nail on the head in the context of mundane astrology. But there’s a personal message in it, too, which is that getting to the top – whatever that means to you – requires self-sacrifice and, above all, maintaining your integrity.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast November 22: Sun in Sagittarius

© Meg380/Dreamstime.com

This week has a very different feel to it, with the Sun entering merry Sagittarius on Monday and Jupiter now direct.

It’s good timing, too, as we head into a holiday week in the United States and our biggest food party of the year. Our traditional main dish originally was a wild bird, and hunting is a very Sagittarian activity. I recall from childhood that we always had to eat early, because Thanksgiving was the first day of deer season and the menfolk were having primal urges to go out in the woods and shoot dinner.

Unfortunately, we aren’t entirely out of the heaviness of Scorpio and won’t be for awhile. Although Venus is back in Libra, she’ll re-enter Scorpio next week, and we’ll be processing her lessons until she returns to 13°13′ Scorpio, the degree at which she went retrograde on October 8. As it so happens, the day she leaves her post-retrograde shadow will be December 21, the winter solstice and start of a new series of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius.

We’re also still in the wake of Sunday’s powerful Full Moon in Taurus, which may continue to work its “magic” through the entire week and possibly until the New Moon on December 5. A shift has taken place, and now we need to let the dust settle to see what has manifested.

For the first two days of this week, the Moon is in Gemini. On Tuesday, she opposes Mercury and Mars, recently conjunct in Sagittarius. Some of you probably had “words” over the weekend, and I know at least one person who had an accident. If that’s your situation, this week doesn’t look good for ironing out the wrinkles until Saturday or Sunday. Next week should be better.

The Moon enters her own sign of Cancer on Wednesday and remains there through Friday. Cancer is the sign of home, mother, comfort food, and tradition, which bodes well for a warm and happy Thanksgiving (more mashed potatoes and gravy, please).

Also on Thursday, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces. All I can say about this one is avoid discussing politics and religion at the dinner table, unless you want to go home with a terrible case of indigestion.

The day after Thanksgiving is affectionately known in the United States as “Black Friday,” the biggest shopping day of the year. Susan Miller, one of my favorite Sun sign astrologers, has dire advice and is telling everyone to forget shopping on this day due to the close square from Mercury to Uranus. She thinks that you’ll be unhappy with what you buy, and whoever you’re buying the gift for will hate it. I’m not sure I agree with her on this one, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I think there’s a risk of buying impulsively and exercising poor judgment due to overwhelm.

Susie also points out that it would be a good idea to get your holiday shopping out of the way well before Mercury turns retrograde on December 10. If electronics are on your list, definitely get them now. “Cyber Monday” is coming up, with lots of deals on your favorite items. If you’re knitting, sewing, baking, or you have other homemade projects in the works, don’t wait until the last minute to get started.

Saturday is the big communications day. Despite the Mercury-Uranus square, which may make it hard to stay on point, the sextile from Mercury to Neptune and Chiron may be just what the astrologer ordered to heal tensions from earlier in the week.

Love, courage, and cranberries to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon in Taurus, November 21, 2010

The Lost Pleiad, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1884.

Sunday’s Full Moon in Taurus is so potent that I half expect we’ll go through a black hole and come out somewhere else. Or we’ll be contacted by an alien race telling us it was all a big joke.

OK, I’m kidding. Sort of. It’s apparently what we’re supposed to do at this Full Moon, according to the Sabian symbol (see below).

Seriously, though, this is going to be a big one. I feel as though I’m being squeezed through some kind of cosmic tunnel and will pop out the other side in a few days.

Venus and Jupiter, which return direct within a few hours of each other on Thursday, both play major roles in this Full Moon – Venus by rulership and Jupiter by aspect.

Venus has had plenty of bad hair days during her retrograde in Scorpio, which began on October 8. She pulled out her claws and teeth, too. I know several people who felt the sting, mostly in relationships. She has calmed down since returning to Libra, one of the two signs she rules. Taurus is the other.

I’m reminded of the difference between the Sumerian goddess Inanna, goddess of love and light, and her sister, Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworld. As you may recall, Ereshkigal’s husband was the “Bull of Heaven.” Presumably, this is a reference to the constellation Taurus. It’s also evident that Ereshkigal represents the shadow side of Inanna and, indeed, the shadow in all of us. Scorpio – the sign opposite Taurus on the zodiac wheel – symbolizes that shadow. It’s everything that we deny, repress, and run away from. In Greek and Roman mythology, the underworld is ruled by Pluto, which of course is the modern ruler of Scorpio.

It’s as though Venus was playing the role of Ereshkigal during her retrograde phase, and many of us had to go through some sort of “underworld” experience in order to evolve to the next level. In the sign of Libra, with the Full Moon in Taurus, Venus returns to her role as radiant goddess of love, light, beauty and abundance.

It’s interesting to note that Venus went retrograde at 13 degrees Scorpio, which was the degree of the New Moon on November 6. The cycle completes itself at the Full Moon, which falls at 29 degrees Scorpio/Taurus.

The Sun and Moon form a fixed T-square with Neptune and Chiron – both just out of retrograde – at the apex. This might suggest trouble, and perhaps for some people, there will be some healing pain as old wounds flare up. However, this is one instance in which I believe love will conquer all. Not only is Neptune a higher vibration of Venus and symbol of a higher love, but at the Full Moon he’ll be in a very close trine to Venus. In other words, the T-square is not a tightly closed box, but it has a clear path out, and that path is Love.

The closest aspect made by the Sun and Moon is a trine to Uranus, planet of surprises and sudden change. Uranus isn’t direct yet but will be in a couple of weeks, and he’s in conjunction with Jupiter – close enough that their combined energies create a path for sudden breakthroughs. The potential for advances in spirituality is of galactic proportions. And remember, my definition of “spirituality” has to do with our ability to sense the invisible energies that course through the universe and to use those energies to our advantage and the advantage of our fellow humans. Part of that vision is seeing through the illusion of time.

Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto make no aspects to the Full Moon, but they interact with each other. People seem to drive crazier at the Full Moon, and this certainly will be the case with Mercury and Mars in speed-demon Sagittarius. Hopefully, the sextile with Saturn in balance-minded Libra will help keep drivers focused on arriving at their destination in one piece. I already discussed the Ceres-Saturn square in my weekly forecast.

Although I usually don’t write about fixed stars, it’s worth mentioning that this Full Moon is conjunct the Pleiades. The 29th degree of Taurus sometimes is called the “weeping degree” because of its connection to this star cluster (which due to precession is now at 0 degrees Gemini). In traditional astrology, this is a very unfortunate star, associated with blindness, accidents, bereavement, loss, and other tragedies.

The weepy factor ostensibly is derived from the mythology of the seven sisters, who were turned into stars by Zeus to avoid pursuit and rape by Orion. However, each of the seven also was loved by the gods of Olympus, and some were credited with giving birth to royal lines of humans. The origin of the name “Pleiades” is debated, but one theory is that it stems from the same root as “full” or “plenty.”

At the Full Moon in sensual Taurus, that theory gets my vote, and I don’t buy all the handwringing. My dear friend Tseka, a gifted interpreter of myths, believes that this location in space is a portal. I would add that it’s a portal to true love.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Moon at 29°18′ Taurus is, A peacock parading on an ancient lawn, with the keyword ALOOFNESS. This is a perfect symbol for the common saying, “Fake it ’til you make it.” We’re on a journey and not there yet, but there’s something to be gained by visualizing ourselves there and at least looking the part. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as we know we’ve still got work to do. If I had my druthers, I’d change the keyword aloofness to DETACHMENT.

For the Sun at 29°18′ Scorpio, the Sabian Symbol is The Halloween jester, with the keyword SPONTANEOUSNESS. This symbol is about not taking life too seriously. Sure, we’re on an evolutionary course, doing important work. But if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re taking it all way too seriously, and we’re missing the point. Take a moment to lighten up and have a good belly laugh at life’s absurdities.

If nothing else, it will keep you from weeping.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast November 15: Venus and Jupiter Direct

Big trees. Old growth in Wenatchee National Forest. © Pat Paquette, 2010

We’re in a weird space as this week begins, with three planets stationed.

Neptune went direct more than a week ago but has moved forward by only one arc minute, so for all practical purposes, he’s standing still. Jupiter stations on Tuesday and will remain at a dead stop for the rest of the week. Venus has a smaller orbit and so doesn’t remain at a standstill for long, but she’s moving real slow. Then there’s Uranus, moving at just two arc minutes a day.

I had vivid dreams the past few nights about being in Russia and India. Was I channeling Obama or Jonathan Cainer? Or just picking up psychic noise? It was so very strange.

If it feels like you’re in a freeze-frame, enjoy the moment and use this energy … because you can use it. This is a powerful time to visualize the creative changes you want to make in your life – sort of like sending your Christmas wish list to Santa.

On Monday, Mars sextiles Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter. Mars-Saturn combinations usually aren’t very much fun, but this one creates a favorable environment for detailed planning for the future. Visualize that wish list and then do your back-of-the-envelope calculations for how you’ll get what you want. Ask yourself whether your goals are realistic and whether you have the resources to accomplish them. You can cross off your list anything that doesn’t pass the reality check or contribute to a balanced life.

The Sun-Jupiter trine is even better and should help boost our optimism about what’s possible. We can be realistic and practical, without feeling like we have to stay inside the lines and think inside the box. Indeed, the Sun also will trine Uranus on Friday, and that’s where our creativity and innovative spirit gets a big shot in the arm.

But I’m getting ahead of myself …

On Wednesday, Mercury sextiles Saturn, adding mental acuity and big thinking to the muscle of Mars. If you can imagine it, it’s possible.

Thursday is the big day this week, when both Jupiter and Venus return direct within a few hours of one another. Jupiter and Venus traditional were considered the benefics – the lucky planets. When Jupiter is retrograde, it’s not so bad. He’s just asleep at the wheel and isn’t all that helpful. Once he wakes up, yawns, and stretches, I expect that we’ll all be experiencing some major breakthroughs, whether material, emotional, spiritual, or all three.

Venus is another matter. She can be quite vicious in retrograde mode, although thank goddess she returned to Libra for her station. A lot of you contacted me with serious issues during this retrograde, mostly regarding romantic relationships, but there were financial setbacks, too. If you ended a relationship during this retrograde, don’t try to force a repair. Just observe for a bit and take time to reflect on what you really want. It’s quite possible that your goals and desires have changed.

Earlier on Thursday, the Sun squares Neptune and Chiron, which will be at the apex of a brief fixed T-square at this Sunday’s Full Moon. Some of you might feel tired and discouraged, and others might have momentary delusions of grandeur. However, I don’t see this as the dominant energy, and if it rains on your parade it all, you should only feel a drop or two. If you’re tired or coming down with the seasonal crud that’s going around, use this time to rest.

On Saturday, Saturn squares Ceres. This is the third and final pass of a three-part square that began on March 24 and repeated on June 16. The cardinal T-square was ramping up back then. What we saw was a conflict between infrastructure, energy production, and the environment. So, I would expect another incident that brings this message full circle.

Speaking of environmental consequences, there is a tragic outbreak of cholera in Haiti as a result of the cramped, makeshift living conditions since the country was devastated by an earthquake in January. Mount Merapi in Indonesia also continues to erupt, and the death toll is rising. These situations are two examples of how the cardinal T-square has unfolded, both before and after its peak in July and August. Ceres was a substantial influence in the planetary alignment.

On Sunday, there will be a Full Moon at 29 degrees Taurus, and it will form a fixed T-square with Neptune and Chiron at the apex. I’ll have a full analysis in a day or two (I didn’t post yesterday, because the Full Moon is still a week away). In the meantime, keep your eye on the prize.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Saturday Extra!The Fogs of Neptune

© Pat Paquette, 2010

Neptune returns direct today, and it’s fitting that I’m literally surrounded by fog. It sure feels that way internally, with all the late nights catching up on my backlog of consultations.

We’d love to love Neptune, who at his best symbolizes love unlimited by space or time. He (some call him “she”) is said to be a higher vibration of Venus, whose love can be selfish and demanding. However, there is no denying the other side of Neptune, the one that can trick us into seeing something that’s not there … or, as is more often the case, not seeing something that is.

As he’s at a standstill today, we may see both sides, especially with Venus retrograde and about to go from Scorpio, the sign of her detriment, back into Libra, one of the two signs she rules. It’s not so easy to love someone with all their flaws, idiosyncrasies and ways they differ from us. When we do, magic happens, and that’s the beautiful side of Neptune.

The alternative is to put them on a pedestal – the infamous “rose colored glasses” aspect of Neptune – but of course they inevitably come tumbling down, and we feel deceived.

Neptune also is the planet of dreams and visions, but we need to take great care here, too. As I’ve said before, channeling is a tricky business. You can’t believe everything you hear on the astral plane.

Time for another cup of coffee…

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat