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Ask Real Astrologers: Will His Pluto Transit Wreck Our Marriage?

This week’s question comes from Cathy in the Philippines:

My question is basically about my marriage. I’ve been told my husband [has] a devastating Pluto transit going on in his chart and that it may very well get worse for our relationship … Will the stars be able to say if a permanent separation is possible? What’s the best way for ME to deal with this transit vis-a-vis my own? I’ve actually not had a look at my own transits in comparison to his.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Well, Cathy, we don’t have to look very far to see that there’s a lot going on in your life!

In your natal chart, you have a tight square between Pluto and Saturn, and these currently are being activated by transiting Pluto, which also happens to be on your lunar North Node. The New Moon in Aries yesterday formed the last leg to make a grand cardinal cross.

To translate, you are at a crossroads at which there are many changes ahead for you. The New Moon suggests that these will be positive new beginnings, although there’s a lot of heavy energy playing out in your life right now, so I don’t expect you’re feeling anything like “excitement about new adventures” and all that. By the looks of it, you may feel backed into a corner and forced to accept circumstances that you would not have wanted, given a choice.

At the same time, transiting Saturn has just passed over your Sun and is squaring your Moon in Sagittarius. Challenging Saturn-Moon transits can make us feel depressed, isolated, and alone, even if it isn’t the case, although unfortunately sometimes a key relationship does end under this influence.

On the bright side, Jupiter is making a nice trine to your natal Venus-Uranus conjunction and also to your Ascendant. I think this will bring you some relief. If your husband decides to leave, it looks to me like you will find someone else very quickly.

Other than that, I am not going to comment on his chart, as ultimately you don’t have any control over what he does or doesn’t do with his heavy Pluto transit. All you can control is your response to your own transits, and you have all you can handle without trying to look after him, too.

Although you are going through a hard time, I believe you are going to come out of this very well, and you will look back and see that the events happening now were necessary to get you to a better, happier place.

I wish you much love and courage.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Cathy, with your Libra Rising, having a partner is very important to you, and you obviously take holding up your end of the bargain seriously. However, Venus, Libra’s ruler, is tucked away in your twelfth house conjunct Uranus and blessing you with a naturally independent streak, as does your Sagittarius Moon.

As Pat noted, Pluto is exactly opposing your Saturn in Cancer now. Your Saturn is also conjunct your husband’s Venus, giving us a great example of how conjunctions in synastry affect both parties. The Saturn-Venus conjunction likes being married, and having Pluto opposing this conjunction is not comfortable in any sense. Pluto cares nothing whatsoever for conventions and is intent on slowing transforming your views in this regard.

You have an agreeable sextile between your Saturn in Cancer and Mars in Taurus, reinforcing the side of you that likes routine and keeping things simple. Combine this with Rising Libra’s well-known fondness for not rocking the boat, and it’s easy to see why you may feel split down the middle right now.

Something I’ve found to be a good rule of thumb for evaluating if you have made a good choice for yourself is if the dominant feeling is one of relief. My hunch is that once you have come to a decision, you will be surprised at how much clearer you feel. The last week in May might be a good time to watch out for fireworks, when Mars in Aries crosses your Descendant and conjoins your husband’s Mercury-Moon.

Good luck and be well, Cathy.

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Ask Real Astrologers: Freaked Out by Pluto

This week’s question comes from Danae in Wellington, New Zealand:

I’ve been quietly freaking out re: this whole Pluto in Capricorn thing and how it affects me, especially the relationship I’m in at the moment — intense, to say the least. Any advice or insight on what’s in store? Although I must say, I am struggling in so many areas of my life at the moment. Am I doomed?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Danae, it does look like you are getting hit doubly hard by this Pluto transit, but it certainly does not mean you are doomed!

Pluto currently is opposite your Sun in Cancer, although he will not form an exact opposition until next January. He’s about to go retrograde and will back off from your Sun until then. Still, he’s too close for comfort, and you apparently are feeling this.

The good news is that, unlike some Pluto transits, you do have a large degree of control over a Pluto-Sun opposition. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ruthlessly monitor your own behavior to make sure that you are not trying to force other people to live on your terms. We can fool ourselves into thinking it’s “for their own good,” but more often than not, it’s because we want to remain in control, for whatever reason. Sometimes this transit can work the other way around — in other words, someone is trying to force you into their box. In this case, your job is to fight back, but in a way that allows you both free expression of your life purpose and highest potential.

Pluto also is creeping up on your Descendant, which is the beginning of the seventh house of intimate relationships. He’s currently a couple of degrees away, and once he turns retrograde, he’ll back way off and won’t cross your Descendant until 2011. However, you gave your birth time as exactly on the hour, and it’s rare to be born that punctually. I’m wondering whether you may have been born a few minutes before the hour. If so, Pluto indeed may be crossing your Descendant, which indicates that relationship issues are coming to a head.

Astrologers can use this kind of information to do chart rectification, a technique for determining your exact birth time. Unfortunately, in your case, Pluto opposite your Sun mimics some of the effects of Pluto crossing the Descendant, so we’d have to look for other clues.

In any case, there’s no need to freak out. This is a power transit, so use it wisely!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Danae, I’m going to respond with some thoughts about your relationship and the synastry aspects I believe are the source of the most contention.

As you may know, Pluto in Libra is square your natal Mercury in Cancer, bringing all his usual control issues and inclination to be obsessive with him. So when your sweetie’s Pluto is within a couple degrees of yours, his Pluto reinforces what is already happening in your chart.

Sure, his Pluto is exactly sextile your Venus in Leo – very good for passionate encounters – but his Saturn is also conjunct your Venus. This can result in a lot of mixed signals coming your way. On one hand, he obviously finds you very desirable, while on the other, he may be uncomfortable with your style. Venus in Leo does go for eye-catching after all. Your Pluto also falls right in there with his natal Pluto-Mars conjunction, adding to the powerful draw between you.

The question I have for you is this: what expectations do you and he have regarding this relationship and each other, and what expectations do you have of yourself? If you two can clearly define what’s going on here and continue to practice being as open as possible with each other, it will help! And I will add my usual caveat regarding Pluto, which is to work on detachment – always.

I would like to add, Danae, your overall synastry with this man is not bad at all. Good luck!

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Ask Real Astrologers: Feeling the Weight of Pluto

This week’s question comes from Manda in Naples, Italy:

I’ve been told that I’m going through some very difficult transits which will continue into 2011, and I’m certainly feeling the weight of them. Apparently, one of the most difficult transits I’m experiencing is Pluto in my twelfth house squaring my natal eighth-house Sun. As I understand it, these are the two most intense houses in the zodiac. Although I’ve been researching the different aspects independently, I’m not sure how all of the energies are working together. I would be so grateful if you could give me some insight into how my current transits are impacting each other. What I can say is that all areas in my life seem to be in dissolution, and I’ve recently started seeing a counselor because I’ve been unable to cope with all of this on my own.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:
Manda, this could be a case of a little bit of knowledge being dangerous. Sure, a Pluto-Sun square is a difficult transit — when taken by itself. But there is never just one thing going on at a time in a chart, and your intuition is right on to suspect as much.

First of all, I see that the current series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius have been hitting your first and seventh houses. I am going through this right now, too, and I don’t need to tell you that it has been disorienting. A lot of changes have been taking place, and they are hard to keep up with. Moreover, your chart ruler, Saturn, is in the seventh house and has been activated by the eclipses, adding to feelings of inadequacy and inability to cope.

This series of eclipses will continue until August 2009, but in the meantime a new series will begin that will also take place in your first and seventh houses, along with your twelfth and sixth. So you can expect more changes to come. I always tell my clients that eclipses are accelerators. The changes are often upsetting simply because they are so fast that we feel destabilized. Once the dust has settled, you’ll likely find that you’re in a new and much better place. It’s just bumpy getting there.

That said, you’ve got a lot of cosmic help right now, too, as Jupiter is also in your first house. I know Neith will have something different to say, as she and I don’t always agree about how “lucky” Jupiter is, but I do believe the Big Guy acts is a shield, and note that he’s also going to be in a trine to all of your Libra planets, which will go a long way toward easing some of the stress.

As for that Pluto-Sun square, I believe it, too, is ultimately going to be beneficial, in that you will get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Most of us have demons we don’t want to face, but going boldly into those places is always well-rewarded. This is a great time, incidentally, to be working with a therapist. I strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. From looking at your chart, your work will be most productive if you focus on how you interact with others in your closest relationships.

Wishing you many blessings. Do stay in touch.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:
Manda, you have a lot of planets in fair minded, peace loving Libra as I do, so it comes as no surprise to me you are finding this Pluto transit challenging. Pluto always plays by his own rules and pretty much demands we face the darker aspects of our beings, something Libra is not always comfortable with.

Your Moon is flanked by Venus and Mars in Libra emphasizing your need to be surrounded by beauty and civility. However, all the transits Pat mentioned in her response have to making it difficult for you to find the tranquility you need to keep your emotional balance. When those of us with Libra Moon’s are being constantly thrown off balance, we can feel very cranky.

Something else that may be operating here is your natal Sun-Pluto conjunction. Often the initial response for a plutonian type is to attempt to control rather than to detach. Take from one who has been down this road . . . it doesn’t work and is ultimately exhausting. Every day it seems I must remind myself to stay detached from any and all outcomes.

I agree with Pat this is a very good time to be sitting down with a professional therapist. You can benefit greatly from having a neutral party to bounce your thoughts and feelings off. With a preponderance of air in your chart, you need to consciously choose to explore your feeling nature.

When you look back at this time, I believe you will find you benefited very much from these transits. Good luck and hang in there!

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Ask Real Astrologers: Will Pluto Help My Career?

This week’s question comes from Deirdre in Dublin, Ireland:

Pluto will trine my Ascendant early next year and the question I would like to ask you is, what can I expect and how can I prepare for this? Saturn’s transit on my Ascendant right now is hemming me in on all sides. Will I ever get a chance to shine in a career again? I was wondering if perhaps next year’s trine might help me to do just that.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Deirdre, Pluto’s trine to your Ascendant certainly couldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t count on it to override other, more compelling transits that are in fact quite challenging.

The biggest issue I see for you is that transiting Saturn is conjoining your natal Pluto. Everyone born in the mid-1960s will experience this difficult transit over the next year or so, although it will be different for everyone depending on the location of Pluto in their natal chart and aspects to other planets. What you all have in common, however, is the complication of going through this transit during the opposition of Saturn and Uranus.

Typically, Saturn transiting natal Pluto feels like being stuck and getting slammed from all sides. I’m sorry to have to report this, and I don’t mean to scare you. But just know that it’s hard to make progress during this period, and trying to swim against the current likely will tire you out with no visible results. It’s almost better to do nothing, or at the very least save your energy for one or two priorities and put everything else on the back burner.

With Uranus in opposition, you will have the added factor of upsets and surprises, all designed to get you to make sweeping changes in your life. If Saturn weren’t in the picture, you’d be able to adjust fairly well, and you’d probably see the opportunities opening up to you, unless you’re the kind of person who fights change and needs to be forced to let go of people and situations. However, Saturn is a limiting presence, and no matter how much you may welcome change, something or someone may hold you back.

In your case, this probably will have to do with money, since Saturn and Uranus are opposing on your second and eighth house cusps. There will be changes, though, and some of them may come in surprising ways, totally out of left field. My best advice to you is to conserve your energy, hang in there, and don’t give up! It’s just a matter of waiting out the storm.

Libra ponders . . .
Neith’s response:

Having Pluto trine your Ascendant-Jupiter will very likely be more helpful than not, Deirdre, but the second Saturn-Uranus opposition at 20° is the transit with the most potential for affecting the way the world at large sees you. Saturn will exactly conjoin your natal Pluto in Virgo on February 2, 2009, with Uranus opposing it from your seventh house.

The first pass from Saturn takes place the latter half of November 2008 and will introduce you to issues of import for you. Yes, you may feel hemmed in and weighed down, but the beauty of Saturn is that if you step up and take responsibility for your actions and continue to do the work, the rewards will come. I am willing to go so far as to say it is critical for you to address issues arising from the first pass of Saturn over your Pluto, because the second pass brings Uranus into the picture, and Uranus demands change.

Another important factor is that this transit will trigger your natal Yod with your Moon at the apex and your Sun sextile Pluto as the base. A Yod is comprised of two inconjuncts and a sextile and is also called the “finger of God.” This transit may bring into sharp focus the contrasts between your home and family oriented Sun in Cancer and your Moon in emotionally detached Aquarius. The other point of this pattern is, of course, your Pluto in detail-oriented, earthy Virgo, the sign traditionally associated with the sixth house.

All of these elements bring first-house, sixth-house, and eleventh-house matters into play. In other words, your presentation of yourself, especially in the workplace, is connected to your hopes and dreams and becoming your most authentic self. It may seem simplistic, but if you pay attention to how you feel (the Moon) on the job and observe how others respond to you (first house), you will gain insights into who you really are and your place within the big picture (Sun in the eleventh house).

Good luck on your journey!

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Ask Real Astrologers: Reckoning with Pluto

This week’s question comes from Mary in Omaha, Nebraska:

For the past two to three years, I have been under a major overhaul of my life. I have lost my 37-year marriage, my job, my home, my credit. Moved, alone, over 600 miles away, to find better employment and I am still struggling today. During this time my girlfriend who I was temporarily living with for two years contracted breast cancer and died, leaving behind her 8-year-old daughter. I took care of my friend and her daughter during this time. She was a single mom, Sagittarius. I am so beat up I am afraid of the next round of Saturn return opposition Uranus. Any advice on how to handle this? Thank you.

Libra ponders . . .
Neith’s response:

This format really isn’t set up to respond to all your issues, Mary, so we will address Pluto conjunct your Sun, and if you wish, you can contact either Pat or me about doing a paid report on your second Saturn return amplified by the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Pluto first conjoined your Sun exactly in early January 2007 and has moved back and forth over your Sun since then. Now he has made his last pass before moving into Capricorn in late November. One of the most difficult aspects of a Pluto transit is the sheer inexorability of them, because Pluto is a transpersonal planet and as such can be considered a force of nature like a volcano or hurricane. Most of us have lots of “hooks” he can latch onto and yank us about with, and we often are completely unaware of those until Pluto comes along to activate them.

In the Western world, we are typically insulated from direct experience with the cycles of death, birth, and regeneration falling under Pluto’s realm of influence, plus we are often brought up with the idea we can achieve anything if we work hard enough. Then Pluto comes along and shows us how vulnerable we truly are.

How best to handle Pluto transits? Surrendering all personal expectations of the desired outcome is one place to start. Another is to stay firmly focused in the present and deal with each day as it comes. For Sagittarius folk who like to be in motion, I recommend taking up some form of moving meditation like tai chi or walking while focusing on the breath. These help calm the mind and stop the negative tape loops that produce fear and doubt.

Mary, you are learning what many others have learned and will be learning and that is there is truth in the statement, “that which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” Your natal Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo knows about moving forward one step at a time. There is life after Pluto transits, and it is often better than the old one. Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

As usual, I have very little to add to one of Neith’s responses to a Pluto question! I do have a couple of general observations, though.

First, difficult Pluto transits (and some with Uranus as well) require us to change, and if we try to hang onto beliefs, situations, and people who aren’t serving our higher good, the universe often finds ways to rip them out of our hands in a way that feels cruel and undeserved. I will be the first to tell you that I am not good at letting go (lots of fixed energy in my chart), so this is not a judgment, just an observation.

Second, after death, there is regeneration. Unfortunately, we can’t see it while we are going through the rough period. I experienced a Pluto transit in 2001 that literally nearly killed me. At the time, I was well into my study of astrology and had just dipped my toe into doing it professionally, but I couldn’t let go of my journalism career and was struggling to find a way to make that work. Ultimately, it was ripped away, in a way that made it impossible for me to work in that field ever again. So what happened? I became a professional astrologer, which is what I needed to be doing, and I am much happier as a result.

I hope that helps, Mary. Truly, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again for writing, and much love and courage to you.

I also want to reinforce Neith’s comment that this column is not intended to be a substitute for a reading. If you have a complicated issue or are going through a complete life change, the benefits of a reading with a professional astrologer will far outweigh the modest cost. I currently am not accepting new clients, but stay tuned for news in a few weeks.

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Ask Real Astrologers: Help, Major Pluto Transits Coming!

 This week’s question is from Ben in Tucson.

Here’s my fear:  This last solar eclipse (August 1) doesn’t have anything in common (points/planets, etc.) with my natal.  BUT, the angles are EXACT for my upcoming solar return here in Tucson.  I have just been  awarded my US patent, I want to finally launch my website, but I need lots more time and my main business is falling apart (and I’m pretty depressed).  I have MAJOR pluto transits coming up…Should I up my life insurance?

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s response:

Ben, it is my philosophy to look for the simplest answer. Bernadette Brady’s KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) approach to predictive astrology is a favorite of mine.

Rather than placing too much weight on your Solar Return, I feel your progressed chart right now is important. You do have a progressed Moon-Jupiter conjunction now in your second house, and Jupiter is also coming up on squaring your natal Midheaven, so you may be experiencing Jupiter’s amplification effect. I am not one of the astrologers who believe Jupiter is automatically beneficent and Saturn is the bad guy. If a person is feeling upbeat, then Jupiter magnifies that and the reverse if one is feeling down, while Saturn helps us stay grounded and pragmatic.

Mars, Venus, and Mercury all are transiting your natal Midheaven, and this has been stirring the pot, too. As a Libra Sun-Moon person myself, I know what it’s like to feel like you are running from one end of the seesaw to the other. Do you have a partner to bounce ideas off? Remember Jupiter and Pluto both just turned direct and will take awhile to get back up to speed, particularly Pluto, so all may come out right yet. The current trine between Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn favors tackling difficulties one small bite at a time for best results.

Hang in there and do whatever you can to find some balance and apply your favorite stress-reducing tactics to your life.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s Answer:

I agree with Neith about keeping it simple. We can drive ourselves crazy looking at all the seemingly conflicting messages of the various techniques available in astrology.

I am always inclined to start with transits to the natal chart. Although the current eclipse series in Aquarius and Leo isn’t hitting any chart angles or natal planets, their position by house does have an effect. As you probably know, they are falling in your two key financial sectors, the second and eighth houses. The second house rules earned income, while the eighth house is associated with non-salary income such as joint income with a partner, insurance benefits, return on investment, venture capital, and so forth. This series began in February 2008 and ends in August 2009, so you can expect more changes in the financial structures in your life.

This eclipse series is indirectly impacted by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is taking place in your third and ninth houses, both of which have to do with publishing and Internet business.

The second thing that jumps out at me is Pluto’s transit through your first house. With a tight Sun-Pluto conjunction in your natal chart, you are one of those strongly Plutonian types who needs control. Control is exactly what we lose with Pluto transiting the first house. You are going through a long, subtle transformation. Let it happen! Trust the unfolding mystery of your life.

I strongly recommend that you get a full astrological consultation. I am not accepting new clients at the moment, but Neith is, and you probably would resonate more strongly with her anyway, as a fellow Libra.

Best of luck with your new venture! Let us know how it goes.

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Ask Real Astrologers: Help!

This week’s question comes from Rose in Melbourne, Australia:

Nothing is going right for me. I have a teenage son who has developed a drug problem, my seven-year relationship ended last year, and work is tough. I make an effort every day to stay positive and ask the universe for guidance, but the last 12 month are one step forward and ten steps back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Rose, it looks like you have been slammed by several major transits over the past year and I think you are doing well to still be working on maintaining a positive attitude! One of the major events over this past winter was Mars in Cancer going retrograde and with your Aries rising and natal Mars in Cancer that had to have felt exactly as you said, “one step forward and ten steps back.”

At the beginning of this time period, Saturn in Leo transited your natal Uranus in Leo, triggering your natal Uranus square to your Moon. This translates into all matters pertaining to home and family being highlighted, because of the Moon-fourth house connection.

The problems with your son appear to have been triggered by Saturn’s transit into your fifth house, which pertains to children. Your natal Pluto and South Node are on the fifth house cusp, which means that Saturn will soon conjoin these two points. Hopefully when Saturn moves past this point in mid-August, matters will begin to heal, as Saturn in Virgo also promotes handling health-related issues in sensible manner.

When Pluto returns to Capricorn in November, you will begin a journey in self-discovery. Pluto transits to personal planets are capable of transforming our personal landscapes but they are not easy. Jupiter’s passage over your natal Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have given you a hint of what’s to come. When Jupiter turns direct in September and transits over your Jupiter and Saturn heading for Aquarius shortly after the first of 2009, you may start to see more resolution of the current set of challenges.

Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

My heart goes out to you, Rose. One look at your chart tells me that you are going through a hard time, indeed.

There is not much I can add to Neith’s excellent analysis, except to say that I recently went through my Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and I have a couple of clients who also experienced this difficult transit, so I know firsthand how it can make us feel stuck in every area of our lives. You feel like you’re being hit from all sides at once, and there’s no safe harbor.

But I can also tell you that I experienced some important life changes as a result, and I’m feeling more “myself” than I have in my whole life. I think this will happen for you, too, once you get through this “dark night of the soul.” Among other things, you may develop a new relationship with your son based on a stronger role as a parent and loving guide.

Hang in there, and stay in touch.

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